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Lifestyle Keto Reviews [2022 SCAM] | ALERT (Customer Report) & Cost

by Prity Kumari

Welcome to my Lifestyle Keto Customer Reviews blog, here we will disclose everything about the Lifestyle Keto, like should you buy it? What other customer experience and is that any Lifestyle Keto Scam? Everything will cover in this review.

First of all, let me introduce myself, I am jerry from the Scamlegit team, and a full-time health and wellness product reviewer and blogger. In several past years, a lot of scams are taking place in the health and wellness industry. So, in good faith, I came here to help others to know all about a scam or provide real details of the product.

So, let’s start, with obesity being a big issue, and due to this, almost 40-50% of people are facing issues. Yes, and this is just the data of the USA. We know that obesity leads to a lot of health issues, and does not let your look fit and attractive and this is why people want to lose their excess weight.

In the journey of weight loss, a lot of people opt for many things, and many of them are obsessed with it, and they try anything for weight loss.

So, many companies take to leverage this demand to try anything and sell anything with huge claims. One of them is Lifestyle Keto, yes you heard right. To know why to read this complete Lifestyle Keto Reviews blog.

So, what is Lifestyle Keto?

Lifestyle Keto

MUST see before buying Lifestyle Keto Customer Reviews of Official Website

Normally we can say it is just another keto supplement that claims to provide ketosis and make you slim and fit without any diet and exercise. The Lifestyle Keto is a dietary supplement made for keto help, the product claims that they have used 100% natural ingredients.

Lifestyle Keto is getting huge demand in the market, and people are buying this, but the Lifestyle Keto Customer reviews are bad as we found from our support.

A lot of people are complaining about it and saying that this is a Scam.

So, who is behind this Lifestyle Keto Dietary Supplement?

To be very honest this is a product of 10Sixty, LLC, I can bet you can’t get any information about it, even though there is no official website located.

The company is fully online-based, and low physical presence. We search many times about the seller of this product, but nothing much came into our hands.

Even we went through a review that says this product is amazing and great for weight loss. But when we click on the official website, it landed us on a different product, which looks the same as LifeStyle Keto.

Also, all the reviews of this product are paid as we found in the tag of the post on this product on different sites.

We found a return address only:

Return Address

  • Address: 10Sixty, LLC – PO Box 15911, Tampa FL 33684

You can also locate it because all are published in sponsored or promo content tags. This makes sense that the LifeStyle Keto Reviews or LifeStyle Keto Customer Reviews on that site are paid, maybe fake, and used for promotion that’s it.

But, let’s see more about it,

So, what ingredients are present in LifeStyle Keto Pills?

Well, this is also a very big secret about this product, because the official seller is missing and the same with its ingredients.

The LifeStyle Keto ingredient list is also missing, as per their other sites, and its page where you can state that this supplement has BHB.

BHB is a known ingredient for ketosis, and that is why the LifeStyle Keto seller features the BHB on its official website.

For real, there is no list provided by the seller of LifeStyle Keto, so, we can’t say there is BHB in it, or something else.

There is a high chance that the supplement is using chemicals and synthetics.

Check the Latest Price of LifeStyle Keto on Official Website

So, how does this new LifeStyle Keto work?

The focus of this supplement is on Ketosis, also its name indicates that the supplement work on the ketosis principle.

LifeStyle Keto claims that it can start ketosis in the user’s body by increasing the natural ketone bodies present in the body.

Help to start the fat-burning process, and suppress the appetite too. In addition, boost cognitive function.

Ketosis is a well-known fat-burning process, where the body uses fat cells to generate ketones to use as an energy source instead of carbs.

Read the full article on Keto Diet.

But LifeStyle Keto is unknown, so we can’t say that the product really works as its claims. Also, the user and real customers who have bought it just because of its huge marketing on the internet say that the product did not work for them as they have claimed.


  • LifeStyle Keto can be excess online
  • The packaging of the product is attractive


  • First of all, the product is new
  • The seller of the product is missing
  • Ingredients are hidden and not shared
  • No physical presence we have found
  • All the reviews of LifeStyle Keto are paid and fake
  • The price of the product is high
  • No trials and tests took place
  • Read Customers are unsatisfied with it
  • It is not a Shark Tank product

What about the LifeStyle Keto customer reviews that we have found?

Paul L. Hood/40 years: Complete scam, LifeStyle Keto is a scam or nothing. My wife purchased it, but the product did not work, and also, she paid a high price for it.

Carmen T. Harvey/30 years: Never suggest this product to anyone, it did not work for me, and also, I file a report for a refund, and customer support is bad.

LifeStyle Keto Expected results

While LifeStyle Keto claims to provide the most positive health effects, it’s possible to find out that they aren’t quite as good as it claims to be. You shouldn’t expect to get any results that are tangible from Thyme. Simply because there aren’t any genuine reviews, nor are they third-party-tested.

There’s a slim possibility of a positive outcome however, one thing I will say is that this product will cost you too much. Don’t look for where to buy LifeStyle Keto. Find the most suitable alternative in order to stay clear of fake hypes such as LifeStyle Keto.

Where to buy LifeStyle Keto Pills?

You may be interested in this product and may want to buy it. But if you think you can buy it from Amazon, Walmart, or any other such place then you can’t get it. The seller of LifeStyle Keto makes it available for sale only on its official website.

So, you can only able to buy it from the official website, but as we said that the official website is missing, you can only able to see a sales page, where you can put your order.

What is the price of LifeStyle Keto?

If we talk about the price of the LifeStyle Keto, then most of our readers will completely avoid this. The price of this product is too high and charges a high price from its customers.

The price of LifeStyle Keto for one bottle is $59.75;

Is LifeStyle Keto a SCAM?

Yes, it is LifeStyle Keto Scam. The reason is very simple,

  • No legit seller is found.
  • All the reviews present on the internet are fake or paid.
  • The official website is not sharing information about the test.
  • Also, no ingredients are defined by the LifeStyle Keto Scam

So, there are many other points that say LifeStyle Keto is a scam. So please avoid it, instead of trying a legit and more affordable product like Keto Trim.

Possible Side effects?

We don’t know who made this, we don’t know who made this, and even don’t know what is the composition. So, we can’t say this product is safe, the product may cause side effects.

There are some common side effects of the keto diet;

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Irritability
  • Dizziness

Apart from this, there are high chances of other side effects too from LifeStyle Keto pills.


I know you all may want to try this supplement, and that’s why you are here. But as we have found the details of LifeStyle Keto and some real customer reviews, we do not suggest it to anyone.

The LifeStyle Keto is a keto product, but there are some other good alternatives are present in the market such as Keto Trim BHB.

Also, the LifeStyle Keto Shark Tank is a fake line, so don’t fall into this scam. There is nothing that makes this product legit and worth buying.


Here are some FAQs asked by the potential buyers of LifeStyle Keto pills

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