Exposing The Bard AI Scam: Don’t Fall For The Trap

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Hello there! We have recently observed a worrying trend on Facebook: an increase in new scams that target unsuspecting individuals. These scams use deceptive adverts that replicate the well-known “Google Bard AI” service. Sadly, these deceptive advertisements are skillfully created to lure consumers into downloading and installing dubious software.

They run the danger of being the target of malware attacks because of this. It’s important to remember that Google doesn’t provide a Bard AI download option. Always visit the official bard.google.com page if you’re interested in Bard AI. Today, we want to spread awareness about these misleading games and underline how important it is to exercise caution anytime you encounter shady social media advertisements. Be careful out there!

Scam Crack: Fake Google Bard AI Tool

Fake Google Bard AI Tool Facebook Ad

The scam ads appear on Facebook and frequently feature an avatar that shows Google’s logo. According to the ads on Facebook, the messages urge readers to download and use Bard AI, an AI chatbot created by Google.

download and use Bard AI

But when people click on these advertisements, they are sent to fictitious official websites where they are asked to download an unknown compressed file. It is critical to realize that such behavior may result in malware assaults and threaten user devices’ security.

Measures And Warnings

In an effort to lessen the severity of these scams, some of the harmful Facebook adverts have been turned off. Furthermore, the Chrome browser has begun recognizing and alerting users to high-risk download URLs connected to these scams.

website to be possibly dangerous

When Google Chrome feels any website to be possibly dangerous, unusual, or risky, warning messages are sent out to users. These precautions emphasize the significance of being on guard and being cautious when confronted with dubious download links or adverts.

Lack Of Official Verification

According to a preliminary review of Facebook fan page transparency, these scam sites have recently changed their identities, indicating that the original accounts may have been hacked or hijacked. Remember that these fan sites lack the formal accreditation given by Facebook’s blue tick marks and are not authentic Google accounts. When engaging with material from such scam sites, users should exercise caution, especially when downloading or installing any critical software.

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Original Scam Ad Content

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (Al), the much-anticipated Google Bard Al V2 Update, this cutting-edge Al System boasts a remarkable leaning mindset that surpasses human capabilities. See details here =>> https://www.bigupdata.live

Original Bard AI Scam Ad Content

20 times more amazing intelligence than its predecessor, With its impressive capabilities, Google Bard Al V2 aims to provide comprehensive support on various aspects of daily life, solidifying its position as a formidable contender in the field of Al development.

Continued Distribution Of Bard AI False Advertising

Unfortunately, despite the removal of some scam fan sites, there are still many more that continue to post the same misleading advertising. These advertisements persistently pursue unaware users, pleading with them to download and use the phony Google Bard AI program. Users in such situations should proceed with the utmost caution and forego downloading or installing this deceptive software.

Furthermore, it’s critical to respond proactively. Reporting these marketing postings may be quite helpful in ensuring that no one else falls for these frauds. By reporting such content, you support the efforts being made to put an end to these scam artists. Keep in mind that ending these dishonest behaviors may be accomplished through collective effort.

Understanding Google Bard AI

The amazing LaMDA language model serves as the foundation for Google Bard AI’s core technology. The AI chatbot Bard AI, created by Google, makes use of this language model. It’s crucial to remember that Bard AI is currently only accessible through the official bard.google.com website. Downloading reputable software is not possible.

Given this, it’s imperative that the general public refrain from opening or downloading any misleading ad scams that offer access to Bard AI. These fake advertisements are meant to deceive and manipulate unwary customers. It is strongly advised to report such fraudulent postings instead. By doing this, you aid in raising awareness. Together, we can stop these frauds and make the internet a safer place.



User security is seriously threatened by the increase of new scams on Facebook, especially those that pretend to download the Google Bard AI tool. Exercise caution while seeing community adverts, and refrain from downloading or installing any dubious apps if you want to keep yourself safe. Keep in mind that Google Bard AI is only accessible via the bard.google.com website.

Be on the lookout for strange advertising and remain attentive. Report any such bogus content right away if you come across it. By doing this, you play a significant part in putting an end to these criminal guys and preventing others from being the targets of their ruses. Let’s cooperate to make everyone’s online experience safer.