Google sues scammers over fake Bard AI malware

Google has filed a lawsuit against scammers who used the name of Google's AI language processing tool, 'Bard', to trick people into downloading malware.

The scammers allegedly created a fake website and social media accounts to promote the malware.

The malware was designed to steal personal information and infect computers with ransomware.

Google claims that the scammers violated its trademarks and engaged in unfair competition.

The lawsuit seeks to shut down the fake website and social media accounts, as well as prevent the scammers from using Google's trademarks.

Google has also requested that the court order the scammers to pay damages and legal fees.

The scammers are believed to be based in the United States and India.

The company has also urged users to report any suspicious activity to its security team.

This lawsuit is part of Google's ongoing efforts to combat online scams and protect its users from cyber threats.