Bitcoin Prime Reviews – [A Complete Scam] Elon Musk Or Amazon?

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Hello, Guys welcome to the Bitcoin Prime Review blog, this review will clarify so many things like whether Bitcoin Prime is Scam or a Legit. Is this Elon Musk or Amazon who is behind it? And is this scam or legit? You will know all about this Crypto trading platform, and you should try this or not?

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Our Verdict: Scam

Different Varients of Website:,, (So, confusing)

Bitcoin Prime

Bitcoin Prime Review

This is the time for digital currency, and due to this people are trading on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ether, and all. So, due to the huge trend of trading, a lot of people are looking for the best cryptocurrency trading app and wallet.

But at this, a lot of fake trading apps are floating on the Internet, and here are we trying to cover an app called Bitcoin Prime Trading software by Steve McKay. So, is this also come in the category of scammy apps for trading?

But before we start exposing this scam app let’s see some basic information about it.

What is Bitcoin Prime?

What is

Bitcoin Prime is a cryptocurrency trading web app that automatically purchases as well as sells Bitcoin in the name of clients. The claims of this app say that after the sign, the AI-powered software implements trading strategies with no human involvement

Now we know the concept of this trading app, and what is actually claiming for their system, and they say you can start trading with a minimum deposit of $250.

But before you believe the claims that it has made you must read this honest Bitcoin Prime Review.

First, of all, when you search for the Bitcoin Prime Review on the internet you will see many positive reviews and claims that give you a 90% success rate and all.

But all the review posts will take you to a different website, but all the websites use the same name Bitcoin Prime.

There is a high chance to get scammed from these websites because all are completely different, and hard to say which is the original one, or if is there any actual original app that exists.

We found almost 5-6 websites which the same name on the internet claiming the same thing.

So, there are a lot of points that say Bitcoin Prime is a scam and not a legit one.

Bitcoin Prime Scam evidence

So, after doing a lot of research on the internet and reading a lot of reviews, we found many things about this scam, and we are sure that normal users can’t detect it. So, for our readers, we have attached some screenshots of the registration page of some versions of the so-called Bitcoin Prime official website.

1st Bitcoin Prime Website

In the below image, you can easily see that Bitcoin Prime is using the logo of Amazon, which also creates confusion among the traders that this app is an Amazon trading app.

Bitcoin Prime Website

In the above image you can read the thumbnail of the video which contains a pitch “In the past 90 days, 3 people saw… blah blah”.

Also at the top, you can read the line “Ride the wave of Bitcoin and Earn a Guaranteed £13,000 in Exactly 24 Hours”.

Bitcoin Code

Now see the below image which is the image of another Crypto trading web app called Bitcoin Code. So, you can see that both websites are a complete copy of each other no change and all.

2nd version of Bitcoin Prime with Steve McKay

As you can see in the below image you can see the name Steve McKay on the page of Bitcoin Prime, and one more thing this image is also used on several other scam crypto trading apps like Bitcoin Code, and all.


3rd version of Bitcoin Prime

Same name and the same system, but the website is different and all these are copies from other scammy apps. We are also sure this app is not going to help in any way to trade.

There are so many versions of it, as you can see in the below image.

Bitcoin Prime


Who is behind the Bitcoin Prime?

Is this Elon Musk?

is this Amazon who is behind it?

Well, let’s clear this confusion too.

First, let’s see what we get from the official website, well, there is no information about who is actually running or providing this service. Everything is limited to the official website, so it is hard to track who is doing all these things.

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But yes we know that the promotors are getting huge commissions for it, we saw that the promotors are getting 700$ on one successful sale of this app.

So, this is why people are not talking about who is behind it, instead of this they are just doing a promotional review that’s it.

Now let see

What is Bitcoin Prime Elon Musk?

Well, this is another level of marketing technique that is used many many scammers to push their sales and demand for their products.

But, how are people believing that Bitcoin Prime is backed by Elon Musk?

Well, there are pages, or we can say fake age of HLN, which is using the name and image of Elon Musk.


As you can see in the below image, Tesla and Elon Musk’s name is used, and even use Elon Musk’s image to make you fool with their fake page.

These pages are phishing pages, which is part of cybercrime. In a phishing attack, the scammers create a page that looks like the original one but is customized by them and uses their own content.

So, a lot of people start believing in them and think that page is real.

Due to this above page, many people think that Bitcoin Prime is backed by Elon Musk.

But let me tell you that there is no Elon Musk or Tesla’s hand behind this trading app.

Now, what is Bitcoin Prime Amazon?

One more confusion floating in your mind is this Amazon product. So as we said in Elon Musk and Bitcoin Prime section same thing applied here.

You can see in the below screenshot that page where you see Bitcoin Prime along with Amazon and Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon.


This is also done by phishing and creating a fake page on BBC News and using the Amazon name and Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon image to do this scam.

Now, I think you have your answer to the fake HYPE of Bitcoin Prime Amazon, and Elon Musk. So, it is very clear that this app is not something which is reliable.

But, let’s see more about this…

What about the Bitcoin Prime reviews present on the other site?

Well, all the websites are getting huge commissions for it, and this is why they are doing this, but ScamLegit is here to help people to find the product and service and categorize them into the scam and legit.

Note: Promotion is not a bad thing, but promoting anything even that is doing scams with people is not a good thing.

Bitcoin Prime Scam Review Conclusion – Is this Scam or legit?


Well, you have your all answer, and we can say Bitcoin Prime is a complete scam. It is not something that is reliable. All the claims are fake like Elon Musk, Amazon, and all.

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This is just done by some people who want to make money quickly. People are getting huge commissions for it like $700 to $850. So, you can understand if the minimum payment is $250 in this Bitcoin Prime, then how the promotors are getting this type of high commission?


The answer is straightforward! Most clients invest far more than the minimum and that’s where brokers earn their income (repeat purchases). This is how brokers are able to fill their pockets and continue to run their businesses.


How does BitCoin Prime claim to work?

Bitcoin Prime is an automated trading platform that allows you to make a guaranteed amount of $13,000 within your first 24 hours. It is claimed that the software uses some kind of algorithm that trades on AI-based signals. We have proven that these are lies.

Bitcoin Prime Signal is fake and a scam in actuality no signals exist and does not provide any type of trading dashboard. This is a direct registration to the broker CRM via a REST API integration. Multiple Bitcoin Prime websites were tested. There are more than 5 of them. None offered any dashboard or even any signals setup.

What is Sign Up the process of this app?

Well, the website is offering a very simple page for signup. There are a few steps for setting up your account there.

However, there is 0 fee but you have to deposit a $250 minimum to start this app.

  1. Open a free account
  2. Make a deposit of $150
  3. Start it

What is the cost of Bitcoin Prime? Is this Free?

Absolutely not. The system is not free at all. It’s going to cost you a minimum of $250 for UK people is €250 in order to start and this amount will be debited to your credit card by the broker who stole the money that is allotted to you. Also, we received information that customers were required to invest at least $500 to get their trading account fully activated. We saw that this “penalty” was added in order to help promotors pay their increasing advertising fees and costs.

In which countries this app is getting searched for?

Well, right now, it’s searching in the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia, and in all these countries people are getting scammed by this unknown cryptocurrency trading app.

Is there any BitCoin Prime Elon Musk Interview or Tesla involvement exist?

No, all the hype of Elon Musk’s interview on this trading app is fake and there is no Tesla behind this scammy app.

Should I use this App for my crypto trade?

No, this is a complete scam and there is nothing reliable. So, we suggest avoiding these types of fake apps and claims. Instead of this do more research and find a good platform for your trade which are really legit and reliable.