Don’t Buy [ Condor CBD Gummies ] Read Reviews and Shark Tank Scam 2023!

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Hello, guys welcome to Condor CBD Gummies Reviews, I must say every day new CBD Shark Tank scam is coming into the market. Now this Condor CBD Gummies Shark Tank.

Official Website:

Our Verdict: Scam

Condor CBD Gummies

The product has so many trends, and if you talk about how, then you can find genuine things, apart from Shark Tank pitch and Shark Tank CBD episode fake pages.

So, if you want to know how and why this CBD is not something that I would suggest to anyone, then please read this complete Condor CBD Gummies Reviews and Shark Tank alert blog.

You will give like emojis, after reading this complete research, because we are going to reveal all facts about the product.

So, what is Condor CBD Gummies?

As we know that the name is stating what is it, this is a CBD-based gummy formula.

The Condor CBD Gummies claims to provide you with all the CBD benefits in gummy form. But let me tell you that you may like CBD, but not all products are good. And the same thing is applied with this Condor CBD formula.

Condor CBD Gummies is a CBD solution that claims to increase focus, reduce anxiety issues, and also support better chronic issues. It is using Hemp plant-based CBD and is free from THC.

But, we can’t say more about this product, because there is nothing special to tell, except its “Condor CBD Gummies Shark Tank” term, which will be explained in this Review.

But, let’s see its


There are many claims made by the company and here are some of them:

  • It is safe to use
  • The formula is non-habit forming
  • 100% effective and legal formula
  • Reduce the Pain & Chronic Aches
  • Helps to get rid of Anxiety & Stress
  • Boost the Focus & Clarity
  • Enhance the sleep cycle

These are some claims made by the seller of Condor CBD Gummies for their product. But there is no strong evidence that these claims are true and really work.

The reason why am I saying this is because the product is looking like a scam from its start. No real reviews and seller details from the landing page are hidden.

So, who is behind the Condor CBD Gummies? Is this Shark Tank?

Well, if you go to the official website of Condor CBD Gummies, then you can’t get much information about the seller. Because the full page is all about the product and its claims.

But don’t worry we found the real company who is behind this CBD formula, and that is Eagle Hemp LLC.

You can read an Eagle Hemp CBD Gummies Scam, that we have already covered on our site.

As per our this research and old reviews on Eagle Hemp CBD, we can say this company is doing to sell their product with a different name because Eagle Hemp got so many complaints and people reported them as a SCAM.

behind the Condor CBD Gummies

Here are some company details of Condor CBD Gummies:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Customer Phone: +1 (833) 324-5343Return Address
  • Address: 2855 Interstate Dr., Ste. 111, Lakeland, FL 33805

But the parent company is still Eagle Hemp.

Now, we know who is actually behind this New CBD Gummy. But still, one more question in your mind Condor CBD Gummies Shark Tank is true, and is this shark tank that supports this product?

Well, the simple answer is NO, Condor CBD Gummies Shark Tank is false advertising. This false claim was made to push the sales of the product.

Let’s see some customer reviews:

Well, there are no reviews you can read on the internet from real users, But we found reviews of the parent company eagle hemp CBD reviews, and I must say they all will clear your mind about this new CBD gummy.

Condor CBD Gummies Customer Review

James Hamilton: Same story. Complete Scam. The item might be nice on the off chance that searching for a CBD supplement. Can’t say. Requested 3 containers for $39. Never got any affirmation email. Seen $199 on the Amex notwithstanding. Also, for the record, they’ve never been on Shark Tank. Called client care, 15 minutes of irritating piano music (trusting you’ll surrender) trailed by a computerized chaperon pulling out that I was calling beyond business hours…It was Monday at 1:30 pm in Lakeland FL.

You can read many Condor CBD Gummies Reviews, and many complaints on Google you can see also some real customer reviews below image:

What about the reviews of Condor CBD Gummies presented on the official website?

However, you can read many reviews present on the Condor CBD Gummies official website, but all are fake and fictional.

There is no reality in those reviews, so don’t believe in them trust unbiased reviews, and do some research before buying any supplement.

Pros and Cons of Condor CBD Gummies


  • The product is made of pure hemp CBD extract
  • It does not contain THC
  • It may give many offers on its official website
  • You can buy and get it in free delivery


  • This product is a new product made by Eagle Hemp CBD
  • There are a lot of negative reviews from customer
  • The Condor CBD Gummies Shark Tank reviews present on the other site are completely biased.
  • The seller of this product got a 1.1-star rating on Google reviews
  • The full ingredients of this supplement are missing
  • It made shark tank CBD gummies claim
  • The product price is high and overpriced

There are so many cons to this product, so how can you believe that Shark Tank is linked to it?

Condor CBD Gummies and Shark Tank

Shark Tank

You know that this time a lot of supplement are there on the market that claims to be on the Shark Tank show.

Shark Tank – It is a known and trending show in the USA and also in India. This show judges invest in new ideas and products of the contestant.

But let me tell you that Shark Tank never did any investment in CBD gummies, even not in any CBD product.

So, it is obvious that the Condor CBD Gummies Shark Tank is just a sales pitch and nothing. If you find any page Condor CBD Gummies with Shark Tank images then don’t trust them they all are fake and edited. We have shared a completely separate blog on the Shark Tank CBD Gummies scam.

How do Condor CBD Gummies work?

Like other CBD gummies, it does the same thing. It uses CBD extract as the main ingredient and the ingredients are proven for many health benefits.

It can help to reduce stress levels and anxiety. A lot of people use CBD to get relief from their stress issues.

Also, CBD can help to reduce joint pain and enhance focus. It works by regulating the ECS system of the body and helping the mental and physical health issue.

What is the price of this CBD gummy formula?

Now, we have enough knowledge that what is the purpose of this supplement “to make money”. So it is obvious that the product price will be high.

So, first of all, you can’t find the Condor CBD Gummies price, because to know the price, you must have to enter your basic details like Email, address, and phone number. This helps them to keep your data to retarget you with their new product.

But don’t worry we put ourselves at risk and provide our details to know the price. So, we found three different pricing models:

  • Buy 1 bottle and get 1 bottle cost $69/per
  • Buy 2 bottles and get 1 free cost $53.33/per
  • And, buy 3 bottles and get 2 free costs $39.99/per

You may like the price because of its free bottles. But let me tell you that the company will charge for each bottle there is nothing free.

So, buy it at your own risk, we do not recommend this product to anyone. Even better CBD gummies are present in the market at much lower prices, CBDfx.

So, does it worth the value?

No, we do not recommend this type of CBD product to anyone. The product has no good reviews, less information about the manufacturer, and the parent company got many negative reviews on Google.

Also, the price of this product is too high, even though no one is loving this price from our team. Some of them also use CBD but they are affordable and effective.

Conclusion – Is Condor CBD Gummies a Scam?

Yes, the Condor CBD Gummies are a complete scam and do not fulfill our standard to be on our legit list. All the information that we put here is stating that the Condor CBD Gummies are not a good choice and should be avoided.

The last thing, there is no link between Shark Tank and Condor CBD Gummies, this is created by some scammers to scam you, and make money easily.

At this time, the internet is full of scam products, so do good research before buying any product, you can also follow ScamLegit to know the lasted scams.

If you ask me for a legit CBD Gummy, I recommend Smilz CBD gummies and CBDfx or Diamond CBD Gummies.