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99% Fake Keto Advanced 1500 Customer Reviews [Shark Tank SCAM Alert]

by Jerry Phens

Keto Advanced 1500 is a very new but trending offer these days in Canada. It is a keto diet formula that claims to help in getting a slim and fit body shape without any effort. So, why Customers are complaining and wanting to avoid it now?

So, if you want to know why should you avoid the Keto Advanced 1500 then you must read out depth review of this supplement.

Stay tuned to get all information…

Keto Advanced 1500 Review

If you are from Canada or the USA you may hear about the Keto Advanced 1500 these days. This is just because of a lot of fake promotions on the internet.

I know you may also know about the Keto-based diet. This is why a lot of people are using keto supplements. The Keto Advanced 1500 is one of them too.

I found thousands of reviews on the internet, But we can bet that they all are paid and biased reviews. Because you can see them all in sponsored posts or underpaid post categories.

So, if you are looking for truth then don’t skip any line till the end. I have many reasons why should not you buy the Keto Advanced 1500 whether you are from Canada or France or the USA.

So, let’s see some more info

An Introduction –

Keto Advanced 1500 is a supplement that follows the ketosis principle. This means it may start the ketosis process of weight. We all know that the ketosis or keto diet is one of the most trending diets.

The Keto Advanced 1500 comes in pill form which is made by a Canadian company. However, if you search for the supplement on the internet, you will get many same supplements. Even you can find supplements with the same name on Amazon. But they all are made by different companies.

Now let’s see who is behind this supplement

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Which Company is behind Keto Advanced 1500?

Honestly, it would appear that there isn’t a genuine company behind Keto Advanced 1500. However production of few web individuals. So don’t be misled that the creators of this weight loss solution are a genuine and authorized organization since it isn’t. That to me is one first warning.

Also, you can not find much information about the seller anywhere.

Customer Service at TOLL-FREE 855-664-0768

Keto Advanced 1500 Claims

  • Incites and keeps the body in ketosis
  • Fats changed over into energy
  • Energy develops from the inside leading to additional fats breakdown
  • It will guarantee your body loses its colossal garbage of fats stores
  • Backing quick and characteristic weight reduction

Keto Advanced 1500 Ingredients

With respect to what’s in store as far as ingredients, we have just seen this one key fixing, BHB being recorded down. Nonetheless, there could be different things they will not need us to know. You will be astonished to learn of the presence of not-so-protected added substances.

How Does it function?

The recipe is professed to come formed in a manner it could see the body utilize its fat store for energy rather than carbs. Through this basic state called ketosis, the body will observe a kind of energy shortfall all through the body, compelling it to search for another option. This will see it begin separating its fat stores to meet this new energy shortfall.


  • Broadly open since it is accessible on the web
  • Simple to purchase and utilize
  • Direct transportation is done to clients
  • Taste and smells good, you will not have any issue taking it


  • Related to a bunch of side effects
  • It is not made by a Genuine company
  • A lot of fake reviews are there on Keto Advanced 1500
  • Clients don’t have a thought of what’s in store as far as ingredients
  • The product price is too high compared to Keto Trim which is our recommended product
  • Many Keto Advanced 1500 complaints were filed on the internet.
  • You need to buy into some pointless month-to-month procedure prior to making a buy
  • It isn’t sold out in the open commercial centers
  • Not clinically tried or attempted


Try not to go for this formula with all that fervor since it will not see you get those positive outcomes. The lone thing you are ensured of is medical problems.

Where to purchase keto advanced 1500 Canada?

Individuals who are keen on this specific solution, can make their buys through the official website. This equation is solely web-sold. It isn’t as of now accessible openly commercial centers.

What is Keto Advanced 1500 Shark Tank?

Don’t fall in this line that the Keto Advanced 1500 was on the Shark Tank Show. Because the supplement was never on this show. We all time say that, check everything if you are going to buy, and depth knowledge. Because a lot of scams are running on the internet with Shark Tank Keto.

Keto Advanced 1500 Customer Reviews and Complaints

Here I found many reviews from the Real Customer who really used this, and most of them are complaining that the product didn’t work for them. The Keto Advanced 1500 is a waste of money and all.

Keto Advanced 1500 Customer Reviews and Complaints

Here is another Keto Advanced 1500 Customer Complaints who stated that the supplement is a scam!

Keto Advanced 1500 Customer Reviews and Complaints 2

Is Keto Advanced 1500 a Scam?

Yes from our deep analysis we found that the Keto Advanced 1500 is a 100% scam product; that is all you need to remember prior to buying the product.

The first thing it is not made by a genuine company.

Also no genuine reviews we found, if you think that that news are saying that this is a great product. And if you are believing on them, then you may also get fooled like other.

The Keto Advanced 1500 is widely getting promotion on many news websites. I don’t want to take the name.

But the bitter truth is that they all are biased reviews and completely paid. No one is written by real customers or users.

It isn’t something you can really rely upon today, particularly in the event that you have been attempting to get more fit for quite a long time.

Possible Side Effects

As much as we have seen individuals behind it talk incredible things about it, I know no doubt this solution isn’t safe. Because of a portion of its obscure added substances, it will push the body as far as possible prompting insane side effects.

Even a user is facing the kidney stone issue which is very dangerous.

Keto Advanced 1500 Side Effect Kidney Stone

Instead of this you should opt for a safe and tested Keto Formula.

Our Last Verdict

Scam Product

So my last encouragement to you; is simply to avoid this item. In the event that you have effectively made a buy and your request has shown up, discard it since it will not assist you with getting the sort of help you are searching for in any case.

This is an overpriced weight loss supplement.

The better option is available on the internet at less price. So, we suggest avoiding this Keto Advanced 1500 formula.

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