Gold Coast Keto Gummies Australia Reviews Maggie Beer 2023 [Scam Revealed]

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People who have been able to see this product advertised on the internet by using the name of a known face Maggie Beer, An Australian chef, and food author, and perhaps slightly awed and are planning to make a purchase may want to wait for a bit longer to go through this Gold Coast Keto Gummies Australia Reviews. While it appears to be a promising product, however, if the information we have about the product is any indication it won’t deliver the results you’re expecting. Also if you are thinking that Gold Coast Keto Gummies is a Maggie Beer Keto Gummies, then you must read this complete review without any delay.

Our Verdict: Scam

Gold Coast Keto Gummies Australia

So, let’s get started with our Gold Coast Keto Gummies Australia Reviews: Is this Maggie Beer Keto Gummy a scam?

What are Gold Coast Keto Gummies?

This bear gummy is a weight loss supplement that is made in Australia, and a lot of people are looking for this supplement. The supplement Gold Coast Keto Gummies claims that it can start the ketosis process in the user same as other keto gummies claims such as Apple Keto Gummies and Total Health ACV Keto Gummies.

Nothing different we found in this supplement, however, the Gold Coast Keto Gummies claims that they are using 100% natural ingredients and are free from side effects, but we are not sure about it, because it is the same as other keto scam products present into the market.

If we leave the product information like what it is, there is also a very big confusion that the Gold Coast Keto Gummies is the product of Maggie Beer. But before you believe in it, let me share the truth.

But before that let’s find out who is behind this product

Who is behind these Australia Gold Coast Keto Gummies?

The creator of this formula is an unidentified business. They’ve kept vital details of their business operations secret. We know they have an online store that sells their products. But apart from some very basic details, we did not get any information.

After a lot of research on Gold Coast Keto Gummies, we found that this is the product that is only present in Australia and New Zealand.

If we talk about the contact information of this product then that is also incomplete, there is only a phone number and email, and no physical location details are shared…

Phone :

Australia : (02) 8069 0109

New Zealand : (02) 8069 0109

Email: [email protected]

Note: This type of product’s customer support is too bad, and does not solve your query.

Now, we know that there is no good and known company behind this Gold Coast Keto Gummies, but

What about Gold Coast Keto Gummies and Maggie Beer?

Maggie Beer

Before we understand this Gold Coast Keto Gummies and Maggie Beer, let us know about the Maggie Beer.

Maggie Beer is an Australian chef, food author, restaurateur, and food manufacturer. She is also a judge on a show name “The Great Australian Bake Off” alongside Matt Moran and is also a regular guest on MasterChef Australia.

Now let’s come to the point

Well, the term “Gold Coast Keto Gummies Maggie Beer” is searched by a lot of people on Google. The unexpected thing is that people are getting results with this term on Google and can see many Gold Coast Keto Gummies Australia Reviews under the name of Maggie Beer on many top news sites.

But if you see the post carefully, you will find that the post is posted under a sponsored post, and anyone can post that article by giving a small payment to the website owner.

So, don’t get confused by reading the Gold Coast Keto Gummies Maggie Beer Reviews on that sites, because they all are fake and paid.

Maggie Beer is not linked with any keto gummies in any way, there is no press release or any post from the Maggie Beer official website.

So, the complete claim that the Maggie Beer Gummies are present in the market is fake hype and the same thing applied to Gold Coast Keto Gummies.

Gold Coast Keto Gummies Claims:

  • Ketosis may start after using it
  • Increases mental sharpness
  • Improves metabolic rate
  • Contains 100% natural ingredients
  • It’s safe and promises speedy results

These above points are the common claims of this product, even others. But we are not sure that these claims are valid because 99% of Gold Coast Keto Gummies Australia Reviews are paid, and hard to find real customer reviews. You may find some reviews on the official website but keep reading this review till the end we will clear up everything about it.

Now let’s see…

What are the ingredients present in Gold Coast Keto Gummies?

In terms of ingredients, there’s nothing to be thrilled about. While a number of famous herbs and plants were mentioned are so common. The worst part about this supplement is that there is no complete ingredients list available on the official website.

There is only one ingredient and that is BHB and nothing, however, BHB is a good ingredient but it is important to check the quality, and we can’t say anything about the Gold Coast Keto Gummies BHB quality, however, if you want to try BHB keto supplement then we have a product called Keto Trim a good and effective product and also 3rd party tasted, you can check Keto Trim for you.

How Does Gold Coast Keto Gummies claim to work?

It’s difficult to be certain about this, but it’s claimed to function through the body, as it assists in shedding those extra fats. According to some reports, due to its main ingredient the BHB, it triggers ketosis. There will be an increase in metabolism and energy levels as your body progresses. The massive fat deposits that accumulate in the abdomen are eventually released as energy and lead to weight loss.

But this claim is made by the company, and there is no evidence we got that can say that the product actually works as it claims.


  • It is easily available in Australia and New Zealand
  • It is easy to buy and place an order.


