can weed make your skin break out

1. Uncertain Link: There's no definitive proof that weed directly causes acne breakouts.

2. Possible Worsening: Existing acne might worsen due to factors influenced by weed use.

3. Smoking vs. Other Methods: Smoking weed, with its inhalation of irritants, might be more likely to aggravate acne than edibles or topicals.

4. Hormonal Impact: Weed may influence hormone levels, and hormonal imbalances can contribute to acne.

5. Increased Appetite: Weed can trigger munchies, leading to choices of acne-promoting foods.

6. Skin Irritation: Smoke inhalation, from any source, can irritate the skin and potentially worsen acne.

7. Slower Healing: Some studies suggest weed use might slow down skin healing, hindering acne resolution.

8. Stress and Sleep: Weed use can affect sleep patterns and stress levels, both of which can impact acne.

9. Anecdotal Evidence: While not scientific proof, many people report experiencing acne flare-ups after weed use.

10. More Research Needed: The connection between weed and acne needs further scientific investigation.