[Fact Check] GX SmartWatch Reviews 2023 [Independent Customer Review]

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Hello guys, welcome to the GX SmartWatch Independent Review, in this review, you will understand why you should not buy GX Smartwatch for you. There are so many facts that you must know before you fall for this product.

Our Verdict: SCAM

Website: https://hyperstech.com/

GX Smartwatch

GX Smartwatch Review

Right now, smartwatches are trending in fashion, and a lot of fitness smartwatches are everywhere on the internet and in shops. Due to the high demand for these types of accessories, a lot of companies launched smartwatches that also track their health and wellness. But also, so many fake companies and brands sell very low-quality of products, and scam people with their products, one of them is GX Smartwatch.

So, what is GX Smartwatch?

Well, the GX Smartwatch is a product of a very low-rated tech company called, Hyperstech. GX Smartwatch is a watch that claims that it can monitor your health like heart rate, and generate EGC as per some biased GX Smartwatch Reviews.

It claims to monitor sleep, calorie burn, and others, and easily get connected to a smartphone. As per the sites, it GX Smartwatch has:

  • Color options: Grey, black, brown
  • Battery: 300mAh
  • Charger: Magnetic
  • and all.

But, after it claims, we still say that the product is just garbage because the company who made this and sold it Hyperstech is a Con company. There are so many bad reviews for this company that stated that Hyperstech is a SCAM.

Now let’s see more about the Seller of the GX Smartwatch.

Well, we tried from our end to know about the product seller (Hyperstech). We found that the company is selling a wide range of tech products such as Mobile: Max Phone, Play X pro, and all. But we found very less information about the seller.

The Seller of GX Smartwatch is situated in Estonia and only operates online to sell their products. We don’t know who is running the company and how they are operating it.

Also, its products are expensive and do nothing good for the buyers, a lot of buyers report complaints against it on TrustPilot.com

So, the company is not trusted and looks like other scam company such as Ecomerzpro, and Popularhitech all looks the same, even selling the same products.

Like we have covered Play X pro as a scam of Popularhitech and DorikaBite as a scam of Ecomerzpro. So, we do not suggest going for such type of companies.

Here are the GX Smartwatch seller details:

  • Address: Valukoja 22 11415 Tallinn Estonia
  • Email: care@urpurchase.com
  • Phone: +44 20 3808 9234

Now let’s see the GX SmartWatch Independent Customer Reviews

First of all, any reviews on news sites and those sites who are telling that this is a good product are paid and biased, because they are affiliated with the product, and they are getting huge commissions. So, trusting in them is not a good idea, read facts and do good research before buying any product like this.

So, you cannot see any real GX SmartWatch Independent Customer Review. But you can read its company Review on Trustpilot to know the reality of the brand.

On trustpilot.com it got only 1.3-star ratings, which clear that the GX SmartWatch brand is not providing value to the customers.

here are some Independent Customer Reviews on the brand:

GX SmartWatch Independent Customer Reviews

GX SmartWatch Independent Customer Reviews 2

How much does the GX SmartWatch cost?

The product cost a high price, but to attract its buyers they offer discounts on bulk purchases, but we do not suggest it at any cost.

The single GX SmartWatch cost you $89, which is too high, even though many other good brands come at a much lower price than this.

We suggest going for others instead of paying this Scam company for their low-quality GX SmartWatch.


  • It is easy to buy online
  • May looks good


  • Charge a high price for their poor-quality product
  • So many bad reviews for the brand
  • No real GX SmartWatch Independent reviews (Except Trustpilot)
  • Seller is limited to their official website
  • It is made by a scam-type company

GX SmartWatch Review Conclusion – SCAM or Legit?

Scam Product

I must say this product is just a Scam and nothing, we do not suggest it to anyone. GX SmartWatch is a low-quality product that is sold by a scam-type company that got so many bad reviews and complaints.

Also, the reviews present on the internet are paid and biased, so you can’t able to detect that this is a SCAM. We suggest doing more research before buying any product.

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