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The Increase in Addiction during COVID-19

by Jerry Phens

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit everyone in different ways, each independently. With the onset of Covid-19, the world has seen drastic changes, and also, the deep hidden wounds and hollows have been kept out in the open. One such is the loneliness in the big cities or houses, due to Covid-19 biting most people or a family member cause of which the person has to isolate. Or people living in cities or houses alone didn’t matter until Corona hit the World and it confiscated everyone in their houses. Lucky were the people who were with families because solos had a hard time. It created havoc in the soul and mind, from living alone in a four-walled space to cooking and serving alone. Leaving all these to make people turn towards covid and addiction.

When the soul was seeking warmth, few found theirs in substances. From alcohol to cigarettes to drugs, one could see the demand for alcohol and smoking whenever the lockdown was loosened. While drugs are still a banned product in most countries, they are secretly consumed through various channels. People forgot that taking in the addictions only led to various immune problems in the whole scenario. 

Why should one focus on COVID-19 Addiction Recovery?

Drug and alcohol addiction always works against the immune system. This doesn’t allow natural immunity to take charge and protect from the outside Virus. Various issues occur due to the consumption of drugs, leading to a lack of communication and response when a virus attacks. Covid and addiction don’t go well, nor with the doctors across the world, nor the body. Many people affected have some habits; even when the vaccination was provided, it told people to stop taking any substances for a few days. Because the implications always work against immunity, be it the natural one or through the vaccine. 

One should focus on the COVID-19 Addiction recovery, as along with the recovery from covid, one needs to control the addiction habits. Any substance directly affects the respiratory system while suppressing the immune system. Drugs like opioids are known to infect the respiratory system. So, knowing all the adverse effects, one should focus on getting rid of addictions as now everyone has started recovering from Covid-19. With the results going down day by day, it is essential to rectify the old mistakes dependent on drugs or alcohol. 

What are the things one should focus on to keep a check on addiction and Covid-19?

Primary rumors that certain drugs, prohibited coronavirus, certain medicine prevent the attack of the virus, etc., have increased anxiety and led to addictions, knowingly or unknowingly. So now that the world is coming to peace with lowered cases, one should focus on recovery and not letting the relapses in terms of coronavirus and addiction happen. 

Few steps one should take to live a covid and addiction-free life:

● A brisk walk outside the house or in the park

● Indoor exercises, yoga, pilates, or strength training will make one remain calm

● Reading or writing something might drive the mind away from covid and addiction

● Spending quality time with friends, family, neighbors via personal or video chat or on the phone might help distract.

● Watching a movie or comedy shows etc. might help

● Positive thinking, good thoughts, and a healthy lifestyle are what are most needed

How to Get Treatment for covid and addiction?

There are many treatment facilities available nearby for every country or city. There is several treatments available:

Men’s or women’s rehab programs

Gender-specific treatment programs

Cognitive-behavioral therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy

Holistic therapy programs

Mental health treatment 

Vocational development

Alumni program

There is a process like IOP and PHP, which gives the option of choosing a facility to stay in or returning home after treatment. These treatments depend upon the person, like how he/she wants to get treated. The programs also help get rid of any kind of addiction as there are treatments to stop drug abuse and therapists to offer therapy. These all steps help in recovering fast both from covid and addiction. 

Also, the love, care, and support from the family, friends, and loved ones help cure fast. Now that the virus has slowed down its impact, one should push forward and get a stopover the drug abuse. And then lead a happy, peaceful, and drug-free life. 

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