[Fact Check] Playx Pro Reviews 2023 Is This A Gaming Pad Scam?

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PlayX Pro is a new gaming pad that claims that it can make your control more easy and fast. But is this reliable and trusted? Read full PlayX Pro Reviews to know the answer…

Our Verdict: Scam

PlayX Pro

PlayX Pro Reviews

As we know the growing gaming community and increasing popularity among people. At this time, we all are aware of Call of Duty, Free Fire, and many more games’ popularity. A lot of kids and youth want to play games more efficiently and that’s why right now gaming pads are also getting popular.

So, this is why many companies come up with their control pads for mobile. So, a company name Popularhitech comes with their gaming pad PlayX Pro for a smartphone.

A gaming pad that claims to provide you Dual-Analog Sticks Setup, and is Compatible With Android and iOS Devices.

But before you buy it, let’s find out more about it

So, What is actually PlayX Pro?

In very simple words, PlayX Pro is a smartphone gaming pad that makes gaming more enjoyable and easy to control. It is compatible with IOS and Android.

There is an app that can make button mapping easier for gamers. Works well for Fighting And Racing Games. It is sold by Popularhitech.com on the internet and offers their product at a 50% discount right now, but still expensive for no reason.

But as we have said you must read this full PlayX Pro review to know why are we not suggesting it to buy.

So, Who is behind the PlayX Pro?

We have already mentioned above that the product is sold by a company Popularhitech. An online-based company that sells many e-commerce products.

But the company has no good reputation and the reviews on 3rd party sites like Trustpilot, we have that the company provides low-quality products and charges a very high price from their customers.

Popularhitech is a tech-based website where you can find so many tech items like:

  • Drone X
  • MoskiX Band
  • and More

But on the Trustpilot, the reviews are too bad and say that the company is Rip Off, and does not provide quality in their products, and getting a refund is also hard.

PlayX Pro Reviews and Ratings

The company charges a high price for their product, people can buy other good company products at the same price. This is why we do not recommend it to buy products from a company like this.

Yes, you can see their ads everywhere, and this is why people are buying it, but if you go for its organic reach then there is nothing good with it.

If we talk about the contact details, then it is also very confusing, becasue the official website uses an Estonian address.

But PlayX Pro contact details provide us with a Brazil address and a Hong Kong address. So, this creates a big confusion. So, we can’t trust the product or company.

This also raises a big Red Flag against the PlayX Pro Gaming Pad.

Instead of this, you should go for other brands like Backbone One Mobile gaming controller and others.

now let’s come to the Claims made by PlayX Pro


  • Offers Dual-Analog Sticks Setup
  • Make the Mapping of Button Via its App easy
  • Good for the Fighting And Racing Games
  • Ergonomic Handle Design For Longer Playtime
  • It is compatible With Android and iOS Devices

Does PlayX Pro work?

Well, we don’t have any idea about the product, is this helpful or not for your gameplay? Becasue no independent reviews we found anywhere.

All the reviews on other sites are just biased, and promotional. Well, this may work but we are not sure about it, we need more information and customer reviews on PlayX Pro for it.

But, we can understand the working of this gaming pad easily. It is not different from others, you just need to plug it into your phone via the charging point. You need to install and need to add its app and then you can set up the button mapping.

What is the price of PlayX Pro? And Where to buy it?

As we have said above that the company who is selling it charges a very high price for their products. Even very reputed brands can be purchased at the same price.

The price of one PlayX Pro is $89.

You can buy it only from the official website.

I think this is really a high price, even a product name Backbone One offers a very premium quality gaming pad for $99 which is really a good company with good reviews. Even Amazon’s rating is 4.5 which is given by more than 13000 users.

Backbone One Amazon


  • You can buy it from any country
  • Easy to buy from the official website


  • The product is quite new
  • The seller is very low ratings
  • The product price is high for no reason
  • No real customer and gamers reviews
  • Product quality is inferior
  • Hard to get a Refund

Is PlayX Pro a scam?

Yes, this is not something that is a reliable product right now, if the company works on its product quality more than its ads spent.

But right now, we are not sure about the product quality and also charging a high price, so we are putting it on the scam list.

PlayX Pro Reviews Conclusion – Should I go for it?

No, If you have completed this PlayX Pro Review, then you know very well, the product is not worth buying. There are other options you can try.