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5 Alternative Ways to Smoke Weed Without Rolling Papers

by Jerry Phens

You’re in the mood for some blunt. You reach out for your paraphernalia. Unfortunately, you realize that you are out of rolling paper. This situation happens to the best of us. However, that is no reason to surrender or call it a night. Not when you have innovative ways to smoke weed without rolling paper. Here are some alternative ways to smoke weed:


Pipes are so much easier to use and carry everywhere. Grind the weed finely for it to burn evenly. Weed pipes can come from different materials. Choose a material whose taste you prefer since they all have different tastes. Research online to learn how to make pipes from your household items.

Rose petals

Add some floral flavour to your weed with rose blunts. A bonus is that it is aesthetically pleasing. Here is how to prepare a rose blunt. Put rose petals overlapping each other on a pan. The pan should be safe to use in an oven. Put the pan with the petals in the oven for a few seconds. The petals will be darker when you get them out. Put the petals in the oven for an additional two minutes. Then, put your weed in the middle of the overlapping rose petals and roll the joint tight. Put the rose blunt back in the pan and over for less than ten seconds. Get your blunt from the oven and let it settle for about two minutes. Your blunt should be ready to smoke.


Vaporizers are a perfect alternative for rolling paper. That is because they are a healthier option- convenient, safe, and enjoyable. There are different types of vaporizers in the market. You can get one that suits your needs and price point from purple penthouse Washington DC. Be sure to grind your weed before you vape to be easier to vaporize it evenly. Be mindful of the temperature you operate your vaporizer on. When your vaporizer functions at a lower-than-ideal temperature, you could leave behind some cannabinoids. If the temperature is too high, you could burn all the cannabinoids to smoke.


Bongs are your best bet if you do not mind getting high quickly. You also do not waste any time rolling a joint. You need to have water for your bong to function optimally. You can find bongs from different materials, like metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, bamboo, etc. You can also find them in various designs like percolator, straight-tube, beaker-shaped, gravity bongs, etc.

Hot knives

Another option is doing it like people in the olden days, with hot knives. Heat your wide blade knives on a stove. Then place your weed on the knife when it is hot enough. The weed should be finely ground to burn better. Sandwich the weed with another hot knife. The smoke should start coming out for you to inhale. Be careful so that you do not burn your hands.

Wrapping up

You can still have some good ‘ole sessions even when you are out of rolling paper. Look around for the convenient way that you can smoke weed without rolling papers such as bongs, vaporizers, or any other.

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