  • The seller is not trustable
  • A fake rumor like Maggie Beer Gummy hype linked with this
  • It may cause adverse unwanted side effects.
  • It is impossible to know the time it began working.
  • The price of this product is also high
  • It’s only available online.
  • Most of the reviews present on the internet are fake and paid.
  • Not as inexpensive as it is claimed.
  • There is a subscription on the purchase of the product.

Now let’s come to the next thing which is

Gold Coast Keto Gummies Customer Reviews and Results

If you’re sincere, no matter the determination you have to shed the extra pounds, you’ll never achieve the results you’re expecting. This recipe is bogus and won’t aid you in losing the weight you’d like to lose.

If we talk about the reviews and testimonials present on the Gold Coast Keto Gummies’ official website, then we are 100% sure that the Gold Coast Keto Gummies Australia Reviews are fake and completely fictional.

Below I have shared one testimonial from Gold Coast Keto Gummies’ official website, and the same testimonial is used on the different keto products.

Gold Coast Keto Gummies Customer Reviews

Now Let’s see Apple Keto Gummies Official Website Testimonials

Apple Keto Gummies Official Website Testimonials

As you can see both are the same and nothing different between the reviews, the seller of Gold Coast Keto Gummies only changed the product name that’s it. So, don’t trust the results and reviews present on the official website of this product.

Where to buy Gold Coast Keto Gummies in Australia? Is this available on Chemist Warehouse?

It’s only accessible on the internet. If you wish to purchase Gold Coast Keto Gummies now, first visit the product’s official website, and place your order there.

But if you are searching Gold Coast Keto Gummies on Chemist Warehouse, then you are wasting your time. Because it is not present there. Chemist Warehouse is an Australian shopping website, where most of the products are listed. But this is not present there.

Now we know where it is available for sale, now let’s find the price of this scam product.

What is the price of Gold Coast Keto Gummies in Australia?

Now let’s see the price of this new and unknown keto gummy. Well, as we have said in the cons section the product price of high. So, it is possible that you will not like the price. According to the official website, one single bottle of Gold Coast Keto Gummies cost $105 AUD, which is too high. There is a better alternative present at a much better price.

Gold Coast Keto Gummies Alternatives

#1 Keto Trim (Our Most Recommended Product)

Keto Trim

Keto Trim BHB

Our Most Recommended Keto Product

  • Made by a well-known brand
  • There is no Scam with it
  • It is pocket friendly
  • The results are good and effective
  • No side effects are reported yet
  • The price is very effective only $29 per bottle

Keto Trim is a weight loss pill which is made by a good company Vita Balance, now also known as Vitacost. The company is situated in the USA and all the products are tested and GMP-certified. The best part is that there is no scam with it, and it also comes at a pocket-friendly price.

Try Keto Trim NOW

#2 Ikaria Lean Belly Juice

Ikaria Lean Belly Juice


  •  There is no Scam with it
  • The Reviews are good and effective
  • No side effects are reported yet
  • The price is very effective only $49 per bottle
  • It is tasty because it is a juice powder

This is not a pill, but a very effective weight loss gummy, and you can try this supplement also for your obesity. This is a type of juice and the taste is good so you can also try it if you don’t want to take gummy or pills.

Try Ikaria Lean Belly Juice

#3 Exipure



  •  Thousand of satisfied users
  • So many customer reviews present on the internet
  • There is no scam with it if you buy it from the official website
  • It is also a cost-effective product
  • It is easy to use.

Exipure is a pill and very famous pill in US and Canada and is used by thousands of people, you can also try this out, because it is also free from a scam, and comes at a good price.

Try Exipure

Is there any Scam with Gold Coast Keto Gummies?

Scam Product

This is a huge Scam, and we will be sincere with you. This is why we advise you not to be fooled by fake web ads because you’ll regret it in the future. That’s why you will not get the value you pay for with this method. The complete product is sold by an unknown company that charges you a high cost for their product for no reason. Also, there is an auto subscription that cost you every month let me clear that there are so many auto billing scams floating on the internet.

Now there is also a scam with the line “Gold Coast Keto Gummies Maggie Beer”. So, be aware and avoid scams, Instead of this unknown and scam product try our recommended product.

What about the Gold Coast Keto Gummies’ side effects?

Before using this weight-loss product, be aware of the potential negative consequences. The effects could get exaggerated that you require medical attention. Because the Gold Coast Keto Gummies is completely unknown and hard to say whether this product is using the natural ingredient or not because there is no 3rd party test report and also no trials took place for it.

Also, all the Gold Coast Keto Gummies reviews on other sites are paid and fake, so there are high chances of side effects.

Gold Coast Keto Gummies Australia NZ Reviews – Final Verdict

After everything we’ve discussed in the previous points, my final bit of advice is that you should go for a better option and consult a professional, not risk your health to buy poor quality weight-loss products from the internet. These gummies are among the online products that should not be relied upon.