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[Don’t Buy] SmartyDrone Reviews (Scam or Legit) – Read Honest Report

by Jerry Phens

Hello and Welcome to a tech product review blog, here we are going to review SmartyDrone by Popularhitech. It is a new and fresh product in the market a Drone that claims to record high quality and much more. But before you trust everything, you need to read this SmartyDrone Review first.

Our Ratings: ⭐⭐☆☆☆ 2.3/5.0

Official Website: Popularhitech.com


SmartyDrone Reviews

Right now, drones are too famous, and after reading about these products, we know that many of you want would be drawn to purchase them. Because right now most people would like to enhance the content of the video, and drone shots are amazing. This SmartyDrone is like many others available on the market, claims to provide high-quality video, and is easy to handle. There are so many other claims which attract you to buy their product. But before this, you must complete this SmartyDrone Review.

What is SmartyDrone?

SmartyDrone is a drone that claims to record high-quality video almost 4k. Also, it is easy to carry because it is foldable. It is a quadcopter drone that has the same property as other drones. The product has so many claims. But we are not sure why they did not promote it on the marketplace.

SmartyDrone has features, such as gravity sensors, anti-collision sensors, and well-constructed propellers that add to the overall high-end quality of the drone.

But, if we talk about the customer reviews and all, then there is nothing we got that is real.

The present SmartyDrone reviews on the internet are paid and completely promotional, but if we talk about real reviews, then you will find nothing.

Now let see

Who is behind the SmartyDrone?

Well, we know that you also want to know about the company that is behind this drone. But it is so confusing to find who is actually behind it.

First of all, the SmartyDrone is present on Popularhitech.com for sale, but when we reach this website, we found another company name and that is MaxBase10 OÜ.

But when we search on the MaxBase10 OÜ then we found it is a digital marketing company. So, we are not sure who is actually behind it, because there is no information about the SmartyDrone or any other product which is present on Popularhitech.com.

So, we can say this will be too hard to contact the seller for any issue.

We don’t recommend this type of company product, which is hard to trace, and find. Because if something happens with your product, what will you do?

SmartyDrone Claims

  • It has advanced flight stabilization electronics
  • There is one button for Take-Off and Land Easy Control
  • It comes With Front And Sides Anti-Collision Sensors
  • SmartyDrone Front Camera is using Motor with remotely controllable
  • There is an optical Flow Camera
  • It is Portable, Easy To Carry

Customer reviews on SmartyDrone seller Popularhitech?

Here are we found reviews on the seller of Popularhitech.com who is the seller of SmartyDrone:

We can say the reviews are real and also negative too much

Note: We are using the Trustpilot as a source

Customer reviews on SmartyDrone

As you can read on the screenshot, the customer is facing the refund problem that we have stated above too. He is not getting a refund from it and is also too frustrated.

But you may ask why I have used an AC review for it, well right now there are no customer reviews present on the SmartyDrone there.

But we are sharing the customer reviews on the seller, and if the seller is not good, it means you will face the issue with the product too.


  • The Drone claims are good
  • comes at a good price
  • Easy to buy


  • The product is new
  • No strong background of the product
  • No real customer reviews present on SmartyDrone
  • Hard to say who is behind it
  • The rating of the seller is too low
  • A lot of complaints on trustpilot.com

Where to buy SmartyDrone and Price?

Well, if still want to buy it, then let me tell you, it is not available on the marketplace. So don’t waste your time finding it on Amazon, Walmart, and other such types of marketplace.

SmartyDrone is only preset for sale on one website and that is Popularhitech.com. So you can visit this site if you still want to buy it.

Is there any scam with SmartyDrone?

Yes, this is a Scam product, because the product gives us so many points for it. As you have read the cons and customer reviews on it.

We are sure, you will regret buying this Drone, instead of this try some legit products and do more research before buying any product.

SmartyDrone Review – Conclusion

At the end of the SmartyDrone Review, we can say this is not reliable. This drone claim may be true, it may do such things, but still investing in a product that has no real reviews, not able to find the actual seller.

Also, the seller has a low rating on Trustpilot, which means believing this product is not a good idea.

If you still want to buy a drone then do more research and also share your own opinion on it with us through the comment or contact us page.

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