How is health insurance calculated in child support

1. Not automatically included: The basic child support amount generally doesn't include health insurance costs.

2. Considered an additional cost: If a parent covers the child under their health insurance, the cost can be added to the base child support obligation.

3. Proof required: The parent seeking credit for health insurance needs to provide documentation of the premium cost.

4. Divided proportionally: The additional cost is usually divided between parents based on their income percentages (not simply in half).

5. Reasonableness considered: Some states have limits on the considered cost, often based on a percentage of the paying parent's income.

6. Coverage type matters: Only the cost of adding the child, not the whole premium, is typically considered.

7. Reimbursement potential: In specific situations, the non-covering parent might reimburse half the cost for uncovered medical expenses.

8. State guidelines vary: Specific calculations and limitations differ significantly between states.

9. Expert consultation advised: Due to complexities, consulting with a lawyer or child support agency is highly recommended.

10. Focus on child's well-being: Ultimately, the goal is to ensure the child has access to necessary healthcare.