Utopia Skin Tag Remover Review: Another Scam? Shark Tank Alert

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Utopia Skin Tag Remover claims to be the most effective skin tag removal serum after Amarose and Remedy Skin Tag Remover this comes. This claims same like others to be a safe and best option for the skin tags and moles. Also, people think that Utopia Skin Tag Remover was featured on Shark Tank.

But is this true or just another hoax? Does Utopia Skin Tag Remover really help to get rid of skin tags and moles, is there any science that supports the claims, or is it just a scam like others? Does this product help its users? And what are the real customer reports and reviews on Utopia Skin Tag Remover?

In this fact-checking article, we will try to clear all the facts and questions and try to let you know whether the supplement is effective or a waste of money.

So, let’s start our unsponsored Utopia Skin Tag Remover Review…

What is Utopia Skin Tag Remover?

Utopia Skin Tag Remover

It is a skin tag remover serum that is using some natural ingredients to remove the moles and skin tags. Utopia Skin Tag Remover is the creation of two ingredients that are in hype these days. The product claims and all benefits say that it will do everything without any pain.

Utopia Skin Tag Remover is a drop serum that is applied to the blemishes and teat the issue of skin tags and moles from the root by boosting the white blood cells.

But these claims seem cooked like others do, because nothing special in it, and no strong evidence or science that back this product.

Who is behind the Utopia Skin Tag Remover?

What is

Now this is very important to know who is selling any product to know the reputation, and their image in the public. However, the Utopia Skin Tag Remover is a new product, so it is obvious to say that the company may be not so well known and popular but that’s ok, because it may happen with a new company.

But a product whose company keeps all information hidden from the buyers is not common. Yes, Utopia Skin Tag Remover company did not share anything about their operations and details.

Even they did not share the about us page on the official website. and the contact page only provides a mobile number and email address and nothing like address real company name and all.

This is a sign of a poor-grade product company and may scam people because you can find who is operating it.

Now let’s come to the ingredients section and their effectiveness on skin tags and moles.

So, what are the Utopia Skin Tag Remover ingredients? Do they work?


Utopia Skin Tag Remover is shown above, the complete website is running around two ingredients: Sanguinaria canadensis (bloodroot), and Zincum muriaticum.

Sanguinaria canadensis

Sanguinaria canadensis: This is a natural ingredient also known as bloodroot, but we did not find any kind of science, research, or anything like this which may support the claim of removing skin tags and moles. Even the cited research on the Utopia Skin Tag Remover official website is saying that the chemical present in the Sanguinaria canadensis is linked to mouthwash with the development of leukoplakia and a murine model suggesting sanguinarine acts as a tumor promoter highlighting the urgent need for studies into black salve carcinogenesis.

So, Utopia Skin Tag Remover cited website does not support the claim of the product.

Zincum muriaticum

Zincum muriaticum: It is a kind of homeopathic treatment; however, homeopathic treatment is relatively safe and non-toxic. But no research or test can support the skin tag-removing claim.

You will see the same ingredient in Remedy Skin Tag Remover, Amarose Skin Tag Remover serum, and all others.

Even the company details are missing which is a sign of a low-quality company and may be doing white labeling and coming up with new names again and again.

Benefits claimed by Utopia Skin Tag Remover

The product claims so many health benefits, but they all are unscientific health claims such as:

  • Helps to remove Skin Tags
  • Remover Dark Moles, Light Moles, Small Warts, and Big Warts
  • Works for all skin types
  • Fast acting formula
Utopia Skin Tag Remover Claims

These are the main claims that you will see on the official website. But we have exposed above that all claims of Utopia Skin Tag Remover are fake and no evidence which supports those claims. This is a complete sign of a low-quality brand.

Is Utopia Skin Tag Remover Safe or Dangerous?

Well, we are not sure about it, because the product is using natural ingredients, but still, there is an FDA warning about skin tags and moles remover. Here is a dermatologist and skincare influencer named “Dr. Dray” reviewed it:

The Truth of Utopia Skin Tag Remover Customer Reviews and post

Well, you may have seen so many reviews and customer testimonials on the internet and also on the official website.

But let me bring the truth in front of you, all reviews that you have read or seen anywhere about this product or like others are paid and 100% biased reviews.

You can easily detect that all those Utopia Skin Tag Remover Reviews are posted under sponsored content or anything like this.

The official website testimonials of Utopia Skin Tag Remover are also 100% fake and used by all such other skin tag remover serums that we have talked about in this review.

We did not get any real customer review for the Utopia Skin Tag Remover, but we found a TikTok User video for the same product which is using same ingredients and even look 100% copy here we are talking about the Amarose Skin Tag Remover, and say did not get any results from it:

There is no independent site that posted any unbiased reviews for this product, except Scamlegit.com

Was Utopia Skin Tag Remover on Shark Tank?

Many of you may be confused about whether Utopia Skin Tag Remover Shark Tank is true or not because some media publishers like Outlookindia and other such sites publish posts under the title of Utopia Skin Tag Remover Shark Tank and this is a part of clickbait title:

Outlook India Utopia Skin Tag Remover Shark Tank scam

Some pages of Fake Shark Tank are a copy of Foxnews.com or ABC.com where you may have seen the Skin Tag Removers, but those are 100% fake.

Utopia Skin Tag Remover Shark Tank fake page

But the truth is that Utopia Skin Tag Remover has never been on Shark Tank, all these things are made to create hype for this product, so the sellers can make money fast. But this is a complete scam made to create fake hype for the products.

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Interested people can buy this product from its official website and can get a genuine product.

How much does Utopia Skin Tag Remover cost? And where to buy it?

Like other skin tag remover scams, Utopia Skin Tag Remover also charges the same price. The single serum bottle of Utopia Skin Tag Remover cost $69.95, and this is a high price. The seller is selling this product on the official website only.

Pros and Cons of Utopia Skin Tag Remover

After doing a week of research and analysis we found the real pros and cons of Utopia Skin Tag Remover:


  • May smell good
  • You can buy it online


  • It contains ineffective ingredients
  • One ingredient of Utopia Skin Tag Remover is linked with toxicity
  • There is no real evidence
  • No 3rd party lab test and report
  • No ingredient of this product was found effective for skin tags
  • It is an expensive item
  • Claim seems cooked
  • No identity of the manufacturer
  • The real customer reviews are missing
  • Utopia Skin Tag Remover was not on Shark Tank

Utopia Skin Tag Remover Reviews Conclusion – Scam or Not?


After doing a complete research analysis and investing hours of time we found the Utopia Skin Tag Remover is a scam product and you should not rely on it for your skin tags and moles issues.

The manufacturer did not share any research or trial or any kind of test to support the claims of the product. The main ingredients of this formula were not found effective for skin tags in the clinical test.

Even the Utopia Skin Tag Remover ingredient called Bloodroot was found toxic in some studies. Also, the term “Utopia Skin Tag Remover Shark Tank” is a fake thing.

So, there are so many questionable things about the product its claims, and its marketing technique. And this is a sign of low quality and scam company.

There are no real customer reviews out yet which are unsponsored, but the same type of product customer Reviews is negative, they said the product did not work for their skin tags.