Quantum AI Elon Musk Review 2023: [Scam EXPOSED with Facts]

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and finance, new innovations are constantly emerging, promising revolutionary changes to the way we live and invest. Quantum AI, a crypto trading app, has recently garnered attention for its bold claims and alleged use of a fake Elon Musk video and audio, presenting Quantum AI as an endorsed product. In this Review, we delve deep into the world of Quantum AI, examining its origins, the controversy surrounding it, and our opinion on the Quantum AI Crypto trading app whether it is legit or a scam.

  • Platform name: Quantum AI
  • Minimum deposit: £250
  • Our Verdict: Scam
Quantum AI Elon Musk Review

Quantum AI Elon Musk Review

Right now, a lot of ads running around Quantum AI, and the ads are using a video from FoxNews and a video featuring Elon Musk who is talking about his new product called Quantum AI a crypto trading app that may help you to make money easily also the Elon Musk is saying that you can earn $2000, but how?

So, is this true that Quantum AI is a revolution and an innovation of Tesla and Elon Musk or a scam? To know all the facts and truth, you need to read this full Quantum AI Elon Musk Review without any skip.

So, let’s get started…

Before we dive into the fact of Elon Musk Video and Unknown crypto trading app, let’s see a little bit about the app.

What is Quantum AI?

A new smart trading platform based on artificial intelligence and quantum computing for trading digital goods & assets.

As per the websites and its paid reviews, Quantum AI is a crypto trading platform that helps to make money with trading based on AI which means automated. This app and platform claim that it uses the latest technologies and strategy customization and provides security and safety.

How does Quantum AI work?

As per the so-called websites of this AI-based crypto trading app, Quantum AI uses Quantum computing and artificial intelligence and helps to analyze financial data and predict market trends. Also, the website and reviews claimed that the app uses machine learning to provide the best predictions based on past performance, news, and other factors. With this technology, traders can able to make good decisions and potentially earn more money.

But in reality, we did not get the actual information for this app’s functioning even, though unverified claims are made by the website and reviews.

Now that we have some information about this platform, it’s time to find the truth behind the Quantum AI Elon Musk scam.

What is all about the Quantum AI Elon Musk Scam?

Well, this is a fake rumor that is spreading by scammers and affiliates. Quantum AI Elon Musk crypto trading app ad is floating on the internet and spreading through Facebook and Instagram ads.

The ads used an image and video of Elon Musk and used fake Audio showcasing Quantum AI as Elon Musk’s new project for cryptocurrency investment.

But in reality, there is no connection between Quantum AI and Elon Musk, this complete hype and fake video is created by the scammers and affiliates.

But the full video is edited and used the AI voice of Elon Musk to make it more real, so the innocent people got trapped in their fake ads and signed up for an unknown crypto trading app.

Used clips in the Ads are from different sources they also used Google Quantum AI footage from YouTube like here.

Quantum AI Elon Musk Footage in ads

Here is the Google Quantum AI Footage that is used in this Ad:

In this fake FoxNews Quantum AI Elon Musk endorsement video, a lot of fake things claim that you can earn $2000 easily.

There is only one thing AI in this full Quantum AI Elon Musk Scam and that is the Elon Musk AI generated audio and video.

Here are the original videos that we found on FoxNews with Elon Musk:

In this video, he is talking about AI, not about any trading app like Quantum AI, but the scammers did a great job with video editing and also with Audio and completely changed the context of this video for their own benefit.

Experts with Quantum AI Elon Musk Endorsement Video

A Financial journalist and broadcaster called Martin Lewis, whose name is also used in this Quantum AI Elon Musk Scam. He does not advertise or support investments and trading platforms.

Also, He told to the BBC “These people are trying to pervert and destroy my reputation in order to steal money from vulnerable people,”

So how does this Quantum AI Elon Musk Scam take place?

So, let’s expose the full Quantum AI Elon Musk Scam…

The scam is using 5 stages to complete the scam

  1. Fake Facebook and Instagram ads for Quantum AI with Elon Musk video
  2. Made fake Foxnews landing page and Form
  3. Using Quantum AI paid reviews to hide real customer reviews from Google
  4. Promising unverified claims
  5. Sign up for an unknown platform.

So, let’s expose each stage of this Quantum AI Elon Musk Scam with facts and proofs…

1. Ads on Facebook and Instagram for Quantum AI with Elon Musk

Yes, this is true that there are so many ads running on Facebook and Instagram. One more thing there are so many publishers for the same ad, which means there is not one person, there are a lot of scammers and affiliates doing this.

Here is the Screenshot that we found on the Meta ads library for the Quantum AI Elon Musk:

Quantum AI with Elon Musk Facebook ads

These all are using the same video of FoxNews and manipulating the folks to believe in Quantum AI. But as we have said this video is fake and made by scammers with AI, Most people can’t detect the scam.

If there are pros to AI then there are cons too, and the same thing happened with Quantum AI Elon Musk, scammers, and affiliates started using it to practice unethical things.

2. Fake Form and Landing page

So, if you believe in the above ad, and click on the Quantum AI Elon Musk ad, it will take you to the fake landing page, or Facebook form where they ask you for personal details.

Quantum AI Elon Musk Facebook Form Scam

The fake landing page makes Quantum AI Elon Musk’s ad more real, so you can get trapped easily in their ad.

3. Paid Quantum AI Reviews

Yes, throughout the research we also found that the Quantum AI ads are not limited to the Ads, the scammers, and affiliates also use paid reviews for it.

