[Fact Check] Clear Neuro 10 Reviews [Shark Tank Update] Scam!!!

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Clear Neuro 10 is a cognitive support dietary supplement that claims to enhance brain function and all. But is this a good option and helps? Also, a rumor is floating about this supplement and that is “Clear Neuro 10 Shark Tank”? So, before you start this supplement, we must say you need to read this full unbiased Clear Neuro 10 Review.

Our Verdict: Scam

Clear Neuro 10 Shark Tank

Clear Neuro 10 Shark Tank Review

If you’re uncertain about how to get a supplement that offers nootropic properties and you think Clear Neuro 10 is all you’ve ever desired after reading about it with Shark Tank on the internet it is time to rethink every aspect.

While it could appear to offer precisely what you’re searching for, before you try the free trial of this Clear Neuro 10, you need to read some facts about it. Read this article to learn the reason why this supplement is not something for creative thinking and alertness, among other advantages it claims to provide.

What is Clear Neuro 10?

Clear Neuro 10 is cognitive support formula that helps to sharpen memory power and boost brain function, enhancing memory.

The official website claims that the product is natural and effective, but the official website did not share the ingredient list and test information. So, this claim is baseless until they share proof for it.

This supplement has been searched with Shark Tank for no reason, and we will clear that soon in this Clear Neuro 10 Shark Tank Review.

So, read this full report without skipping anything to know it more closely.

Who is behind this Clear Neuro 10? Is this Shark Tank?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a trusted company owns Clear Neuro 10. The fact that there is limited information on the internet. Even there is no single piece of information that we can trust. To me, that’s a major red flag.

Now if you think there is any hand of Shark Tank, then you are wrong, there is a separate nootropic that was on the Shark Tank show, not this one.

As we know this is a cheap marketing technique, where some new and low-grade products use the name of celebrities and show names to push the sale of their product.

We are 100% sure that the Clear Neuro 10 is doing the same with the Shark Tank name. There is different nootropic formula.

So, why do people think that Clear Neuro 10 is a Shark Tank product?

Well, the answer is very clear there was a Nootropic supplement featured on Shark Tank and that is Neuro Gum, and people search for the Neuro Gum Shark Tank Update, and that is why people get confused because the name sounds the same, and did not understand that the Clear Neuro 10 is not the Neuro Gum.

But to be very honest, the Clear Neuro 10 is not a trusted brand, and even don’t know who is operating it, and there are high chances of scams.


  • Improves mental clarity,
  • concentration, and also memory recovery.
  • Effective against the damage of free radicals
  • Utilizes natural ingredients to boost cognitive function
  • Improve mood, and decrease anxiety, tension, and depression symptoms.
  • Increase the blood supply to the brain as well as the oxygen supply.

Clear Neuro 10 Ingredients

In terms of the active ingredients The creators of the Clear Neuro 10 formula decided to keep the formula secret. This should be cause for an ounce of worry. As a buyer of their product, you should be aware of what exactly you are getting into their product.

There is no single information about the ingredients, so this also creates a red flag for me. So, how can we trust a product which is keeping most of the essential information secret from the buyers?

How Does Clear Neuro 10 Work?

Although we’ve read on the official website and found that the supplement is working effectively and 100% safe to use. Also, the present ingredients improve mood, enhance memory and learning, as well as the reduction of tension and anxiety, and stress, we can be certain of the fact that. However, these all functioning are baseless, currently, there are no trials or clinical studies have been conducted.


  • It is possible to ship it to customers all over the USA
  • There is a free Trial available


  • There is no clear information about the used ingredients
  • The seller is unknown and strange, hard to find who is operating
  • Clear Neuro 10 Shark Tank is a fake hype
  • Only sold on the internet and on the official website.
  • Insufficiently tested for safety and effectiveness
  • The price after the free trial is too high

Clear Neuro 10 Results and Reviews

This may offer you a free trial, but we are sure that Clear Neuro 10 is an ineffective supplement on the market. It’s not thoroughly researched and the components used in its development of it won’t guarantee you the most effective outcomes ever.

Instead, try a better Nootropic supplement like Nootrogen

What about the Clear Neuro 10 Free Trial and price?

Yes, you may see a free trial for the supplement on the official website, but still, we do not recommend trying this even if it comes in a free trial.

Because this is a type of scam, let me tell you why?

Clear Neuro 10 Free trial has very complex terms and conditions, the trial is for 15 days, and after 15 days they will charge you the full price of the product.

But here is the scam, if you think that you will cancel the trial before its time, then let me tell you it is very hard to cancel these types of products and in the end, you will be charged for their ineffective product.

Now if we talk about the price, then that is so high, the price of Clear Neuro 10 after the free trial is $121.33.

I must say at this price you can get a much better nootropic supplement.

Even our recommended Nootrogen Supplement 2 bottle cost is $52 only.

So, we never suggest a product like this.

Where To Buy Clear Neuro 10?

Now, if you still want to know where to buy, the formula is only available to be purchased from this official site. Since Clear Neuro 10 is not accessible in public places.

Is Clear Neuro 10 A Scam?

Scam Product

Clear Neuro 10 is definitely a scam and buying this formula could be a major error. It’s completely fraudulent. That’s why it’s not something you could be sure of.

Even the Clear Neuro 10 Shark Tank is fake hype.

Possible Side Effects

It is important to be cautious regarding your health since this product isn’t as safe as it claims to be. The solution isn’t sharing any tests and trials and even ingredients are not disclosed.

Clear Neuro 10 Review – Conclusion

After reading this full Clear Neuro 10 Review, we can say that the Shark Tank is not behind it, and this is a type of scam. The free trial is a trap for the buyers. There are so many scams running like this, so be aware of them, and avoid them.