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SCAM ALERT: Major Keto Review | Major Keto Pills “Don’t Buy” read Price & More

by Jerry Phens

Hello everyone my name is jerry and here we are going to cover the Major Keto Supplement.

Major Keto is new stuff in the weight loss industry, and I know you have heard this. And that is why you are here to read the Scam Legit Full Major Keto Review.

So, don’t worry here you will get a full in-depth, and unbiased review of this keto formula.

But before we start our review process, let’s see why people are buying these kinds of weight loss supplements.

Why is Keto Supplement Famous?

Well, this is a very obvious thing, because of its popularity. The keto diet is a very famous diet like Paleo Diet, Low-Carb Diets, Dukan Diet.

The keto diet is known as a Low-card high-fat diet. Because the keto diet forced us to eat low-carb and high-fat food.

But as we know everyone wants shortcuts, and this is why people start using the keto supplement instead of following the keto diet.

A lot of people have used the keto supplement and diet. Many people loved it, and they buzzed it everywhere. This is the reason popularity of keto.

Note: We know that the supplement may help in weight loss, but still you need to follow your diet.

Keto diet and Celebrities

This is the main reason for keto popularity, a lot of huge influencers and celebrities are supporting the keto diet.

1. Halle Berry

She is known for her great body shape, and she posted a pic on Instagram and saying that the keto diet did this. You can see the post below.

2. Lebron James

He has 95m+ followers on Instagram, so you can see why keto

So, what is the problem with Keto Supplement?

Well, there is nothing bad to use a supplement to get support. But due to its huge demand and popularity, a lot of companies jumped into the market with their low-grade products.

Even most of the products are just made with sugar. Many scam products are on air. So, be aware of it, and avoid them. Because many people are scammed. But you do not need to worry here is the ScamLegit to detect.

Now let’s see what is all about this Major Keto Supplement.


Major Keto bottle

Major Keto is a simple weight loss product. The complete formula follows the ketosis to work.

This means it may help to lose weight with its keto effect. It may start the ketosis process in the body.

I went through its official website found that the supplement may help in suppressing the appetite and increase energy level and supports a rapid weight loss process.

Now, let’s see the

Claims of Major Keto Supplement:

  • Burn fat faster than ever.
  • Burn fat for energy, not carbs
  • Keep your body in ketosis
  • Enhance memory power
  • Safe and natural

But the problem is that no strong evidence we found can fulfill these claims. Like no real people who can confirm the fat loss benefit. No research and 3rd party test for safety.

Who is behind the Major Keto Supplement?

I say, I exhausted to find anything much about the company that is selling and manufacturing the Major Keto Supplement.

I just found a landing page where people can lose money on high-priced products.

Yes, there is less even we can say no information about its seller. No home page, nothing. When I tried to click on the home page it showed me a 404 page not found.

404 page not found

The home page URL of Major Keto is Www.indigoultrashop.com

The company is like a ghost company, which means no actual existence, they are limited to its website that’s it.

We found some contact information if you needed it;

  • Phone: US TOLL-FREE +18339853118
  • Email: help@indigoultrashop.com

No address we got on the contact us page, and nothing else.


What is the working process of this keto supplement?

Like other keto supplements, it also claims the same things. Like us BHB, and start the ketosis process in the user’s body.

The user can get into this state and burn fat with this unique way of fat loss.

Here the body starts using ketones to make energy for your body, and these ketones are made after breaking the fat cells.

Ultimately, your burn loses its excess body fat for energy and the user gets a weight loss effect.

But, by taking a supplement you can not get into this weight loss process you need to follow the keto diet for the best results.

Note: There is no real user we got who can say this really do these things.

Pros and Cons


  • First of all, the product is easy to use
  • BHB used in it which is good
  • Easy to buy


  • First thing is that no company details are available
  • Made by a ghost-like company
  • it is not 3rd party tested product
  • Hard to say is this safe or not
  • The product price is
  • The price of the product is too high
  • Not available at nearby stores
  • The claims are not backed by anything

Where to buy it and what is the price?

First of all, the product is only available on its official website. But the problem is that you can not find it on google. Yes, you can not find the official website through google search.

But, many websites give the official website link in their paid reviews.

The price of this product is too much high, for a normal person it is not easy. The Major Keto price for a single bottle is $62.50.

What are the key ingredients?

Not found, yes we did not get any information about the full ingredients list of Major Keto on the official website.

So, we can’t say what are the actual ingredients, we just know that the main ingredient of this supplement is BHB ketones.

What are the possible side effects?

From the complete review, we found that the supplement is claiming to be safe and natural.

But, we can guarantee this, because the Major Keto formula did not share the full list of ingredients.

Even the product is not tested or proven by any 3rd part lab. Also, we don’t know who made this, or what they actually used to make it.

Is Major Keto Linked with Shark Tank?

If anyone says that Shark Tank is supporting it, just run away from that site or ads. Because Shark Tank never invests in any Keto diet Supplement.

So, if anyone saying that Major Keto Shark Tank is true, then that is a 100% scam.

Is Major Keto a Scam?

Overall, we covered everything, every point, and it is indicating that Major Keto is a Scam.

The company is offering very attractive offers, but in actuality that is nothing. They are just selling an evidenceless and research-less product.

Final Words – What Should I do?

Well, in the end, I can say you should avoid this kind of weight loss supplement which is new in the market. Because much better options and products are there in the market.

Major Keto is not backed by any good company, not tested. Even you can not find anything about the seller, which makes it a complete scam product.

Instead of this, you can go for a well-known brand and effective keto supplement like Keto Trim by Vita Balance.

Major Keto bottle and Keto Trim

TRY Our Best and Recommended Keto Supplement: Keto Trim!

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