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Be Alert: Keto LeanX Review [Scam or Legit] Don’t Buy Free Trial, Price?

by Jerry Phens

I know a lot of people are trying to get this supplement at their homes for weight loss. Also searching for the official website for making their purchasing request for Keto LeanX Supplement. But, before you do that you need to check our complete Keto LeanX Review. And truly needs to think twice about it. We know the huge claims, but have faith in us, and please read our full Keto LeanX Review

Keto LeanX Bottle

The product is not something you can believe in it without any research. Every day new supplements are launched with the name “Keto“.

Same with Keto LeanX is a solution for weight loss and is newly launched. And you can see it on different sites with paid reviews, and many more things that make you feel to buy it. So, should you buy it? To truly assist with placing things into viewpoint, read our full examination of the Keto LeanX. You will get enough knowledge whether buying it or not.

So, let’s start with the first question

Who is behind the Keto LeanX?

Well, we tried as much as we can able to do to find out about any company. Like we had surfed the seller’s website, no good enough information we got. The company looks not good. It has ghost company features, which have no real location and staff or even no authority name.

We just got the email and phone number that’s it:

Keto LeanX
Phone: 1-877-597-5097
Email: support@ketoleanxsupport.com

Benefits claimed by Keto LeanX?

May help in starting the ketosis
May Enhance the vitality level
Prompts consuming of bad body fats
Helps in quick fat reduction
100% naturally made
Gives 100% safe results

So, we have read the claims, but

What about the main ingredients of Keto LeanX?

Keto LeanX is only available to see on the official website, so we went there and found that it is just using; BHB. Elsewhere in the world, But the bad thing is that no list has been provided there, so we can’t tell about other ingredients of it. Even this did not reveal its other chemicals. So, how can we trust it?

But you can not see the all ingredients, and even hard to say which BHB has been used here, because of less information.

Let see.

How does it work?

We all know how a keto diet or supplements work, and the same this happened here. The Keto LeanX company just copy and paste the other weight loss keto supplements function, with no research no evidence. Just they said the Keto LeanX works with its BHB. And starts the ketosis process in the user’s body and nothing. It may help with metabolism, and helps to shed pounds by using the fat of body for energy production instead of carbs.

But this is said by the seller there are no actual people who can verify it, and even people are complaining. We will let you know why?

Keto LeanX Pros and Cons


  • Easy to buy it from the official website
  • The ingredient is good enough
  • Free trial is available


  • The seller is a ghost company.
  • Not enough data is available about the company
  • The free trial comes with an Auto-shipment program
  • The price of Keto LeanX after the free trial is too high
  • Lack of information about the ingredients list
  • Hard to cancel its auto-shipment delivery
  • Can’t access in local shops
  • May cause side effects
  • Better option Keto Trim is available

Where to buy and Keto LeanX Price and Free Trial?

Keto LeanX is rigorously online. I know most of you want to claim the free trial of this weight loss supplement. However, the free trial of Keto LeanX costs only $6.95. But, it is still a costly deal, because after a free trial you have to pay the real price.

After enrolling in the free trial, you will get enrolled in an auto-shipment program, which is hard to cancel.

The real price of the product is not mentioned on the page, you have to check the price in the terms and conditions section. But we found it, the price of Keto LeanX is $94.90

Is Keto LeanX a Scam?

This equation is one major scam. Try not to be attracted to getting this on the grounds that that is simply going to be an out misuse of cash and time. There is no information about the seller, charge a too high price for it, and even no genuine reviews are there.

If you want to lose weight then you should go for better and legit keto options.

Keto LeanX Side Effects

Throughout the complete review of Keto LeanX, we got some bad things about it. So, saying that the supplement is safe if completely biased, and also saying it is 100 fake too. But, this may cause side effects, because we don’t know who made the Keto LeanX. Also, the ingredients list is missing, no real reviews we got.

So, it may cause side effects, like headache, flu, and maybe some other issues which have some more serious issues. Because we don’t know the ingredients and even no information about the research.

Last Verdict

Scam Product

We have shared everything that we have observed from our point of view, and we can say a thing it is not something where you can trust for your health. Keto LeanX looks cooked for making money that’s it. So, if you looking for weight loss then you must follow a healthy lifestyle and a good diet.

But if you want help with keto then you should choose it wisely. You can try our recommended keto supplement.

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