Shark Tank Keto SCAM | Keto Diet Pills on “Shark Tank Episodes Truth”

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For a very long time we have been providing information about SCAM products, now today we will talk about Shark Tank Keto Scam. The Shark Tank is an American TV show and is a franchise of the International Format Dragon’s Den.

Shark Tank Keto Scam page

So, what is the scam behind this show, well, I must say this is one of the biggest scams in the supplement industry. this Shark Tank Keto Diet Scam will tell you all the facts and the truth. So, don’t skip if you want to be safe from these scams.

Shark Tank TV Show Introduction

From Wikipedia, we have found that this TV show premiered on 9th August 2009 for the First time on ABC. There is some panel of investors who are also known as “Sharks“, who decide to invest in the idea or not as Entrepreneurs.

In simple words, they provide funds for new ideas that are brought by the contestants. There are many Sharks like; Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, and more you can read all that on Wikipedia easily,

Here we are talking about the “Shark Tank Keto Diet Pills Scam“. So, let’s see about it…

Many people asked about the relationship between Keto Pills and Shark Tank Tv Show. Because due to this fake advertisement, many supplements have done scams with people by selling them an unknown product at a very high price. As we know Scam Legit is a place where you recognize the product, and differentiate them into the Scam and Legit product categories.

So, this is also our duty to provide the details about big bull**t which has been happening in the market for 2-3 years.

Let’s take a quick view of the Shark Tank Show and its Episodes

As we have already disclosed above that Shark Tank is a TV program come on ABC. The show is all about providing an investment platform empowering business visionaries to pitch significant speculators for a stake in their organization and thoughts that can go about as an impetus for their business movement.

The Show did this and has been a large number of organizations and brands who were allowed the chance to introduce their items and administrations. But just one keto diet brand has ever shown at their show.

To find the complete truth the Scam Legit team figured out how to confirm the righteousness of this analysis. however, doesn’t able to say why so numerous keto diet pills are claiming to be highlighted and picked on the Shark Tank show.

As the 2021 New Year’s goal commences, we should do a complete review of how these phony publication advertisements including ‘Shark Tank Keto diet pills’ happen, and how to evade them and get a good deal on legitimate items.

A Brief View:

  • A couple of Shark Tank’s business head honchos have been focused on fake commercials for Keto diet pills items that have never shown up on the show.
  • Even Lori Grenier and Mark Cuban have straightforwardly engaged people, in general, to try not to fall prey to these scams.
  • The bitter truth is that the Keto-related items have seldom ever shown up on the ABC program, and Grenier stated that she has “never done a Keto or diet item, ever.”
  • There was just one keto product that had come to this show in 2018, the Nui Keto Cookies that’s it as per CNBC.
  • To the time, January 2021, the keto weight loss diet pills have never been featured on Shark Tank TV Episodes.

When these all things started with Shark Tank?

In the health supplement industry, makers of these diet supplements will utilize pretty much every promoting tactic. They’ll guarantee huge outcomes, however, the outcomes will be just that huge in outrageous cases. They’ll guarantee that shoppers won’t need to check calories, yet then they should tally sugars.

Most likely expressing that an entire network show supported their item is on the rundown of things that an eating routine enhancement organization could never set out to do. Or on the other hand, right?

On the off chance that that is the situation, what is new with these other ketogenic diets related enhancements that brag a similar advantage? Numerous who contacted Scam Legit said the notices were loaded up with features, for example, Weight reduction Pill That Naturally Burns Fat Gets Biggest Deal in Shark Tank History and will be loaded up with pictures of past competitors like ‘Anna and Samantha Martin’ and shocking this is that they had literally no connection with ketogenic diet items when they visited the TV show here.

But, you can still find N number advertisements available on the Google AdWords stage even all over Facebook online media network, and try to sell a wide assortment of keto diet pills with various names, and logos like Purefit Keto, Vidagenex Keto, One-Shot Keto, and a lot of more others. But these all retreat to utilizing similar promoting tricks and strategies. Even we have already covered a product on Scam Legit.


Tragically, this untruth doesn’t appear to be off the table for many organizations. Truth be told, there’s even an organization that calls itself Shark Tank Keto, which tops off online indexed lists with paid promotions for ketogenic diet pill supplements that have no real association with the Mark Cuban-made Shark Tank.

