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Haircare Routine to Stop Hair Fall and Hair Thinning Permanently

by Jerry Phens

Hair fall is not an easy problem to crack. You guys meteorite, numbers products remedies out there but nothing seems to work, this is because when it comes to issue like hair fall. You do not do just remedies but a political plan to tab the problem from its root cause.

  1. Here is 3 simple and practical which will give throughout this problem permanently
  2. And ye this routine is not just trying but a few people but is back by research mention in an ancient Ayurvedic text.
  3. The first thing that you should eat after you are up and fresh is curry leaves.
Hair Fall

Curry leaves

Curry leaves are a red source of beta carotene, amino acid, and antioxidant which spring the hair fall and making the most effective source to stop hair fall and hair thinning, yes all you need to do is take 3-5 curry to leaves to put it in your mouth. And chew them, now it’s extremely important that you keep chewing them until you extracted, almost every things out of them and they turn into pate rather a liquid. This total process will hardly take your 5 minutes and the result will be simply amazing.

On the other hand, if you chew the 2-3 times when gulped inside it won’t be that effective. For the best results, Use fresh curry leaves if you have a curry leave plant in your locality, nothing like it. You can easily bite from your local vegetable vendors. So if you want to stop hair fall hair thinning that u should be eat waking up in the morning is curry leaves.

Now they will be too many questions popping up, I drink water after waking up do I need curry to leave before that? I have a cup of tea waking up? Etc.

Drink water in the morning from copper charge water

See it simple no matter, the very first thing that you should have upon waking up and when you suffering from hair fall issues I highly recommend that you keep water in a filled copper Jug night before place it near you prefer on a wooden surface and drink it, the first thing in the morning

hair fall ayurvedic treatment

Why copper Jug?

Today many people drink copper charge for weight loss. But do not many know how it is beneficial to curb hair fall issues. The ancient text explicitly mentions it, even Morden science agrees that the copper supply to the body like this which acts as a catalyst for realizing the iron extract out of the red blood cells helping in hair growth. Moreover, copper charge keeps the digestive issue away and other major reasons for hair fall. For people who drink had tea and coffee aggravates hair fall. So hair is the drill wake up drink water brush your teeth freshen up and have curry leave. After eating curry leave you don’t eat anything for 30 minutes. Left the curry leaves work in your systems meanwhile before your get ready nourish it further, how?

Homemade Chhaas (sour buttermilk )

It’s an old your age way of using buttermilk and also known as your Chhaas. Buttermilk is the excellent cleanser buttermilk makes the root stronger of your hair by replenishing it with protein and other essential nutrients.

Simply takes some unsalted Chhaas and with your finger gently rub your scalp make sure to massage it, evenly onto the roots of your hair. Washing it, running cold water. No hot or liquor water please as warm water had makes the hair roots week not to wash buttermilk make sure that you choose the shampoo very carefully.

The last step of hair care is simple you need to a day with a dose of AMAL KI RASAYAN

Made from a combination of amla powder and Amla juice, Amalaki Rasaayes is classical Ayurvedic Medicine, especially for fair fall.

Take about 1/3 spoon of Amla Rasayan with ½ teaspoon of honey and have it that all. It is very important do not to eat anything after this. Consider it as your bed mil. Also for the best result make sure that you keep a gap at least two hours between dinner and this medicine. So that it is your 100% natural Ayurvedic Haircare routine.

Steps of doing it

  • 1st step: In the morning waking up, drinking water from a copper charged water (before brushing teeth)
  • 2nd step: after you are up and fresh chew 3-5 fresh curry leaves.
  • 3rd step: then 20-30 minutes before bathing, apply sour buttermilk
  • 4rth wash it off using a 100% Natural shampoo
  • 5th And final end your day have 1/3 tsp of AMAL KI RASAYAN Mixed with ½ Tsp of honey

If you follow these steps 100% you will see a drastic difference in just a matter of few days and eventually hair fall to stop permanently.

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