(Big Scam) Ketoxplode Gummies Ireland Reviews – What Real Customers Say?

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Ketoxplode Gummies is a weight loss keto gummy which is trending now in Ireland and Germany. But is this really true that the trend of this supplement is for good reason or just a scam like others? What really do Ketoxplode Gummies Customers Say? And why you should avoid this product?

Official Website: https://ketoxplode.com/

Ketoxplode Gummies Ireland Reviews

In this Ketoxplode Gummies Ireland Review, we will try to answer these questions and let you know the reality of this product. So, don’t skip and read it carefully to understand the truth of this product.

What are Ketoxplode Gummies?

Ketoxplode Gummies

It is a keto gummy formula that claims to lose weight naturally and safely, as per the official website. Ketoxplode Gummies comes in a 180g bottle and contains 60 gummies which are for one month.

But like other keto scams, it has so many things we found that this Ireland Ketoxplode gummy has many negative points and bad reviews.

However, the product claims to be a safe solution and uses natural ingredients for weight loss. But the product is completely the result of unknown ingredients because it different mixture of ingredients and copies of the product.

We have seen so many confusing things about Ketoxplode Gummies which make its customer shocked. So, keep reading this we will clear everything up.

Unable to Verify the Ketoxplode Gummies Ingredients


Yes, this is the most confusing this that we found about this gummy because the official website and Amazon.com claim to be a keto formula, but when we go through its official website, we found nothing about the ingredients.

Yes, this trending Germany and Ireland Ketoxplode Gummies fat burner did not provide the full ingredients list.

However, the official website claims that Ketoxplode Gummies’ main ingredient is BHB.

BHB: It is a natural ingredient that may help induce the ketosis process, and some studies back this claim.

But still, we are so confused because as per the Amazon customer, it has a completely different ingredient which may not help in ketosis at all.

Ketoxplode Gummies Ingredients on Amazon
  • Glucose Syrup,
  • Sugar,
  • Water,
  • Premix (Ginger Extract, Mother Apple Cider Vinegar)

The above ingredients list was shared by the Amazon customer of Ketoxplode Gummies. However, some of the ingredients like Apple cider vinegar and Ginger may help in weight loss, but they are not going to put you into ketosis.

If you really want to use Ginger then you can get it at a much cheaper price, and also ACV.

Unable to find Ketoxplode Gummies Seller Information

Like its ingredients, Ketoxplode Gummies is also unable to share seller information. Yes, however, the product is trending in Ireland, and Germany, and so many people bought it because of its advertising. But no one knows the seller.

Even we did a very deep research about the product, and we found that the seller is keeping them hidden from the people. Even on Amazon.com, the seller is missing, it is a sign of a poor-quality brand and product.

The seller is just keeping its order page live, with no detail about the seller and manufacturer. Throughout the research, we just found a support email and phone number that’s it.

But there is no idea are they actually provide customer support or not, because this email address domain is not live. So, there is a high chance that you will not get any good customer support.

Ketoxplode Gummies’ working claims seem cooked

So, let’s come to the working of this keto gummy, like other keto gummies, this also claims the same thing:

  • Helps to start ketosis
  • Burn off fat cells
  • Increase energy level
  • And helps to lose weight naturally

But these claims seem cooked because there is no good thing, we found about the Ketoxplode Gummies Ireland formula. No test, no evidence, and ingredients list is missing from the official website, and also on the Amazon.com

If we consider the customers provide ingredients, then no evidence supports the ketosis claim. Even the added sugar is a totally nonsense thing in a weight loss supplement.

Even the customers of this product are saying that the product is ineffective and does nothing. There are so many bad reviews we found who got trapped in the fake hype of Ketoxplode Gummies.

Ketoxplode Gummies Customer Reviews and Feedback

We got so many reviews on Amazon, Trustpilot

Let’s see some positive and negative reviews

Positive Customer Reviews on Ketoxplode Gummies

Well, we got some positive reviews too for the product on Amazon.com There are very fewer positive reviews, and only 3 users rated it.

Positive Customer Reviews on Ketoxplode Gummies Amazon

The above reviews are silent about the results, just said OK, all good no complaints, which seem paid reviews.

Now let’s come to the negative reviews

There are so many Reviews we got on Amazon and also on Trustpilot.

Ketoxplode Gummies Ireland Customer Reviews

The Above user from Amazon says it is a nonsense product, and also shares the ingredient’s name.

Ketoxplode Gummies Customer Review 2

Ketoxplode Gummies Customer Review 3

This above Amazon customer Review says that this did nothing for her after 8 weeks of use.

Ketoxplode Gummies Review from Trustpilot.com 2

Ketoxplode Gummies Review from Trustpilot.com

This above user Ketoxplode Gummies Review from Trustpilot.com says that this product is using Very aggressive advertising. You can read more customer reviews on Trustpilot.com.

Ketoxplode Gummies Price is too high

If you think that the product is new and the seller is unknown so may be cost low, then you are wrong. It is an overpriced product for no reason, maybe because of its aggressive advertising. The single bottle of Ketoxplode Gummies cost €59,90 in Ireland and other countries.

But we did not see any good thing which can justify this high price. You can get a much better option for weight loss at a much lower price. Also, the used ingredient like Ginger and ACV only cost €10-12.

Also, many users complained that this type of product steals credit card details, and this may put your credit card at risk.

Ketoxplode Gummies is a Scam

All the points of our Ketoxplode Gummies Ireland Review say this is a scam and nothing. A lot of red flags we got:

  • The seller of this product not found
  • It cost a high price
  • Most of the Ketoxplode Gummies Customer Reviews are bad
  • A lot of people did not get their bottle
  • Ingredients full list is missing
  • Using useless ingredients in the product
Ketoxplode Gummies is a Scam

Not only this Ketoxplode Gummies customers also say that this is Total SCAM.



Now let’s end this Ketoxplode Gummies Ireland Review, as we have said that we will let you know why you should avoid this product. So, here we are, we did full research and did this unbiased review, and shared all that we got. All the Ketoxplode Gummies Reviews and real customers say that this is a total scam and do nothing.

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