Dr. Oz Weight Loss Gummies Scam EXPOSED – Did Dr. Oz endorse Keto ACV Gummies?

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Many posts on social media fake CNN, Times, and top media publishing pages, and many Reviews reported that Dr. Oz endorsed Weight Loss Gummies. Also, many Dr. Oz keto Weight Loss Gummies reviews are floating on the internet.

Our Verdict: Scam

Dr. Oz

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Right now, we have come across the Dr. Oz Weight Loss Gummies. A very trending term for Google and on social media these days. After the Oprah Winfrey Keto Weight Loss Gummies celebrity scam, we found this one. So, is there any Keto weight loss gummy that is endorsed by Dr oz or Dr. Mehmet Oz? Should I try them for weight loss? And Should I trust the claims?

In this Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies blog, we will answer all these questions, and also our recommendations for our followers.

So, let’s get started

Dr. Oz Weight Loss Gummies

Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies

We have seen so many keto weight loss products that claim that Dr Oz endorsed Weight Loss Gummies. A few of them that we have seen on Dr oz’s weight loss gummies pages are Rapid Results Keto, RetroFit Keto + ACV Gummies, Pro Burn Keto ACV Gummies, and all.

There are countless numbers of Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies pages, that claims that the product is endorsed by Dr Oz.

However, some of the product websites are not accessible or disappeared, we have seen so many pages where Dr Oz and other Trisha Yearwood fake endorsements are made.

It is not limited to the Celebrity name, there are many shows on the target of scammers, like Shark Tank, and Dragons Den.

So, what is actually Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies?

If we talk about the product, the Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies are Keto and ACV gummies that claim to help in losing weight and provide quick results.

The gummies claim to start the ketosis process in the user’s body and help to burn off the fat cells for energy without any diet and exercise.

The product comes in gummies and looks appealing and attractive, but they are nothing more than a scam. So, even if the product looks good, you should do more research before believing in them.

Who is behind the Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies?

What is

First of all, there is NO hand of Dr. Mehmet Oz for these keto weight loss gummies. The product is sold by unknown brands and you can’t find them after a time.

We saw many products like this before and were exposed on our website too. These types of products do not reveal the seller’s information and keep them behind the website.

All Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies products are limited to the website, where they do so high claims without any proof and evidence, and do not share anything about them.

Even some users who bought and fell into this scam say that they are not able to contact the customer support of the product. So, you can’t find them easily on the Internet. Even disappeared after some time and looks like they never existed.

What are the claims made by Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies?

Well, these all gummies claim the same things:

  • Start ketosis process
  • Burn off fat cells
  • Increase energy level
  • Help to lose weight without any help

These are the common health claims that you can easily see on the landing pages. But we can not believe in the claims. Because the products are not tested and verified by any authority or 3rd party. Even you can not find any real customer reviews (Except Paid and Biased Reviews).

What do Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies contain?

We are not sure what are ingredients actually used in the Dr. Oz Weight Loss Gummies, because there is no single product that is using the Dr Oz fake endorsement page to do this.

These product claims to use Keto BHB, sometimes ACV and Keto BHB, and sometimes others. But we can not sure of the ingredient’s quality because the so-called Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies do not share the ingredient full list or any test and quality check for their product, which is obvious to expect from scam-type products.

However, BHB and ACV are good for weight loss, and support the ketosis state, but we recommend selecting the product wisely. You should do good research before believing or buying any supplement. If you ask us then we have KetoCharge for BHB, and Apple Cider Vinegar Pure by VitaPost.

How Do Dr. Oz Weight Loss Gummies Work?

All type of keto weight loss gummies claims to work the same as others. We have seen so many keto acv gummies websites, and all are using the same landing page, the same customer review, and even the same price.

So, the working function is also the same, all these scam products claim that they can help to initiate the ketosis process by providing BHB, and ACV and help to lose weight.

However, the ketosis process is an effective weight loss process, but believing in non-recognized, unknown brands who are using fake celebrity endorsement pages for ketosis is not a good idea. Instead of this, we suggest following a keto diet for it or consulting a professional.

But still, if you want to try keto supplements then you can go for KetoCharge, a legit keto formula for ketosis.

Will Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies cause side effects?

Side effects

There is a high chance for it because the product has no authenticity, no idea who is behind all these weight loss gummies, and what are the real ingredients quality.

There are high chances that these so-called Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies may use low-quality ingredients, and may cause unknown side effects.

We must suggest doing more research and consulting a professional before using any supplement.

How much does Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies cost? And where to buy it?

As we know that these types of products are a scam, and it is obvious to say that these Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies are going to charge you a high price for their low-quality products.

Mostly Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies cost around $59-$69 for each bottle. And you can buy these supplements only on their official website. But we found that these products are not only limited to the high price, some victims of this scam face card-skimming scams.

So, this becomes very important to avoid such products, and even you should not visit those scam sites. They collect your personal information and then retarget you.

So, is Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies a scam?

Scam Product

Yes, these all are scams and nothing, there are No Weight loss gummies that are endorsed by Dr Oz or any celebrity for such products [Snopes]. These all just use fake Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Shark Tank, and all pages to create this rumor that these products are endorsed by celebrities.

These all products do only one thing, create fake hype in the market with fake endorsement pages. Due to this, innocent people fall into their scam and then the unknown brand sells their low-quality product at a high price and saves you sensitive data.

But what about those Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies Reviews on other websites?

The thing is very simple and clear, all the Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies Reviews and other celebrity and shows reviews are fake and paid.

All the reviews on such sites are 100% biased and provide zero value to the readers, because we saw that those reviews are doing nothing but promoting that’s it.

Poor media publisher OutlookIndia and many other such websites publish anything in the sponsored post. Even they do not check the post before publishing such fake reviews. Here is the screenshot of a Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies post on OutlookIndia.com

Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies Review on OutlookIndia

But how does Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies scam take place?

Well, there are some steps that we have seen in these types of fake celebrity weight loss endorsement scams. But it all started with fake paid ads on social media, sometime you will see reviews for Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies and all on many websites, which are also paid and fake.

celebrity Oprah Winfrey Fake facebook ads for weight loss gummies

Next, when you click on those ads and paid reviews, you will reach a fake copy of Fox News, CNN, ABC, or other top magazine websites. These were created to force you to believe in such claims and start believing that Dr Oz or any other celebrity and show endorsed that particular product.

Dr Oz and Dr Phil fake page

Fake Fox News Keto Weight Loss Page

Pro Burn Keto ACV Gummies was on Shark Tank fake page

Now when you click on the links, you will jump to the order page, where most of you enter your personal and credit card details, and without letting know then they enroll them in an auto-shipment program and recurring charges per month.

So, we suggest avoiding these all such products, you must stay away from the order page because you don’t know how they are going to target you.

Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies Review Conclusion

Now let’s end this Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies scam exposing blog, we say to all our followers that you must skip these types of fake and paid ads, and paid reviews.

Scammers are doing it very sharply to do fake celebrity endorsement scams, create paid ads, and make fake CNN, ABC, TimeMagzine, and all pages. But you must check the URL of that particular page before you start believing in such pages.

This complete blog proves that Dr Oz Weight Loss Gummies is nothing more than a scam. You should not believe anything that you find on the internet.

To be updated with these types of scams, you can follow us on Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.