[WARNINGS] StopWatt Review – Elon Musk SCAM Explained

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StopWatt is a new power and electricity saver device after MiracleWatt. This new device claims the same thing as MiracleWatt did in their ads and campaigns. And here is another thing floating around this power-saving device is StopWatt and Elon Musk. So, is this true, and just a scam like MiracleWatt? Read this full StopWatt Review to know the truth.

StopWatt Review

StopWatt Scam Summary

NameStopWatt Energy Saving Device
Websites around StopWatt ScamStopwatts.com, Calces.shop
OverviewHelps to cut down electricity bills, and save energy consumption by up to 90%
Red FlagsUsed Fake reviews, practiced deceptive advertising, No scientific evidence, unclear product information, Company information is missing, and poor customer service.
Similar ScamsMiraclewatt, Pro Power Save, EcoWatt, and etc.

StopWatt Reviews

In a world where energy efficiency is a pressing concern, products like StopWatt have gained attention for their promise to revolutionize energy consumption. However, amidst the buzz and claims, a cloud of skepticism hangs over StopWatt. Critics argue that it’s a scam, alleging that the device offers no real benefits and exploits the name of tech magnate Elon Musk through deceptive advertising. In this article, we’ll explore the controversy surrounding StopWatt, analyzing both sides of the argument to determine if it’s a genuine innovation or a cleverly marketed scam.

What is StopWatt?


Energy-saving devices have become a hot topic in recent years, with consumers seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint and lower utility bills. StopWatt, like many other devices, appeals to these desires, offering the prospect of significant energy savings with minimal effort. The StopWatt website claims that it can reduce your energy consumption immediately.

But we did not get any strong proof that can verify the claim of its power saving, also there is no idea who is actually behind this product, and what type of technology is used in this STOPWATT Device for saving power.

Who is behind the StopWatt?

What is

This product is not sharing the manufacturer’s information, and in our opinion, this is a rebranding for MiracleWatt.

Who was the same thing even looks and device exactly the same, so there are high chances that StopWatt is just a rebranded product and nothing.

We tried to find the company details, but we did not get anything good about it. On the contact us page, we just found their customer support email: [email protected]​.

StopWatt Science

One of the central arguments against StopWatt’s legitimacy is the absence of concrete scientific evidence supporting its claims. Skeptics emphasize that valid scientific studies and data are essential to back up any energy-saving product’s effectiveness. Without robust evidence, suspicions about the device’s actual capabilities persist.

So, all the claims from the StopWatt Scam product are hype and nothing, because we did not see any evidence that supports the functioning of this power-saving device.

The Truth Behind StopWatt Scam Elon Musk

Yes, this is true that StopWatt is using Elon Musk’s name in the ads to push sales. The product is showing them as a Tesla Product, but this is just a hoax and fake hype which is created by scammers and sellers of StopWatt.

Elon Musk never endorsed any power-saving device like StopWatt, MiracleWatt, and all. Many scammers do this celebrity scams, before thing, we found a Bitcoin Prime scam with Elon Musk.

The scammers made a fake page where Elon Musk is holding a device called StopWatt and these ads are using clickbait heading so that innocent customers can easily buy this.

StopWatt Scam Elon Musk page

This page is created to spread the fake hype for the product so that the seller can make money easily.

So, don’t believe anything that you see on the internet without cross-checking them, if any celebrity endorsed any product, it will be everywhere in the news, not limited to some ads and fake pages.

You might see Elon Musk’s image with this product and page where the StopWatt is featured, but let me tell you that this is a kind of scam, because scammers make fake pages and use celebrities’ images and name to increase the product hype and sale.

So, in conclusion, we can say Stopwatt Elon Musk’s endorsement claim is a scam and nothing.

What about the StopWatt Reviews and Consumer Reports?

To find the real reviews and consumer reports for Stopwatt, our team check websites, but the Google search result is full of sponsored and paid reviews, which means you can not able to find the real reviews from the customers of Stopwatt.

But our team found some reviews on BBB, and Trustpilot.com, where the reviews are so bad and negative.

Here is the Trustpilot Screenshot for Stopwatt Reviews and Consumer Reports:

Stopwatt Reviews and Consumer Reports Trustpilot

This user is saying that this is a total scam.

Now let’s come to the BBB for its StopWatt Reviews and Consumer Reports

Stopwatt BBB Reviews ratings are also bad, and negative.

Stopwatt BBB Reviews ratings

As you can see the user rating is 1 out of 5, the customer wanted to give a 0 rating, there is no option for 0 ratings.

Here is another Stopwatt Review on BBB:

Stopwatt Customer Review on BBB

She says:

This does nothing and is a scam, They told me I had to wait another month when I called My electric bill went down after I threw it away You’re not gonna fight for a refund when you feel so stupid for buying it If it works so well, they wouldn’t have to advertise so extensively.

StopWatt Real or Fake? Does Stopwatt really work?

Till now, we found nothing good about this product, and we can say this is a fake product do nothing, and was just created to cheat people.

The company is using cheap marketing techniques and using celebrities’ names and images to push sales and increase the hype for their product. But as we said Elon Musk is not behind this product.

Now this question also arises in the mind, does Stopwatt really work? Well, as per the consumer reviews and lack of evidence, we found it a waste of money and does not work.

Stopwatt vs Miracle Watt

BasisStopWatt Miracle Watt
DesignLooks exactly same as Miracle WattSame
Functioning No scientific evidenceSame
Our VerdictScamScam

This might be in your mind Stopwatt vs Miracle Watt, but let me tell you that there is nothing different between these two devices, both are claiming the same things, look the same, and even there is a high chance that Miracle Watt is rebranded with this new name Stopwatt.

So, it means Miracle Watt just came with a new name Stopwatt and used Elon Musk’s name to create hype in the market for their product.

Is Stopwatt a Scam?


Yes, Stopwatt Scam is real, and people who really bought it, are regrating after buying this because they are complaining but getting no response and refund, as you have read in the Stopwatt Reviews and Consumer Report section.

Stopwatt is just a scam and nothing, no seller information, using cheap marketing techniques, and no evidence for its working.

The full product is playing around with fake hype and rumor in the market that’s it.

The Verdict:

After weighing the evidence, testimonials, and expert opinions, it’s time to reach a verdict. Is StopWatt a genuine innovation that can transform the way we consume energy, or is it a well-orchestrated scam preying on our environmental concerns?

Well, everything was said in this StopWatt Review, and found it a scam. The product is playing with the Elon Musk name and image, but there is no proof we found that Elon Musk is behind the product, and the ads are fake and run by a scammer and their affiliates.

So, we do not recommend this StopWatt to our followers at any cost, this is just a waste of money, you must follow basic things to reduce your electricity bills.

Practical Tips to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

  • Embrace Energy-Efficient Appliances
  • Unplug and Power Down
  • Embrace Natural Light and Ventilation
  • Optimize Your Thermostat Usage
  • Efficient Lighting Choices
  • Upgrade Your Insulation
  • Reduce Water Heater Temperature
  • Efficient Laundry Practices and more

These tips might help in reducing your electricity bills, and you can really save real money.