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How to Determine the Quality of a Cannabis Pre-Roll?

by Jerry Phens

A pre-rolled joint is the most popular choice among cannabis users. It’s one of the easiest and most convenient ways to inject the effects of cannabis into the human body. Whether you want to have a nice high session or you want to stress away a hectic day at work, a cannabis pre-roll is the most viable option.

Thanks to its immediate effects, the majority of cannabis users prefer to use a pre-roll as compared to other methods of consumption. But in the crowd of such a heavy demand, many times, retailers sell pre-rolls of low quality just to pump their sales. To avoid getting in such a situation, you must know the tips and tricks of determining the quality of a pre-roll. Below, we have shared some tips on how to do that. Read on.

Smell Your Pre-roll

The most important tip is to smell your pre-roll Open the top of your pre-roll if it isn’t sealed and take a whiff. The aroma of higher-quality cannabis will be fresh, rich, and distinct. Other scents that indicate an excellent pre-roll include lavender, pine, and cloves.

If you detect a synthetic or woodsy aroma, chances are, your pre-rolled joint may be of poor quality, say experts at Wonder Buds Cannabis. If you can’t place the fragrance other than weed (or if it smells like hay), it’s usually dried out and not the best option for you.

Price Matters

Believe it or not, good-quality cannabis is expensive. While you can easily get stoned puffing a $5 pre-roll, you will not be satisfied with its quality and may even think that you should have bought a pricier one. In most cases, expensive pre-rolls tend to have a flavorsome and potent effect as compared to cheap pre-rolls. Or, it’s a producer’s way of telling you that you have got the best in the market. It is advised to go for premium-priced pre-rolled joints for a better smoking experience.

Don’t Forget to Check the Source

Another important tip for determining the quality of a pre-roll is to check its source. Run thorough research on the company which produced the products and see if it provides necessary certifications to prove its safety and legal status. Every brand must provide a COA (certificate of analysis) and third-party lab test reports. These can help you check the exact quantity of cannabinoids in the product.

Where to Find the Best Pre-Rolled Joints?

With the growing demand for cannabis products in Canada, you can easily get a variety of pre-rolls at local dispensaries. You might ignore many red flags if you don’t know enough about quality pre-rolls. You can also shop from online cannabis stores that provide an array of options. Look for one that best suits your needs. You can also talk to the budtender and ask him any questions you have about pre-rolled joints and their usage.

Bottom Line

Make sure to do your own research before buying a pre-roll. Especially, when a bunch of companies have started selling cannabis products just to make money and not caring about the quality of the products.

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