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How To Embrace Summer Self-Care With Cannabis

by Jerry Phens

Summer is officially here, and outdoor temperatures are soaring relentlessly. It is time to rethink self-care when you do not wish to sweat out in the gym or run outdoors fearing a sunstroke. Hydration and sleep never seem enough in the hot weather, and you feel tired without much work. The uncomfortable days and sleepless nights can cause mood swings too, so it makes sense to go the extra mile with your wellness initiatives.

Think beyond eating small meals, staying hydrated, finding ways to be fit, and keeping a check on your mood. Besides these basics, you can try cannabis to ramp up your self-care routine this season. But before joining the bandwagon, you must create a roadmap for your journey to get the most out of this incredible wellness aid. Here are some tips on embracing summer self-care with cannabis.

Try cannabis in diverse forms

The legal status of cannabis in several states has opened up the market like never before. You can explore endless options in dispensaries, brands, and products. Moreover, you can buy your stash effortlessly by dropping in a legit dispensary nearby or ordering from a delivery service. It is a good idea to try cannabis in diverse forms this season. You can pick vaping instead of smoking because the vapor is cooler and easier on your lungs. Opt for the most exciting cannabis edible experiences with delicious candies, cookies, chocolates, and gummies. You may even find some refreshing drinks on dispensary menus. Concentrates, tinctures, and topicals are some other must-try options.

Switch to holistic healing

Health issues often aggravate during the summer season. You tend to feel tired due to inadequate hydration, and physical soreness may follow. Sleep deprivation is common due to the hot weather. You may feel stressed when the kids are at home during the holidays. It is tempting to use painkillers, sleep medications, and anxiety pills to deal with these health problems. Consider a switch to holistic healing with cannabis. Since research studies and user claims validate its efficacy, you can rely on it as a natural alternative to medications. The best part is that it has no side effects even with prolonged use, so you can start a new wellness journey in the season.

Motivate yourself for summer fitness

Besides facilitating holistic well-being, cannabis can work as a fitness aid. It is even more helpful during the hot months when your energy levels drop and motivation ebbs. Cannabis can help you with both. A vaping session with a CBD-dominant strain gives you an energy kick and motivation boost. You can integrate the herb into your pre-workout routine for the best outcomes. Another session after the workout relieves pain and soreness and sets you up for workout recovery. You will never fall short of your fitness initiative by adding this incredible aid to your daily routine.

Experiment with your culinary skills

Summer is a great time for staycations as you may want to stay in and relax. Cooking with cannabis is an excellent idea as it is therapeutic. Moreover, it lets you experiment with your culinary skills during your leisure time. A little creativity is enough to prepare delicious recipes you can relish at home. Luckily, you can find incredible weed deals to stock up on your ingredient list. You can even opt for online services that deliver on your doorstep if stepping out in the heat sounds daunting. Once you have everything ready, wear your chef’s hat and look for some recipes online. Expect to be spoilt for choice because the options are literally endless.

Throw a 420-themed party

Partying is a form of self-care because it sets you up for an enjoyable evening. When staying at home for your summer staycation, you can plan a 420-themed party for your cannabis-loving gang. You need no reasons to celebrate though you can call them over to taste some of your secret recipes. Planning a potluck is also a great idea as you can relish in the best preparations of your besties. Set a barbecue outdoors, create a perfect seating plan, and prepare your favorite playlist for the evening. Do not forget to prepare a menu that works for everyone on your guest list.

Travel with cannabis

As wellness travel is trending, you can pack your stash for your summer vacation this year. But remember to verify the legit status of cannabis at your destination, whether you plan a road trip to a neighboring state or embark on a luxury holiday overseas. Also, check the local rules and regulations for carrying and consuming your supplies so that you are always on the right side of the law. Pack discreetly to avoid unwanted attention, and book a 420-friendly accommodation to skip any issues later. Indulging in your favorite form of cannabis on the trip takes you a step ahead with self-care away from home.

Follow the safety rules

Following the safety rules should be a priority even as you indulge in cannabis for self-care. The last thing you want to encounter is going too far with your dosage only because you want more relaxation in the season. Know your tolerance levels and dose carefully. You can even consider an occasional tolerance break to reset your ability to handle cannabis. Starting from scratch is actually a great idea as it brings the thrill back into your sessions. Other must-follow safety rules include staying on the right side of the law by buying and possessing permitted quantities. Also, avoid vaping in public or driving after a session. Pamper yourself at home to have a good time.

Cannabis can take your summer self-care routine a notch higher, so consider embracing one or more of these ideas. Keep a low profile and go low and slow with your regular sessions to get the most out of them. If you are a newbie, you must be extra careful with the choice of product and dosing. It is best to seek recommendations from a seasoned budtender or user to make a great start with your new summer self-care routine.

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