Is Facebook Charging Users $7.99 Per Month? Let’s Expose This Myth

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A rumor that went viral on Facebook in September 2023 claimed that the giant platform of social media would soon start charging users $7.99 a month for access to its network. Users became alarmed by this assertion, which was frequently coupled with an urgent call to action.


It’s important to note, though, that this claim is completely untrue and that Facebook has not made any such pronouncements.

The Viral Message: Fear And Urgency

Since the $7.99 charge is coming, I do not give permission to Facebook to charge $7.99 a month to my account, also, all of my pictures are property of myself and not Facebook!

So now they are doing it, we just saw on Channel 13 News, that Facebook will be charging all users starting Monday. You can do an “opt-out” by posting the above. Hold your fingers over and copy. Bye Bye ads

Yessssss it works!!!

Just in case

The goal of the viral message, sometimes known as “copypasta” owing to its massive spreading, was to make people feel rushed and afraid. In order to opt out of the supposed $7.99 monthly fee, it told them to submit a certain block of text, which they did. Users’ worries about losing access to Facebook and their desire to avoid further costs were exploited by this strategy. This scam went viral with this successful strategy.

The Rumor Is False, Says Facebook In A Snap

Facebook swiftly denied this claim, stating that it had no intention of enforcing such fees. Advertising is the company’s main source of income, with advertisers paying to have their commercials shown on the platform. With this strategy, Facebook can continue to provide its services to users without any up-front costs. (1)

The Controversial Reference To “Channel 13 News”

The message misrepresented the source as “Channel 13 News,” a made-up entity. In prior scams and fraudulent claims on Facebook, the channel number “13” and the reference to “Channel 13 News” have often appeared. When seeing the news, users should use caution and skepticism, especially if it lacks reliable sources or official remarks from the site itself.

Clarifying The February 2023 Announcement

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, announced plans to provide a verification badge in February 2023 for users who want to validate the integrity of their accounts. However, the fact that customers had to pay for basic platform access had nothing to do with this feature. The verification badge may be used by users to verify their identity on the network. For famous people, celebrities, or businesses in particular, this was helpful.

Legalese’s Ineffectiveness and Lack of Facebook Posts

A block of legalese was copied and pasted into a Facebook post as part of the viral message in an effort to increase the message’s legitimacy. It’s crucial to understand, though, that merely publishing what appears to be legal text on Facebook does not convert it into a binding agreement that can be enforced in court. When a user joins, they often accept the platform’s terms and conditions of use, such as Facebook.

Conclusion: Separating Fact From Fiction

The claim that Facebook wants to charge users $7.99 per month for access to its services was fake in every way. The story was unsubstantiated by any trustworthy sources or official declarations, and as Facebook’s economic model depends on advertising income, it cannot be believed. Users should take caution and double-check their information before posting it on social media platforms to prevent the spread of false rumors and hoaxes.


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