Is DroneX Pro 4K Drone a Scam? My Honest Review on DroneX Pro & Warnings

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DroneX Pro 4K Reviews

Did you see any DroneX Pro reviews and ads on the Internet? Don’t think you are the only one who saw that, I also found ads and Reviews for DroneX Pro, and here I will try to share my honest review of it.

Our Verdict: Scam

DroneX Pro

Is DroneX Pro Drone a good choice? Is it worth buying this product at its high price? This DroneX Pro Review answer all questions.

What is DroneX Pro?

It is a 4K drone that has so many reviews on the website also many ads running for it. Normally a good and genuine drone cost you $1000 to $5000 but this product is available for under $100 at in a sale. Is this true or just a scam? Let’s check this out!

What are the Features of DroneX Pro?

Well, it is hard to say what are the real features of this product, because the official website only tells us the price and offer that’s it.

But many DroneX Pro Reviews, Considered Paid reviews are telling that it has:

  • Camera: 12MP
  • Record: 4K
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Battery: 3.7V 500 lithium battery
  • Altitude: 100 meters
  • Speed: 12 meters/second
  • Lens: 120-degree wide-angle lens
  • Led nightlights: Yes

These are the features we found through its reviews. But there is no clarification about the DroneX Pro official website.

Who is behind the DroneX Pro 4k Drone?

As we have said it is only sold on for sale, and this company has a very bad rating on

DroneX Pro Reviews on trustpilot

All the reviews say that this is a scam company that sells low-quality products and scams, people. is using Affiliate to increase the sale of their low-quality products.

There are so many complaints against this company and we have also covered its product review on our websites such as PlaxX Pro and Maxphone.

Yes, the company sells a wide range of products. But the quality is so bad and provides a toy-type product to its customers.

3 reasons to avoid DroneX Pro 4K Drone?

1. Fake DroneX Pro Reviews

There are so many reviews we found for this product, and all are almost positive. I have seen so many reviews like this on the Internet at this time.

The company and its promotors use this technique and post reviews that are biased and create a good image for their product.

2. Less information about the company

There is less information about the company that is selling it, also hard to say who is actually behind the product. But one thing we know is that all the versions of DroneX Pro and the website are connected to the An affiliate network that is selling this product with their affiliate partners.

3. Quite Expensive

DroneX Pro UK is just a toy drone type drone that costs only $30-$40 on Amazon or AliExpress. So, there is a high chance that the company of this product buy it in bulk and invest in marketing, and then change the product or company name and come up with a new one.

Here is the Scam exposed by Bryce James for Drones like this:

How much does the DroneX Pro 4K Drone cost?

As we have said this is a Toy type Drone, and cost a high price from its customers. The single drone price of the DroneX Pro is $99.

But you can get it for $30 or $40 on eBay and AliExpress easily. This is not a quality drone as you think. There are some offers too, and they look appealing and force you to buy them in bulk.

Is DroneX Pro 4K Drone a Scam?

Scam Product

As per the real reviews for the DroneX Pro 4K and our analysis says that DroneX Pro 4k Drone is a scam. The product cost a high price when you can get it much cheaper price on eBay. If you really want a genuine drone then look for it and do more research before buying any product like this.

Conclusion for DroneX Pro 4K Reviews

DroneX Pro 4K is not something that is good and may scam you. The company is not reliable and has no idea who is behind the product and got so poor ratings from the real customers. There is a high chance that the company is not going to help you in any way after buying this product because products like this customer support are too bad and do nothing after the sale. So, stay away from this type of product and check others,