How to cut your own hair

1. Preparation is key: Gather sharp scissors, a comb, spray bottle, and a mirror (preferably two for different angles).

2. Start dry: Cutting wet hair leads to uneven results, so work with dry hair.

3. Less is more: Take small sections and cut incrementally. You can always cut more, but taking too much off is difficult to fix.

4. Sectioning is your friend: Divide your hair into manageable sections for easier control and cutting.

5. Consider your face shape: Different cuts flatter different face shapes. Research styles that complement yours.

6. Start with blunt cuts: If you're new to DIY haircuts, begin with a simple blunt cut before attempting layers or advanced techniques.

7. Work your way up: Start at the ends and gradually work your way up to avoid accidentally taking off too much length.

8. Use your fingers as guides: Hold hair between your fingers to control the cutting line and ensure consistent length.

9. Take breaks and check frequently: Regularly step back and assess your progress from different angles to avoid unevenness.

10. Embrace the journey: Don't be discouraged by minor mishaps. Cutting your own hair takes practice, so be patient and have fun with the process!