Nonetheless, dislike for these promotions sprung up out of the blue. Truth be told, they can explicitly be followed back to a scene of Shark Tank in 2018. Here is an image exhibiting the developing quest interest on Google for keto and Shark Tank as a substance (which they never were).

During the scene, an organization called Keto Fit and Honest Keto Diet type expressed that their dietary enhancement could assist purchasers with arriving at a condition of characteristic ketosis without following a strict ketogenic diet.

Well, Ketosis is a metabolic state of the body, and it happens when it can’t get energy from carbs, and use fat as an energy source for the body. This is the reason it is also known as Low Carb High-fat Diet.

Essentially, Honest Keto Diet was also using these tactics to push their pill that powers the body to get more fit without doing anything for it. So, it isn’t actually a secret concerning why it picked up notoriety. Here is a representation anybody can go lead through Google internet search by composing in anything identified with keto and Shark Tank and will get comparable outcomes:


Due to the popularity of this show, many products used their show pic and edit them to sell their supplements even skincare items, and male enhancement too.

PureFit Keto, honest keto, and Keto Fit become so popular by using fake landing pages, where they put some images from the shark tank show. Show the innocent customers that, the product is backed by the Shark Tank Show, and Invested by the “Sharks”.

All the products are using the same theme same image and even the same reviews for their product. Claims to suppress the appetite, and give you a ketosis state. But in reality, most of the products just use Caffeine and the same ingredients to give a fake illusion of weight loss and energy.

There is a very less legit keto supplement, While the ketogenic diet was one of the top moving diet routine projects of 2019-20, and Shark Tank was watching a lot. But in reality, there are no links or investments in these keto diets by “Shark”.

Numerous Fake Keto Celebrity Endorsements Emerge

To be completely clear, there is no keto present in the business that has been embraced by Shark Tankeven Honest Keto Diet or Purefit Keto. Notwithstanding, there is another organization that appears to have made it to the little screen – Nui. Nui was highlighted in November 2018, during the exact month that Honest Keto Diet sprung up. Nui offers low-sugar, high-fat cookies, for the keto diet.

These organizations haven’t only asserted that they were not only on the hit ABC Shark Tank show; they have additionally said that promoted by Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen. But through Twitter, she cleared that she requested the removal of her name from the keto fit website.

Not only Chrissy Teigen but also Demi Lovato and Jameela Jamil, who also did this, urged their fans not to take diet pills or attempt to waste their money.

About another keto brand scam PureFit Keto Shark Tank –

Fake commercials and Ads for “Shark Tank Keto pills” have even grabbed the attention of the Better Business Bureau, as authorities found that one item utilized pictures “taken from a different Shark Tank episode that doesn’t make reference to PureFit KETO. “A few promotions have even gone as far as to control pictures of Lori Greiner.

How inescapable are these commercials and fakes, you may ponder? They’re large a sufficient issue for Grenier to speak to her online media supporters to request that they quit purchasing any items related to the Keto diet claiming to have her underwriting. Even she has to take the support of Dr. Oz Show to address the keto scam unequivocally and close by a Federal Bureau of Investigation cybersecurity specialist including Dr. Oz himself, who has been the wellspring of a couple of phony promotions also.

“The fake keto advertisement company take our pictures and they Photoshop our item into their hands, and they try to give the look of endorsement or are behind these items, however, they are not,” Grenier said in a video presented on her Twitter account. “I have never done a Keto or diet item, ever.”

If you found any Keto diet supplement featured on the Shark Tank show, it presumably hasn’t actually shown up on the show or acquired any support. These are just used to make a commission from selling keto products. They get a huge commission like $35-100 CPA (Cost Per Action) through many affiliate companies like Maxbounty and others.

Shark Tank Keto Scam Last Verdict: Buyer Beware Avoid Scammer.

From all these things that we have found from our thorough and deep research, we can say that our tagline fits here “Be Aware, Avoid Scammer”.

Snopes also clears many things, Many organizations claim to be on the Shark Tank show “keto supplement”, however, there’s just one organization that can claim that they were highlighted on that show “Nui Keto Cockies“, but they didn’t even feature or recognize any keto diet pill.

Tragically, there are no real weight loss keto supplements on Shark Tank in any episodes. So, don’t fall into that type of scam, and try a legit weight loss supplement for you must consult a doctor for the best solution for fat loss.

Scam Legit will keep exploring and try to share the best information about products. This year we all try to be on the safe side, and also a happy new year to all. Be aware, and avoid scammers.