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KSX Pills Review – 🔥 Free Trial Scam {Read Complete Report}

by Jerry Phens

KSX Pills Review – the product is a male enhancement supplement and offering a free trial to its customer. So, is KSX Pills a legit offer or a scam. Let’s find it! “Should you claim your free box or not?”

Male enhancement is one of the big concerns in males. This happens because of the low-performance level, and not able to satisfy their lady completely. There are several problems with men’s sexual health likepremature ejaculation, poor energy, low stamina, low erection, and low sexual desire. These all are the results of aging and a few other things that affect your health. Due to aging men lose their Testosterone level, and due to this lot of men have to suffer from low-quality performance into the GYM as well as in the Bedroom.

We know it is important to maintain our performance level, and for this most of us look for a male enhancement supplement. But if we go into the market you can see N Number of male enhancement supplements, some of them are good, some of them of waste and some of them may do scam with you.

The KSX Pills also a male enhancement supplement, that claims many health benefits, and even offering a free trial. Is this supplement a good and legit offer? You will get your all answers in this KSX Pills review, so keep read this o clear everything about this product.

What is KSX Pills?

The KSX Pills is a male enhancement supplement, which is new but got a huge trend of the internet. The product claims to boost sexual health. Also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is a dietary supplement that comes in pills form and tries to enhance your performance level into the bedroom.

KSX Pills Review

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They claim that the KSX Pills can increase the sex drive, offer you a bigger and lasting erection, make your sexual power better.

Male enhancement is a big issue, and many companies taking advantage of this problem and selling anything on the internet. And maybe the KSX Pills is also is one of them. Because we did not find any information about the product.

Who is the manufacturer of KSX Pills?

Well, this is a big question and first point that making this supplement a scam product. Because when visiting its official website, you will see only the promotional lines such as “As seen on theDoctores, CNN, Menshealth, USA ad NBC” and happy customer reviews. But you can not find any good information about the manufacturer (malehealthyliving). Even you can not locate the official manufacturer website (malehealthyliving.com), which is terrible, and may lead scam.

There is much male enhancement supplement that also looks the same, even the same page, same reviews, and theme. Like RLZ Pills, RLX Pills. And the same problem with these you can not find the information about the seller.

Now let see what we found on the internet about the ingredients of KSX Pills.

How does it function? {Claims made by KSX Pills}

Boosts Testosterone Levels

Maximizes male hormonal vitality to support improved sexual drive, libido & energy levels.

Stimulates Nitric Oxide Production

Triggers a surge in blood flow to the penis chambers to help achieve harder, stronger, and on-command erections.

Increases Penis Chamber Capacity

Let’s the penile chambers hold more blood, which enhances sexual performance, elongates staying power, and eliminates premature ejaculation.

Made from 100% Natural Ingredients.

But, there are no real users we found or happy customer who said that these all are true claims. So, it becomes doubtful to believe in these highly catchy claims.

KSX Pills Ingredients List Problems –

Well, the product claims to be a natural product, and safe to use. We found 4 different ingredients on the So-called highly promotional landing page

But you can not confirm this, because you can not find the list of real ingredients of KSX PIlls that is used in it. You can see 4 ingredients listing only. The problem is that there is no product label is available or ingredients page that confirms the KSX Pills Ingredients.

What about the KSX Pills Side effects?

The company claims that the product is safe to use. But we recommend consulting a doctor if you buy any product before using that.

If we talk about the side effects of KSX Pills, then it looks so much shady product because you can not locate any negative reviews on the internet, you will just see some side effects of the ingredients. This becomes harder to know KSX Pills side effects because there are no real reviews available on the internet or on the official website.

What about the KSX Pills Price?

This is very disappointing because a normal user can not find the price of this male enhancement supplement. You will just the free trial offer with the cost of $6.95 for S&H.

But, don’t worry we got the price after scanning the complete website. And the shocking thing is that the product price is so high. The price of KSX pills for one box is $119.97.

You can see this price, I confident about it, that if you know this price before its free trial, you will definitely leave this product.

In this price for one box, you can buy 3 or more other products, even you can buy 2 or more well-known male enhancement supplement

What about KSX Pills Free Trial Scam?

Yes, the company offering you a 14 days free trial offer, but before that, you should read about the Free Trial scams doing all around the world by many scammers.

The KSX pills free trial will cost you $6.95, but with this trial, you will get enrolled for a monthly subscription program, and the company will charge you the full price after 14 days of $119.97.

KSX Pills Review Price

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And every month your credit card will be billed with $119.97(Price) + $9.97(S&H cost). The company says you can cancel it at any time, but the company customer care service is so bad. Even they can put your call on hold, so be aware, and don’t fall for this kind of free trial scams.


Should I buy KSX Pills?

We do not recommend this to anyone, because there is nothing good we found about it.

Can I buy KSX Pills near me or on GNC and Walmart?

No, you can not find this product anywhere except its own shady website. This makes it unreliable for safety and security.

Are KSX Pills real or Fake?

We think this is a fake product because you can not find the information about the manufacturer. We can say that it is not good.

What should I do If I claimed it?

Well, you should try to contact the customer support of the product. And also you must contact your bank or credit card service provider to block the monthly billing by KSX Pills. Because We found that many customers complain they get charged even after cancelation from this type of company.

What about the customer reviews and results available on the official website?

Well, the available customer reviews on the official website are fake, and there are no real people. They are just an image that is used to promote the product. All the images of the results are fake.

Ksx Pills fake Customer Reviews

Points that proof KSX Pills is a Scam

  • There is no information about the manufacturer.
  • You can not locate the official website.
  • Offering 14 days of free trial with the auto-shipment program.
  • You can not locate the monthly billing information easily.
  • All the customer reviews on the KSX pills website are Fake.
  • You can not find any real KSX Pills Review.
  • There is no researches and study information.
  • You can not confirm the ingredients without purchase.
  • The KSX Pills Price is too high.

KSX Pills Review – Our Final Verdict

We do not recommend this product to anyone. As you have read all the information in this KSX Pills Review, and we did not satisfied with the information. There is no information about the Manufacturer, no full product ingredients list.

The worst thing is the 14 days free trial that will charge you a very high price of $119.97 every month. So, maybe the product works but at this price, we do not recommend it.

Also, no genuine customer and real reviews found on this male enhancement supplement. All the Media shown on the official website are fake. It was never shown on any Media like NBC, CNN, Men’shealth, and even the Doctors. This is just used to make you fool.

KSX Pills Scam Alert

We forcefully recommend you avoid this product, and if you really want a good solution for your sexual health issue then you consult a doctor.

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