How often should you wash your hair

It depends on your hair type

Fine/thin hair: Every other day to remove excess oil. Dry/damaged hair: Every 5-7 days to retain natural oils. Wavy/curly hair: Every 4-5 days, depending on density.  Coiled hair: Once a week for optimal moisture and growth.

2. Consider your scalp's oil production: Wash your hair when it feels greasy or itchy.

3. Lifestyle factors: Frequent exercise or applying styling products may require more frequent washing.

4. Scalp conditions: Consult a doctor if you have dandruff, eczema, or other scalp concerns.

5. Hair color: Colored hair may benefit from less frequent washing to prevent color fading.

6. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner: Avoid harsh products that can strip your hair of natural oils.

7. Condition regularly: This helps maintain moisture and manageability.

8. Don't wash with hot water: Use lukewarm water to prevent dryness and damage.

9. Air dry whenever possible: Minimize heat styling to avoid damaging your hair.

10. Listen to your hair: Ultimately, the best way to determine how often to wash your hair is to pay attention to how it feels and looks.