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Spore Focus Performance SCAM [Adderall vs Spore] Ingredients, Customer Reviews

by Jerry Phens
Spore Focus Performance

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Spore Focus Performance Review

A lot of people searching for the Best Nootropic for a clear mind and vision. At this time a supplement is widely selling on the internet.

The product claims many things to do, the name of that product is Spore Focus Performance.

Spore Focus Performance is a Nootropic supplement, which means a supplement that may help people to get a clear and active mind.

Many people are searching for this supplement because the seller is offering it in the free trial.

Yes, you heard right, but let’s see what is wrong with this Spore Focus Performance.

I know without a doubt, you have been continually asking yourself a few questions about it, particularly if you can truly rely on it with regards to brain booster.

To truly give you reasons why should you avoid it, look at this full Spore Focus Performance Review.

So, first of all

Which company is behind this product?

Spore Life Sciences Inc is behind this Spore Focus Performance. I can’t say it is a certifiable organization because of how they are maintaining their business. The company is offering 6 products;

  • 1 Spore Metabolic Boost
  • 2. Spore Mike’s Mushroom Mix
  • 3. Spore Energy Performance
  • 4. Spore Protect + Defend
  • 5. Spore Chill Out
  • 6. Spore Focus Performance

But, the bad thing is that the company is very new but selling products at a very high price after the free trial.

Even there is no genuine information present on the website. A lot of customers asked me for the contact details, then you all can see below easily;

  • Add: 850 New Burton Road, #201, Dover, DE 19904
  • E-mail: info@sporelifesciences.com
  • Phone Number: 1-844-357-4039

If you have requested a free trial then I know very well what is the scam behind the Spore Focus Performance free trial, and you will need this information.

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What claims were made by Spore Focus Performance?

  • Better Cognitive
  • Help with memory issue
  • Boost the Energy
  • Support Brain Health
  • Adrenal Support
  • and More

What are the Key Ingredients Present in Spore Focus Performance?

There are few ingredients used in it, however, they may help in brain health, The ingredients are as follows;

  1. Lion’s Mane,
  2. Cordyceps,
  3. Ashwagandha Root,
  4. Ginkgo Biloba.

These 4 ingredients we found on its official website. These can help in Cognitive function, but there are better ingredients available that are not used in this nootropic supplement.

You can go for a better option that contains high-quality and effective ingredients like Nootrogen.

How does Spore Focus Performance work?

This Spore Focus Performance is claimed to help in giving better brain health, however, if you look closer then you will find that there are only 4 ingredients used, and even they are not even enough.

Yes, the ingredients may help but it is claiming that it not will be fulfilled. The ingredients present in Spore Focus Performance will enhance the brain by giving some boost in your blood flow, and providing anti-oxidants.

But, still, you deserve better than this, like Nootrogen.

Spore Focus Performance Pros and Cons


  • Easily available on the internet.
  • Offering a free trial.
  • Natural
  • Safe to use
  • The price is good and effective


  • The claims look cooked
  • No genuine Spore Focus Performance reviews are available.
  • Hard to say whether it will work or not
  • Not tried for well-being and viability
  • This is too expensive Nootropic
  • The better option is available Nootrogen!

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Spore Focus Performance Results

If you genuinely need to appreciate the best Nootropic results, I would instruct you to go for a better option like Nootrogen or other ways. As much it discusses how it could truly see you get a sharp mind, we can affirm to you it doesn’t attempt in the first place. So with it, you will not have the option to perceive any trustworthy outcomes.

Spore Focus Performance vs Adderall

Here is a basic Spore Focus Performance vs Adderall

BasisSpore Focus PerformanceAdderall
What is it?Spore Focus Performance is a nootropic supplement that helps to boost brain health,
It has several ingredients that are effective for giving a better brain state
Adderall is a drug that is also known as mixed amphetamine salts. And this combination contains four salts of amphetamine.
Uses> Better cognitive function
> Better Focus
> Help with memory issue
> Helps to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – ADHD
PrescriptionNo requiredRequired
Side EffectsNoAdderall May lead to side effects

Try the Best Adderall Alternative: Nootrogen

Where to purchase Spore Focus Performance?

If you need to purchase this solution, you can buy it directly from the web. It is rigorously online and not available at any place on the web, however through the item’s official site. You will run over a few sites professing to sell it, however, once you click at joins give, you will be diverted to your landing page.

Spore Focus Performance Free Trial and Real Cost

Now let’s see the truth behind the Spore Focus Performance Free trial. In the first place, the product seller is offering it a free trial.

The free trial will cost you the delivery cost of $7.91.

But the real game starts here, the free trial is a subscription-based program, and after the free trial period, the full price will be charged from you every month.

The real price of Spore Focus Performance is $49.99. However, it is good to have a free trial option, but as we know that is how difficult to cancel this type of subscription program.

Even some of the customers who faced this kind of free trial scam had to block their credit cards.

Is Spore Focus Performance a Scam?

Scam Product

Spore Focus is Totally a SCAM!

It’s can be anything but not a legit product, there is numerous sign this could be one of those online scam product. Some things don’t make any sense when we talk about them.

One, we have no clue about the genuine maker. Second, we have not had a word from a genuine client affirming if this recipe did assist them with getting a better mental state.

Also, the product is unknown but still charges a too high price. Offering a free trial but still, this is a bad deal.

Spore Focus Performance Side effects

You could be truly amped up for this formula. Be that as it may, what you don’t realize it will be may end up being undependable for you. I have addressed various genuine clients and I can affirm to you, it accompanies many side effects. I’m certain there are fake added substances that achieve these insane side effects.

Even a user said that he got a heart issue after using this supplement. So, use supplements after doing complete research and must consult a doctor.

Spore Focus Performance Customer Reviews Amazon –

Lisa: Did not work for me, the product did not work well, and even cause me a heart problem.

Missy: It is Dangerous, This leads my esophagus to become very inflamed.

Let’s see the best Alternative to Spore Focus

Well, you can see thousands of brain supplements on the market. But most of them are scams like Spore Fous.

So, finding a cost-effective product, which is legit and effective to not an easy task. But our team ScamLegit did this for our readers, we got a supplement that is cost-effective and legit and even effective and that is the Nootrogen a Nootropic solution.

BaseSpore Focus Nootrogen
Ingredients EvidenceNoYes
Spore focus and Nootrogen

We recommend trying Nootrogen and Avoid Spore Focus to save money.

Final Verdict

By the day’s end. I know people facing cognitive issues and save you from innumerable excursions to see specialists. Notwithstanding, it will not bode well placing for what seems like forever in some genuine risks simply in the equivalent of getting a good cognitive.

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