Citrus Flavonoids for Weight Loss | Side Effects, Benefits, and More!

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Citrus flavonoids for weight loss

We all are curious to take our weight problem and for that use different types of supplements and products such as turmeric roots, keto diets, etc. Out of them, another supplement Citrus flavonoids for weight loss used these days. Which is a new and updated supplement.

Citrus flavonoids

What are Citrus flavonoids?

Citrus flavonoids are made from citrus fruits. It is full of vitamin C. It is a natural supplement made of non-toxic ingredients. The most common use is to improve metabolism (1). this not only reduces your weight loss and improves metabolism but also helps with your proper diet and regular exercise. Recently found 60 types of citrus flavonoids

How do Citrus flavonoids help in your weight loss?

Weight gain and obesity are chronic diseases that can cause many health problems such that high blood pressure, heart disease, and some types of cancer. your weight problem occurs due to consuming more calories.

In the human body adipose tissue performs an important function, and is considered an endocrine organ which is called adipokines. When these adipose tissues are in excess in our body and our weight increase or that is also called obesity. This obesity reduces through polyphenols which are present in Citrus fruits. These Citrus polyphenols help control your obesity and reduce your weight (2). So in this way, Citrus flavonoids use for weight loss. Citrus flavonoids speed up your metabolism by controlling your sugar level. If your sugar level is normal then, your fat hormones decrease.

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Health Benefits of Citrus Flavonoids

You get lots of benefits to consume it. such as

  • It helps in your reduce weight and obesity (3).
  • Burn your calories.
  • It Improves Metabolism (4).
  • It is useful for your proper diet.
  • Help in your regular exercise.
  • It contains a large quantity of vitamin c.
  • It also helps in fighting breast and lung cancer due to its vitamins.
  • This controls your sugar level also.
  • It is helpful for the treatment of cardiovascular disease (CVD) (5).


  • It is full of vitamins C.
  • It is used in the treatment of cancer (6).
  • This abstracts from natural elements.
  • It helps in reducing your calories.
  • with the help of it, you can get a slim body structure.


  • Results and effects are slow because this is natural

How Do abstract Citrus flavonoids work?

A flavonoid is a group of natural substances. it has variable phenolic structures. these phenolic structures are found in fruits, vegetables, grains, barks, roots, stems, flowers, tea, and wine. All these are natural products that are beneficial for your health. (7)

How do add citrus flavonoids to your diet?

you can add it to your diet in a very simple way like tea and wine is the first dietary sources to add it. In Eastern and Western societies, flavonoids add like this.

Who should not consume it?

The pregnant woman can’t consume it, because it will be risky for her baby and also for herself. And other people who suffer from kidney disease should not take it for weight loss.
If they consume more than 1 g per day then it will affect kidney disease persons. it can damage his kidney.

Are side effects of it?

There are no serious side effects of it but you can suffer the common side effects like you can feel some time your heart can be slow and sometimes it can be fast. Normal headaches can occur. Your skin can be red and itching. All these common side effects occur when you consume more doses of it.

What happens when you consume too many citrus flavonoids?

Consuming too much then it gives toxic effects. High doses of flavonoids can act as pro-oxidants that can be produced free radicals. And it acts as a key enzyme involved in hormone metabolism.

According to national health and Nutrition, the average dose of citrus flavonoids is taken between 200 and 250 mg per day. Which is a good quantity of citrus flavonoids for weight loss. That will not harm your health and work without any side effects.


Citrus flavonoids are made from citrus fruits. It contains natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables which help you to lose weight and reduce your metabolism. Apart from that it also helps with other health issues such as fighting lung cancer, helps in your exercise, and CVD disease. But it will toxic when if you consume more quantity of it.