[Fact Check] Maxphone Review [Android Smartphone Scam] Price To Buy?

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MaxPhone Review is here with complete facts and information. The smartphone is widely trending in Nigeria, Israel, and Serbia right now. But before you buy this after reading its review on the internet of ads, you must read our unbiased MaxPhone Review to know whether the product is legit or a scam.

Our Verdict: Scam

Official Website: https://popularhitech.com


MaxPhone Review

Right now, we all know the thousands of brands of smartphones in the market, and a lot of expensive and a lot of budget-friendly, and a lot of cheap smartphones are available in the market.

A person with a low budget wants a good phone in a good price range, which is why many of you are here to know about this product because it offers a mid-range price. But we don’t think it is a valuable product or gives any good for its price.

With this MaxPhone Review, why do we not recommend the MaxPhone Android smartphone to anyone?

But let’s find more details about the product

What is MaxPhone all About?

MaxPhone is an Android smartphone that claims to be a budget-friendly phone. Also claims to provide a larger display and triple camera setup, and also has the dual sim option. There are some other basic features in this Android smartphone.

But we did not get anything reliable for this product, the product is offering so basic features and charges a budget-friendly and good features phone price for it. But it does not provide anything like no 4g/5g connection and other information is missing.

Let see

Which company is behind the MaxPhone Android Smartphone?

Now it’s time to check which company is selling and manufacturing this android smartphone. The product is the creation of MaxBase10 OÜ and is sold by POPULARHITECH.

An Estonia-based company that produces products like the Gaming pad PlayX Pro, and many others. The company is not reputed and not well established.

There is no strong person or company, the complete company sells its product on the POPULARHITECH website and uses affiliates to sell its product.

As we know at this time almost 99% of smartphones and available on e-commerce websites like Amazon, and other sites.

But the complete product kept every product limited to their official website. Well, there is nothing bad that the company is not selling there in other places.

But the company has very low ratings and also customers reported it as a ripoff company. Even, we have also covered a product of POPULARHITECH, Playx Pro, found scam.

Here are some Customer reviews on MaxPhone and also on POPULARHITECH from Trustpilot

MaxPhone Customer reviews on Trust pilot

The buyer is very angry about the MaxPhone and says the product is complete rubbish because he purchased 3 Maxphone Android smartphones and they found that the product features are not the same as the website says. Even the product stopped working after a couple of weeks. As per the Maxphone Customer review on Trustpilot, we also found that the customer support is not good.

You can many reviews on the company and all are saying only one thing the product is a scam.

Now we understand the company is not trustable. And the product is not recommended, but still, let’s see more information about this Android phone.

Featured claimed by MaxPhone

  • Larger display: Well, the real size of the screen is not provided on the website, but the website claimed that MaxPhone has a larger screen, no idea which quality screen is used.
  • Has FM radio and 3.55mm jack: At this time, everyone exploring high-end features of the product like good quality music works on screen quality, and this phone’s max feature is FM radio what the heck?
  • HD front camera: No camera details available, the company just said that the Maxphone is using an HD camera for a selfie but no megapixels are provided.
  • Dual sim + MicroSD: Well, it is good to see that the Maxphone offers a dual sim option with an SD card slot.

Now, these are the main features of this product which look like dummy phone features.


  • You can able to buy it easily from the official website
  • So many trends in Israel and some other countries

Now let see

Cons of the Maxphone

  • No 4g/5g connection
  • Internal memory size is missing
  • Low quality of product
  • The seller has very low ratings
  • No trusted brand is behind the product
  • The price of the Maxphone is not worth it
  • The old Android version used
  • Customers are completely unsatisfied

What about the performance of MaxPhone?

Well, to be very honest we did not use it personally, but we are sure that the MaxPhone Android smartphone performance is not good, also the customer of this product said that it is not offering good performance and stopped working after a couple of weeks.

No idea which processor to use, what is the RAM size, and even don’t know which android os version is used. It just provides featured phone features and nothing more.

What is the price of MaxPhone? And where to buy this Android phone?

Now, the price of this Android phone is around a normal budget phone which really offers a good quality product.

But this Maxphone charges the almost same price. One Maxphone price is 481 ILS in Israel, and in the USA, it is $139.

Now if you are looking for it on Amazon or any other e-commerce site then you will get nothing. The MaxPhone is only available on the official website of Popularhitech.

But we do not recommend this smartphone to anyone, it is a poor-quality product.

Is there any scam with Maxphone?

Scam Product

Maxphone is a scam product, it has nothing which is reliable. The company is unknown, and hard to say who is operating it.

Also, the customer reviews are not good, and you know the Maxphone if you have read this complete Maxphone review without any skip.

MaxPhone Review – Put it all together

From this complete MaxPhone Review, we are sure that this Android smartphone is not a wise choice for our followers, this is just a scam-type product.

MaxPhone has so many cons, as you can read above, and even nothing good we found, so be aware and avoid this type of product.