Here is the Screenshot of multiple reviews posted on different news websites:

Paid Quantum AI Reviews on news websites

All Quantum AI Reviews are paid and sponsored and the website is not responsible for the content. It means anyone can post anything on these sites. Due to these posts, real and unbiased reviews can’t able to get on the first page of Google, and these news websites dominate the Google search, so people can not access unbiased reviews for the product and services.

4. Promising unverified claims

The websites, Quantum AI Elon Musk ads, and paid reviews promise unverified claims. In the ad Quantum AI with Elon Musk video, they claim that investors can make $2000 easily. This claim is fake and created to increase your interest in you.

There is no single real user who said that this Crypto trading app helped them in making money.

5. Sign up for an unknown platform

After all these sites you will get to the unknown website for Quantum AI, and it asks for a minimum deposit of £250.

But here is another scam, you can not able to find which website is the real Quantum AI website. We have seen many different websites for the same name and also the ads are going to different websites for this AI-based Crypto trading platform.

Quantum AI Different websites
  1. https://quantumaielonmusk.com/
  2. https://bestcrtofferings.com/quantum-ai/index.html?transaction_id=U0FTT09QQWxXbG89
  3. https://quantum-ai.trading/
  4. https://quantumaitrading.net/

These 4 we found for now, but we are not sure which is the real one, so this platform is full of doubt from start to end.

What about the real Customer reviews on Quantum AI?

We found many negative reviews on Trustpilot.com where the customers gave so much bad reviews for Quantum AI, here are a few customer reviews on Quantum AI:

Customer reviews on Quantum AI Trustpilot

How to avoid Quantum AI-type Scams?

There are so many scams running on the internet these days, so you should beware while trying anything. So, here we have a few tips for our followers to avoid these types of scams:

  • Do Your Research: Before believing in any ads and claims, conduct thorough research. Look into the ads read real user reviews instead of paid reviews, and ensure it has a legitimate online presence.
  • Check for Regulation: Reputable trading apps are regulated by financial authorities. Verify if the app has the necessary licenses to operate within the industry.
  • User Reviews Matter: Pay attention to user reviews and ratings. Genuine feedback can provide insights into the app’s performance and legitimacy.
  • Be Skeptical of Unrealistic Promises: If an app promises guaranteed high returns with minimal risk, be cautious. Such promises often signal a scam.
  • Protect Your Information: Legitimate apps will never ask for sensitive information like passwords or social security numbers via email or messages. Avoid sharing such details.
  • Prioritize Security: Choose apps with robust security features, such as encryption. Your financial information should be well-protected.
  • Avoid High-Pressure Tactics: Scammers may use high-pressure tactics to rush your investment decisions. Take your time and don’t succumb to urgency.
  • Stay Informed: Educate yourself about common scam techniques like phishing and Ponzi schemes. Being informed is your first line of defense.
  • Understand Investment Basics: A solid grasp of investment fundamentals helps you identify unrealistic claims and make informed choices.

Report Suspicious Activity: If you suspect any fraudulent activity, report it to the relevant authorities promptly.

What should I do if I register for Quantum AI?

If you added funds to the Quantum AI Scam, you can follow the following steps to avoid further losses:

  • Cut-Off Communication: The initial step is to immediately terminate all contact with the scammers. Exit any Telegram or WhatsApp groups they have added you to and promptly block their contacts.
  • Report to FTC and SEC: Complain about crypto scams like Quantum AI with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) through the platform ReportFraud.ftc.gov. Additionally, communicate the incident to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) via SEC.gov.
  • Alert the Authorities: Get in touch with local law enforcement, state regulators, and your regional SEC office. Furnish them with all relevant details about the scam to aid their investigation.
  • Notify Financial Institutions and Exchanges: If you employed a bank or cryptocurrency exchange to transfer funds to the scammers, promptly inform them. Request that they inhibit further transactions linked to the scam.
  • Pursue Recovery Channels: Collaborate with the authorities to potentially pinpoint the scammers and recuperate your funds through legal avenues. In case of substantial losses, contemplate seeking legal counsel from an attorney well-versed in financial fraud cases.
  • Educate and Alert Others: Assist in thwarting potential victims by sharing your experience. Disclose the scam on online platforms like Reddit and Quora. Your account can serve as a cautionary tale.


Q: Is Quantum AI Elon Musk a scam or Legit?

A: This is a completely scam thing, there is no real thing with Elon Musk and this AI-based crypto trading app. All things around Elon Musk and this Quantum AI a fake and scams.

Q: What is the Quantum AI Elon Musk website?

A: There is only a fake website that uses clips of Elon Musk and all are doing this create fake hype for a scam-type trading app and website called Quantum AI.

Q: What is all about Quantum AI Elon Musk’s YouTube?

A: Most of you want to watch the Video for this Quantum AI Elon Musk on YouTube, but let me tell you that you can get videos that are fake and AI-generated. It became hard day to day what is real and what is fake in the Era of AI.

Quantum AI Elon Musk Review – Conclusion


Now let’s conclude our full report, Throughout this Quantum AI Elon Musk Review, we exposed so many things about the scam.

This is a news scam that uses more advanced things, and using AI to do this, using AI-Generated Audio, and Video, makes it more difficult to find the truth.

But, as per our research, we found that Quantum AI Elon Musk is also a scam, and you should stay away from these types of fake hype. Do not believe anything that you see on the internet, currently new and more advanced scams taking place. So, be aware and avoid scammers.


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