[SCAM] Samantha Armytage Weight Loss Bear Gummies Reviews!

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Welcome to a page where you will read the truth of Samantha Armytage Weight Loss and the Bear Gummies rumor.

Our Verdict: Scam

Samantha Armytage Weight Loss Gummies

Hello, guys, my name is Jerry Phens a full-time blogger and a researcher at ScamLegit.com Right now a lot of scams running on the internet along with celebrity names like REE Drummond for CBD, and Oprah Winfrey for keto gummies.

So, as our team revealed all the truth with them, this Samantha Armytage Weight Loss Gummies blog will also clear and provide you with the truth.

First, before we start investing in the Samantha Armytage Keto Bear Gummies for weight loss. Let’s undertsand the Real Samantha Armytage Weight Loss

So, We found a blog post on womenshealth.com.au about Samantha Armytage’s weight loss in 2020.

But before let see

Who is actually Samantha Armytage?

Samantha Armytage is an Australian journalist and Sunrise host and a celebrity also she is the WW ambassador.

Samantha Armytage Instagram Account

Now let’s understand the Samantha Armytage Weight Loss

So, this is the real thing that takes place, Samantha Armytage, or Sam Armytage after following a healthy lifestyle and a new WW ambassador lost 10kg – and also feels great.

In 2019, I wasn’t in my best shape and look, due to my unhealthy lifestyle. She looked at my body and found that I needed to more focus on my health “Sam said”. “I lost a few pounds, but after joining the WW I really get amazing results and get more energy and stamina, physically and mentally.”

She always wanted a womanly body, not a slim-skinny body.

So, she lost just after joining WeightWatchers Australia 10kg weight.

But these days a fake hype is floating on the internet, Samantha Armytage Bear Gummies for weight loss and all.

This means some scammers are using the name Sam Armytage to promote a weight-loss keto gummy called Via Keto Apple Gummies.

ViaKeto Apple Gummies


What is Samantha Armytage Gummies?

Well, Samantha Armytage gummies are a weight loss solution that is high in demand in Australia. This is a supplement whose name is Via Keto Apple Gummies that we have already marked as a scam.

But still, you can find the post with the same name, and even if they are news websites, one of them is TribuneIndia

So, the actual Samantha Armytage Bear Gummies are via keto apple gummies that are scams too. But many people are promoting it to earn a high commission.

Now you know what is Samantha Armytage Gummies and Weight Loss Truth.

But still, we have to share more information about the product,


Who is behind the Samantha Armytage Gummies?

Well, it is hard to say who is actually doing this, but it starts with Facebook ads you can read this report on dailymail.co.uk

So, we can say that there is no Samantha Armytage hand for these Keto Bear Gummies.

But we understand the product that is using the hype, and that is Via Keto Apple Gummies, a weight loss product that is available in Australia.

Now, if we still consider that the Samantha Armytage is not behind and keeping the Via Keto Gummies separate then still you will not get anything good from it.

Want to know Why I am saying it, then please complete this Review.

So, does this Samantha Armytage keto Bear Gummy work?

Well, it is completely hard to say the product is going to help because we know the ViaKeto Gummies is that product, and there are no good reviews we got from the buyers, and reported it as a scam.

So, Maybe the product is a keto supplement, but still, there are no good results you will get from it.

What are the ingredients claimed in the so-called Samantha Armytage Keto Diet Bear Gummies?

As we already said that there is no Samantha Armytage Bear Gummy, so, here we are talking about the Via Keto Gummies Australia product.

The product is using BHB and Apple Cider vinegar, but we are not sure about it. Is this true information or just a fake claim, because these 2 ingredients are good for keto and weight loss, but still there are no real reviews we got.


  • The bottle design is good
  • You can buy it on the internet


  • Samantha Armytage Bear Gummies is a fake ad
  • There is nothing relation between Samantha Armytage and the Keto Bear Gummies
  • The product has no good background
  • The price of the used product for the promotion is high
  • Not recommended at all

What should I do If I see a page which is using the Samantha Armytage for weight loss gummies?

  • First of all, don’t buy anything from that page
  • Try to leave that page ASAP
  • Send us the page we will investigate them
  • Never share your details with them
  • Even never buy any trial too

These are things you should do first if you want to keep yourself safe from fake pages with fake products.

If you want to try a Keto supplement then you can try a legit product like Keto Trim, A supplement that is 100% legit and made by a genuine company Vita Balance.

Now, let see what are the price of this Samantha Armytage Weight Loss Gummies.

First of all, the highlighted product price to too high as we already mentioned above. The price for one bottle of the Bear Gummy is $69.

So, I don’t think so, you should go for a supplement like this at this price range, instead of this, you can go for Keto Trim which cost only $29 for each bottle and is a completely legit product.

Where Can I buy Samantha Armytage Gummies?

Well, these types of products keep themselves hidden from the marketplace, even if you can not find anything much about the company that is selling these products.

They are limited to their website, so to buy Samantha Armytage Bear Gummies (Via Keto Gummies) you have to visit the official website.

Is Samantha Armytage Bear Gummies a Scam?

Scam Product

Yes, it is a complete scam and a fake advertisement. There is nothing link between Samantha Armytage and these Via keto Bear Gummies for weight loss.

Samantha Armytage Weight loss Bear Gummies Review – Conclusion

First of all, She is lost 10kg this is true but it was WW (Weight Watchers) who is behind it, and they provide a diet chart and exercises and some basic supplementation recommendations.

But there is no Bear Gummy or keto gummies, so don’t trust anything that you read on the internet, even these times many news websites are publishing without any cross-checking. So, don’t believe anything you read at this time.

Must do your research and analysis before buying any product like this.

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