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Dr. Juan Rivera Keto Gummies Review – Weight loss keto gummies are too trendy this time, and also fake celebrity-endorsed keto gummies. So, today we got another celebrity keto scam called Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies.

What is the truth of Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies? Is there any kind of link between Dr Juan Rivera and Keto Gummies? Should I try this supplement for my weight loss or is it just another keto scam?

Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies

In this Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies Reviews blog, we will answer all these questions with facts and results and also suggests our best recommendation for the keto supplement.

So, what is Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies?

As per our findings, we saw many ads running and using Dr Juan Rivera’s name to promote keto gummies. So, Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies is a keto supplement that is promoted by some scammers by using fake ads, pages, and paid reviews.

However, keto gummies are too much in trend these days but scams are also too much in the market. A lot of poor-quality companies use celebrity name and their image without their consent to push the sale of the product.

Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies are also found same because we did not get anything that lets us believe in these keto gummies.

Keto Gummies are keto supplements that claim to help lose weight by inducing the ketosis process into the user’s body. So, Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies is also the same, and right now many poor quality brands are using his name like Bio Science Keto Gummies, Which is already a scam Shark Tank Keto Scam, and exposed our website.

Who is behind the Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies?

What is

This is the question in our all reviews who is behind the particular product it helps us to find the quality and effectiveness and customer support which is very important when we are going to buy a product.

But the poor quality and scam products never tell any single piece of information about them. So, the same thing is applied here with Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies.

There are so many products that use this term for their product like “Bio Science Keto Gummies“, “Super Health Keto Gummies” and so on, There is countless product, but no one revealed their information.

All the products company kept behind the website, which makes them easy to scam people.

But one thing is clear Dr Juan Rivera does not support these products in any way. He endorsed a brand called Santo Remedio, a focus on science-based historical remedies. Also, this publishes weight loss books and supplements, but the complete list is free from keto gummies.

So, anything that you have seen around the Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies, or Bio Science Keto Gummies Dr Juan Rivera and all are fake and he has no link with such products.

How does this Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies scam take place?

Well, you may have seen so many ads and pages around his name, but 99% of them are fake and created by scammers.

Here is what we got when we search for Dr Juan Rivera, we found so many pages which are using his name and selling keto gummies.

But all are fake and the real Dr Juan Rivera’s page is verified and has a blue tick.

Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies facebook pages

So, don’t trust any page that you found on Facebook or anywhere. Most of them will scam you by selling you a low-grade product.

One more thing, the scammers are not limited to fake pages, they run ads on social media too, but you should avoid them until they are not run by the official page.

Here is the Screenshot of the fake Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies endorsement ads:

fake Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies endorsement ads

These all ads will take you to the fake page of Despierta America Show where the Dr Juan Rivera small clip is used and a fake story for a product called keto Gummies, it can be any keto gummy like we have said before many poor quality companies are using his names such as Bio Science Keto Gummies, and many others.

Here is a screenshot of that fake page of Despierta America Show for Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies:

Despierta America Show for Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies

This page looks genuine at first, but when you notice the URL, you will know everything. The URL will tell you that the page is not real, because Despierta America Show is telecast by Univision.com, and this URL has no link with Univision and was just created to spread the fake hype of Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies to the buyers.

The last step this fake page will take you to the order page of the product, and they will take capture your sensitive information like Personal information, and there is a high chance that they will steal your credit card details too.

So, be aware of such pages, there are many cases we have seen of this type of celebrity and show scam.

But what about the Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies Reviews?

Well, there are indeed many media publishers who posted articles with the title of Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies Reviews.

But let me tell you that all those reviews are fake and sponsored posts that are done by the seller and affiliates of such poor-quality brand products.

Here we found Mid-Day post with the title of Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies Reviews, which is posted by the seller of the particular product and they pay for it to the Mid-day.

Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies paid Reviews

Even such media publishers do not check the claim and title before publishing them, which is very shameful for such news media websites.

Now we know the scam, and how this scam takes place. But what about the product are they effective or may help in weight loss? Let’s check them too.

What do Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies contain?


Well, such a product is only a keto supplement that claims to be a 100% natural supplement and uses safe ingredients.

However, such keto gummies do not share the full ingredients list, but two common ingredients we have seen, one BHB and the second ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar).

BHB: BHB is an exogenous ketone salt that is also present in our body naturally, and created when your body into the ketosis process. However, BHB is good and found effective for ketosis and supports the keto diet. But sourcing BHB from these scam products is not a good idea.

Check out a legit Keto Supplement: Keto Trim by Vitapost

ACV: ACV or Apple cider vinegar is also effective and supports appetite and increases energy level, but the same thing here, should You trust Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies to source ACV? No idea about the quality and test report for the particular product.

Know about a legit ACV Supplement: Apple Cider Vinegar Pure by VitaPost.

Are these Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies good for weight loss?

We do not think that Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies are going to help in losing weight and support ketosis, because there is nothing to believe in the claims of such keto gummies, no real satisfied customers reviews, no idea who is behind the product, and no test and 3rd party check nothing.

How much do Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies cost? And where to buy it?

The gummies cost too high to its customers; the price of Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies is normally between $59-$80 per bottle.

We do not suggest that the product is even found effective, because of the price, and also there is a risk of losing credit card details.

The products are only available on their website which is not accessible normally by searching on Google. Such product sellers keep them hidden from everyone, and after some time when people found they are not effective they instinct like they never exist, and again come up with new product names.

What is our best suggestion to our readers?

Stay away from such products, and suggest consulting a professional for your weight loss issue and following a healthy diet and routine.

It is good to follow the keto diet for ketosis, you can try Keto Cycle App for it. An app that can provide you with a good diet plan as per your needs and results.



Now we know everything about the Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies like, it is a Scam and nothing. The prices of the product, and how they actually operate the full scam. So, it is very crucial to understand that you should not believe anything that you see on the internet.

Dr Juan Rivera Keto Gummies is just a fake thing that is spread by scammers to push the sale of their product and make money in a very short time.

We always recommend doing full research and analysis before buying any product and cross-checking them. The last thing we want to say is that you should be very careful at this time like we always said be aware and avoid scammers.

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