5 Health Benefits of Beetroot

Source: moneycontrol.com

Photo: Unsplash

Health benefits of beetroot: Powered with nitrates, vitamins, and minerals, this crimson-coloured root vegetable is a superhero that that guards you against an array of health woes.

Improves haemoglobin levels 

Beetroot is rich in iron and folate. It supports the synthesis of haemoglobin, which is vital for the transportation of oxygen throughout the body. It also aids in combating anemia and improving energy levels. 

Guards digestion 

Beetroot is abundant in fibre and antioxidants that help improve digestion and reduce constipation. It fosters a balanced gut microbiome. 

Enhances insulin sensitivity 

This improvement in sensitivity contributes to more effective glucose regulation and lowers the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 

Regulates blood pressure 

Through the generation of nitric oxide from its nitrates, beetroot facilitates the relaxation of blood vessels to decreased blood pressure. 

Increases stamina 

Beetroot, especially in juice form, increases stamina by enhancing muscle oxygenation. This leads to reduced oxygen usage during exercise, ultimately enhancing overall performance. 

Supports cognitive function 

Nitrates found in beetroot offer potential cognitive benefits by improving blood flow to the brain. This improvement in blood circulation holds promise in supporting cognitive function .

Antioxidant armour 

Beetroot's strong antioxidant profile, especially its betalains, functions as a powerful defense mechanism against oxidative stress. It holds potential in reducing the risk of chronic illnesses, such as cancer.