[Exposed] Uno Cbd Gummies Reviews – Shark Tank Hype & Scam Revealed!

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UNO CBD Gummies Reviews [Shark Tank TRUTH] – Dear friends this is a completely honest review of this CBD Gummy, and we will try to share all the essential information and also let you know about the UNO CBD Gummies scam and all!

Our Verdict: Scam

Our Ratings: ⭐ ☆ ☆ ☆ 1.0/5.0

Website: tryunocbd.com

UNO CBD Gummies

UNO CBD Gummies Reviews

If you’re thinking about purchasing CBD Gummies, it’s likely to be true and evident that you have no idea about the UNO CBD Gummies. It is possible that certain of its claims exaggerated and led you to believe that you can actually benefit from it. 

But, take a look at this detailed UNO CBD Gummies Shark Tank Review of the formula to gain a clearer picture of it, and to find out the reasons you shouldn’t be a believer in it. It will surprise you to discover that you don’t really need it at the present time.

But before we clear the confusion related to this CBD formula of Shark Tank and scam, let’s see some basic information about it like

What are UNO CBD Gummies?

UNO CBD Gummies are the CBD solution that claims to provide all the benefits of CBD others are claiming. A formula that is using CBD in it as a key ingredient.

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The formula claims to reduce stress, and anxiety and also help in treating chronic pain from the root. It may do as it claims, but this is not something that is reliable like our Recommended CBD product the CBDfx Gummies.

UNO CBD Gummies come in 500mg bottles and use CBD oil to make these gummies. It comes in colorful cubes shape candies, so yes the product design is quite attractive but we are not sure the product is a good choice.

One more this about this CBD solution is that, Is UNO CBD Gummies Shark Tank true?

So, let’s see in more detail

Who is behind the UNO CBD Gummies? Is this Shark Tank?

I can bet on it that no one can tell who is behind the UNO CBD Gummies. Because this is because the seller is limited to a landing page where they are selling it.

But, we found something about the seller, throughout analyzing the UNO CBD Gummies. We saw the name of a company called Keoni a company that is already marked as a Scam on the Shark Tank CBD scam list.

But when you click on the contact us page you will see only UNO CBD as the company name, but if you check the terms and conditions of this page you will see the Keoni name.

Now if think that UNO CBD Gummies Shark Tank is true, then you are wrong, there is no link between UNO CBD Gummies and Shark Tank. This is just fake hype.

So, What is UNO CBD Gummies Shark Tank?

This is a fake HYPE, UNO CBD Gummies Shark Tank is a cheap marketing technique that is used by many scammers to boost their sales of the product.

So, if you see any page that is saying UNO CBD Gummies and Shark Tank or even any other product then that is a trape for you, and you must escape from that page.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a very famous show, and millions of people follow this show, so if any product gets linked with this show the demand for that product automatically increases, so the scammers doing this.

Also, many people use celebrity names to promote their products such as Dr oz, REE Drummond, and many more.

Now let’s see the

UNO CBD Gummies Claims

  • Aids in relieving pain and aches.
  • Instantly relieves stress and anxiety.
  • Could help you sleep better
  • It is believed to help in quitting smoking cigarettes.
  • Made of 100 percent CBD oil


For the UNO CBD Gummies ingredients expected, we have been informed that the mix is merely CBD oil, which is an active ingredient. There could be additional issues they’ve not addressed. Don’t think that CBD oil is the only ingredient. CBD oil contained in this supplement is the sole ingredient. Just go for it.

CBD is a powerful ingredient and backed by many studies and says that it is something that can actually help with stress, anxiety, and chronic pain issue, It is sourced from the Cannabis plant and free from THC, which means you don’t have to face the side effects of THC of high feeling.

How Does UNO CBD Gummies Work?

If you are wondering about the UNO CBD Gummies’ functioning then it completely depends on the quality of the CBD they have used in it. But we are sure the product is not on the ingredients list and its purity because the seller kept everything hidden from the user.

But, we know that CBD works well for mental and physical health. It provides the relaxing effect of Cannabis Sativa but without the requirement to take it. It is possible to feel discomfort, anxiety, or anxiety easing in the process. You may be able to get rid of the dependence on smoking.

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  • It is made of an organically cultivated plant
  • Can be provided to consumers from all over the world.
  • It does not need a prescription.


  • There is an un-trustable company behind it
  • The seller kept most of the information secret from the buyers
  • The price of the product is high
  • Using cheap Shark Tank HYPE marketing technique
  • Could not be completely organically formulated, as claimed.
  • It’s not available locally.
  • There are no independent reviews on the products offered by the manufacturer
  • There are no samples for free.

UNO CBD Gummies Results and Reviews

I am sure that this product is not going to help in any way, even though you may face many issues with the purchase. All the reviews and results you will see on the official website are fake and not the real existence of that people. You may read some positive reviews on the news website, and let me tell you that they are also fake and paid.

So, it is easy to say the product just wants to make money while not focusing on proving the value of its product.

Even I have shared a news website screenshot, and as you can see it is a sponsored article, and the complete review is paid for and even not made by the brand itself. It is a 3rd person post that is done by the affiliates. So, the review is not worthwhile for you and paid.

Where To Buy UNO CBD Gummies? And Price?

UNO CBD Gummies are not available in the local market to purchase. It is recommended to visit the official website to place your orders there if you’d like to try it immediately.

If we talk about the price then that is also high and not worthwhile for our readers, even though there are better products present in the market at much less prices.

One bottle price is $60, and I must say this is really expensive and not worth it, even our recommended CBD product comes at $54, and even a 25% discount is there.

Is UNO CBD Gummies A Scam?

It’s a total scam. It’s now on the line of CBD products distributed to clients all over the globe but is in fact fake. Also, the UNO CBD Gummies Shark Tank is a completely FAKE line. so if you are thinking to buy this product then you should read this complete review first, then you will understand why should you avoid it.

Side Effects

One thing that the creators behind the project have been reluctant to reveal to potential customers is the fact that they have not disclosed this information to prospective buyers. If the feedback of real users is any indication, this product could result in side effects.

UNO CBD Gummies Shark Tank Reviews – Conclusion

Now, we have all the information that is important to know whether the product is good or not. So, the answer is very clear it is a BIG NO from our site for this product,

UNO CBD Gummies is not meet our requirement to be a legit product, so this is a 100% scam. Also, the Shark Tank pitch is used which is a first preference of scammers for pushing CBD and Keto product sales.