[Fact Check] Dorikabite Reviews | Bug Bite Relief Device Scam

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DorikaBite Reviews: Is this device helps to get relief from Bug Bite and provide Instant Itch Relief? Do I need this DorikaBite After Bite Relieve? Is there any scam with this product? Read this complete review to know all your facts…

Our Verdict: Scam

Website: Dorikabite.com


DorikaBite Reviews

Some so many people are particularly susceptible to bites from mosquitoes. Always wanted to get relief from the bad experience of a bug bite. So, this is why people are thinking about a solution for it. If you are considering DorikaBite, then you should be aware of the product ads and reviews that say it is effective. Although it is advertised as the best bug-bite relief tool in the market. But it is important to do your research and collect more accurate information before you do your purchase.

Now let’s find out more about it…

What is DorikaBite After Bite Relieve?

DorikaBite is an after-bug bite relieving formula that claims to get instant relief from pain and bad experience.

As we know the skin reacts to an insect bite, and this leads to red and inflamed skin. This redness and inflamed skin can cause discomfort and pain when it comes to horseflies, bees, or wasps. So, the product claims that it can lessen the sensations.

DorikaBite is a laser pen that claims it can treat insect bites.

DorikaBite claims that it is safe for everyone! Pregnant women, children, as well as those who have hypersensitive or sensitive skin, may utilize it. It is free of drugs and other chemicals, has an extremely long life span, and can be used for a long time.

But we are not sure these claims are true and it is the same as claims. Because the product is quite new, and no 3rd party test is there. This is like a Famous Bug bite device which is Bug Bite Things.

So, who is selling it, and who is behind the device, let’s find out.

Which Company Behind the DorikaBite?

At present, for DorikaBite we are not sure of the maker of the formula. They have kept their activities and their identity a secret, as most companies in this industry tend to do. We found a name which is at the bottom of the website the Ecomerzpro Although they are on the web there is not much information on this particular firm.

We found that Ecomerzpro is just a platform where you can get many e-commerce shopping sites, where they sell other products too like:

  • Neck Relief PRO
  • DHD Drone
  • And many more

But all the products are very poor quality and have very bad reviews and low ratings.


But we will not see any Dorikabite reviews there, because it is quite a new product. And we are confident that this has the same poor quality.

Dorikabite Claims

  • Helps to get instantly, and naturally, and relieves the itchiness of a bite.
  • It can be used by pregnant women, people with allergies, and children over 4 years old.
  • This reduces the itchiness, pain, and swelling caused by bites from mosquitoes, wasps, bees, jellyfish, horseflies, plants, etc.
  • Dorikabite does not contain chemical or medicinal substances.

How Does Dorikabite Work?

DorikaBite is a laser pen that claims to treat insect bites. In simple words, this device helps to treat eczema diminishing swelling and relieving itching and irritation in just minutes.

Official websites and some paid reviews claim that DorikaBite can rapidly break down the chemical components in mosquito saliva in only a couple of minutes due to thermal pulses.

How to use Dorikabite?

This is an electronic device that can be charged through a USB cable,  There is a three-step process for the uses of this bug bite device:

  1. Turn on the Device
  2. Select the temperature Press button after putting it over the affected area
  3. You will get relief from the itch

Well, the uses are simple, but effectiveness is missing because we could not find any real customer reviews of this device. One thing we know is that the seller is not providing quality products.


  • Easy to use
  • You can purchase it online easily
  • It can be used by anyone


  • The seller has very low ratings on Trustpilot
  • Less information about the maker
  • Charge a very high price
  • The product quality is too bad
  • You can only buy it from the official website
  • No 3rd party tests and trials took place
  • Claims seem cooked

Dorikabite Reviews and Results

We know that you might be extremely excited about this item’s results and reviews. But we can’t say the product is helping people. Because no good reviews we found anywhere, and the reviews present on the Dorikabite official website are not a trusted source to verify the results.

We need reviews and more information, so if you have tried it send us your experience and reviews, so others can know the product more closely.

Where To Buy Dorikabite? And Price?

If you’re interested to purchase this bug bite device, it can be purchased on the official website.

The price of this product is too high for no reason. Don’t know why? The price of Dorikabite for a single device is $54 after a 50% discount.

So, I don’t think so, after 50% disjoint

Is Dorikabite After Bite Relieve a Scam?

Scam Product

It is an absolute scam and ought to be avoided. If you purchase it, it is an ineffective investment of time as well as money. It’s a product of a fake online company that is looking to make money from your troubles.

Dorikabite Reviews – Conclusion

At the end of this Dorikabite Review, we can say that the product is not good in our opinion and found a scam-type product. The quality is not good and charges a very high price.

Instead of this go for some other option, who are doing good and offering quality products.

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