10 Points to Consider When Choosing Hair Dye Color

1. Skin tone & undertone: Cool skin tones (pinkish, blue veins) pair well with cool colors (ashy blonde, blue-black). Warm tones (golden, green veins) suit warm colors (honey blonde, auburn brown).

2. Natural hair color: Start with shades 1-2 shades lighter/darker than your natural color for a safe transition.

3. Maintenance level: Lighter/brighter colors often require more upkeep (touch-ups, bleaching). Consider your lifestyle and commitment.

4. Hair health: Bleached hair can be damaged, so assess your current hair health and choose a color accordingly.

5. Desired look: Do you want a dramatic change, subtle enhancement, or specific color like fiery red?

6. Experiment virtually: Use online tools or apps to virtually try on different hair colors.

7. Professional consultation: Consider a consultation with a hairstylist for expert advice and personalized recommendations.

8. Maintenance products: Invest in color-safe shampoo, conditioner, and treatments to maintain vibrancy and hair health.

9. Test a strand: Before full application, do a strand test on a hidden section to ensure you like the color and avoid allergic reactions.

10. Embrace your individuality: Ultimately, the best hair color is the one that makes you feel confident and beautiful!