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Truuburn Keto Max Review [Updated 2022] – Shark Tank and Dr Juan Rivera

by Jerry Phens

Truuburn Keto Max review or Truu Burn Keto Max Reviews – It is a new weight loss supplement that came into the US market. But is this a legit product or just another scam? Is there anything related to Truuburn Keto Shark Tank? Read full TruuBurn Keto Max Review.

Truuburn Keto Max

Product Name – Truuburn Keto Max
Creator – Unknown
Composition – BHB others missing
Retail Price – $59.97
Rating – ⭐⭐☆☆☆ 2/5
Official Website – www.truuburnketomax.com

Truuburn Keto Max Review

For those people who do their shopping online, and seriously wondering to try the Truuburn Keto Max weight loss formula. But before you go for this new and unknown product, you must think twice. You may think that this supplement will be going to help you, but to be honest without having full information you should not buy any product for yourself.

Weight loss is a major issue, and due to this countless supplements are present in the market for it. Right now the Keto supplements are trending for fat loss. But, only a few of them are actually safe and free from any scam.

So, read our complete Truuburn Keto Max review before you invest in it for your weight loss.

Let’s read

An Introduction to Truuburn Keto Max

This is just another keto supplement introduced by unknown companies to make some money. The seller claims that Truuburn Keto Max is a powerful and safe supplement for it.

It can start the ketosis process in the user’s body quickly and shed body fat, without any diet or exercise. It has BHB ketones which is the main highlight, BHB is a well-known ingredient for keto. But not all supplement has good quality.

Who is behind the Truuburn Keto Max?

Truth must come out, and to be honest Truuburn Keto Max has no official address we found. Even though we don’t know who made this, the website is completely silent about the seller’s information. You will just know the product price, and other such information nothing else. No research, no tests, and no seller information.

It is completely secret and this makes no sense to buy this for your health. So, be careful while dealing with these kinds of keto supplements.

  • Phone: (833) 990-1886
  • Email: info@truuburnketomax.com

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What claims were made by Truuburn Keto Max?

  • Burn Fat for Energy not Carbs
  • Release Fat Stores
  • Increase Energy Naturally!
  • Love the Way You Feel!

What about the ingredient list of Truuburn Keto Max?

BHB is the main highlight of this supplement and they are just talking about it on their official website nothing else. But the seller did not provide the complete list, so we can’t say anything about the other ingredient.

Maybe they have used low-grade, or chemicals to make their product, it is not safe if they hide their core ingredients.

BHB is there which is good, but still, we doubt, whether they have actually used it or not.

How does Truu burn Keto Max work?

Well, According to the official site we know, says that the supplement can start the ketosis process in the body, and starts burning body fat for energy creation. It claims to boost energy, and keep maintain ketosis.

Also, claims that enhances the brain cells, and keeps you feeling fresh and more active than ever. But it is completely evidenceless, no strong evidence to prove it, and even research is missing.

Pros and Cons of Truuburn Keto Max


  • Available online
  • Great packaging
  • Attractive offers


  • Seller is missing
  • The ingredients list is missing
  • Potential side effects
  • Not reasonably priced
  • Completely new in the market
  • Paid reviews are their
  • Fake claims made

What about the trueborn keto with bhb?

Yes, as we told you, the truuburn keto max used bhb, but still, there is confusion with it. Because we don’t know how much quantity is used of BHB. We just have an idea that the truuburn keto with BHB is nothing much.

Let’s talk about the

Truuburn Keto Max Results

This is the main reason why we are not recommending it to anyone. Because the Truuburn Keto Max is going to ruin your expectation, the product is not fulfilling their claims, and most of the people commented on our FB page that these types of products are a scam, and charge you a lot.

Where to buy Truuburn Keto Max?

Like other scam products, it is strictly present on the internet only. You can order it only through their own website, which is completely new, and look like other keto scam products. It is not present anywhere, and not listed on any reputable site like Amazon, Walmart, and others.

What is Truuburn Keto Shark Tank?

It is another question floating on the internet whether Truuburn Keto is connected to shark tank or not. But, if you are following our blog you know very well, that Shark Tank never invests in Keto supplements.

So, if anyone is claiming it or showing you the picture of Keto on Shark Tank then that is a 100% scam.

You can read more about the Shark Tank scam here.

What about the Truuburn Keto Max side effects?

As we know that the supplement is completely new, no seller information is present, hard to find them. You cannot see any real reviews, also the ingredients list is missing from their site. It means it may be harmful and may lead to side effects on their users and make them sick.

Dr Juan Rivera with Truu Burn

Now, there is another rumor is floating on the internet which is related to Dr Juan Rivera with Truu Burn Keto. But the same thing applied here as we have said in our Truuburn Keto Shark Tank section. Dr juan rivera is not linked with Truu Burn Keto.

Is there any Scam with Truuburn Keto Max?

Yes, it is completely a scam. From the start our this Truuburn Keto Max Shark Tank Review, we are noticing that the supplement is keeping everything hidden, it means they just want to make money from you and nothing.

So, be aware of these kinds of products, they don’t have any physical location, and are non-traceable. Do your own research before going for any product.

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Final Words

Overall, we know you want to try this supplement that is why you are here. But to be honest the Truuburn Keto Max is not something that can be used or recommended. It is a Scam and nothing, Shark Tank is not there, and Dr. Juan Rivera is also free from it.

You must go for legit and genuine products.

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