8 Most Common Risk Factors of Heart Attack

By scamlegit

Source: webmd.com

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Lots of things can raise your chances of having a heart attack; some you can avoid, and others you can’t. They include:

1. Lifestyle 

Certain lifestyle choices, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, drug use, and not exercising, can increase your risk of having a heart attack.

2. Sex and age 

Usually, heart attack odds for male at birth go up at age 45. For women, it rises at 50 or when menopause begins.

3. Illness 

Health conditions like high blood pressure, unhealthy eating habits, diabetes, and obesity can lead to a heart attack.

4. Family’s health

If your parents or siblings had a heart attack, especially at a younger age, chances are higher that you could have one, too. 

5. Overweight

Carrying extra weight is another risk factor tied to heart attacks. 

6. Ethnicity

People with South Asian heritage are more likely to have the condition compared to other ancestries. 

7. Pregnancy

Heart attacks and pregnancy are also connected, although your chances are low. But they can happen both during pregnancy and after you give birth. 

8. Stress

Being stressed all the time also makes it less likely for you to get enough exercise or eat healthy foods. These things raise your chances of a heart attack.