[Fact Check] Keto Clean Plus Gummies Reviews: Shark Tank Scam?

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Hello folks, today we have found a keto formula that is trending in Canada: Keto Clean Plus Gummies. So, is this keto gummy helpful, or just a scam like other keto supplements? To know all facts about this gummy read this full fact-checked Keto Clean Plus Gummies Review.

Our Verdict: Scam

Keto Clean Plus Gummies

Keto Clean Plus Gummies Reviews

As we have discussed many keto scams on our site. As we know the keto diet is so famous and popular among people. So, in a hurry to enjoy the results of the keto diet, many of you buy keto supplements to enhance or support the ketosis state. But as we say all time, don’t believe anything that you found on the internet. So, to help our followers we try to check the product authenticity and their scam or legitimate.

What is Keto Clean Plus Gummies?

Keto Clean Plus Gummies is a weight loss supplement claims to start the ketosis process for weight loss. The product claims to use a natural blend of ingredients, and there is BHB in it as the main component.

The ingredient may be helpful to provide several keto benefits for weight loss, including better energy levels and support for good health.

Keto Clean Plus Gummies are looking easy to use, with a simple dosage. The product also claims to be 100% safe and effective, and free from chemicals. The company claims that this is your keto support solution and Keto Clean Plus Gummies is a good option.

But all these claims are fake and the product is claiming too high, and there is nothing that supports all these claims.

So, why are we saying it for this supplement? To know read this full Keto Clean Plus Gummies Review.

Who is behind the Keto Clean Plus Gummies?

This is the first point that makes it an avoidable product, and that is the person who is selling it.

But why?

The answer is very simple, the seller of this product is keeping themselves hidden from the normal buyers and users of their product.

No, company addresses, no idea who is controlling the product, just a simple sales page and nothing behind the product. This complete product is looking the same as other keto supplement scams.

Some of you may search for it with Shark Tank. But Is this right to search “Keto Clean Plus Gummies”? It is not, but why? With this Keto Clean Plus Gummies Review, we will disclose everything about this scammy-type product.

We just know that the product is selling in Canada right now, and the as per the official website it is made in Canada. But we are not sure about it too, because the website did not reveal the address of the company. We just found email and phone no.

Phone: (855) 772-9637

Email: [email protected]

Now let’s understand the Keto Clean Plus Gummies Shark Tank

So, is there any Shark Tank hand behind the Keto Clean Plus Gummies?

Not at all, there is nothing like this. The full claims or ad under this name is fake and a scam. We have already covered so many Shark Tank Keto Gummies scams such as Life Time Keto ACV GummiesKeto ACV Luxe Gummies, and all.

This is one of them, and we are sure the complete Keto Clean Plus Gummies Shark Tank is a fake ad we also recommend avoiding this type of product.

Now we know that the supplement has cheap marketing and is a scam-type product. But still, we must share all information. So, let’s continue the Keto Clean Plus Gummies Review.

What claims are made by the product?

  • Helps to manage weight
  • Claims to start the ketosis process
  • Burn off the fat cells
  • Boost the energy level
  • Boost the brain health
  • Free from side effects

What are the ingredients in Keto Clean Plus Gummies?

We searched a lot of the ingredients of this keto gummy, but we were only able to find one ingredient and that is BHB.

The full list of the ingredients is missing, and we are not sure of the quality of the ingredients. Also, the complete website did not share any tests and trials of the ingredient’s quality. So, we are sure that the quality of the ingredients will not be good.

Read about a Premium Quality BHB supplement.

How to do Keto Clean Plus Gummies claim to work?

Again, nothing is different same thing is here like other keto supplements. The same is claimed by the Keto Clean Plus Gummies, which helps BHB to increase the ketone bodies in the user’s body and initiated the ketosis process.

Normally the body uses carbs for energy production, but as we know the ketosis process, in this process body uses fat for energy and helps to lose weight.

But the problem is that these Keto Clean Plus Gummies are not reliable, because it is hard to say anything about the effectiveness of this supplement.


  • The design of the bottle is attractive
  • It is easy to use and simple to buy


  • Keto Clean Plus Gummies is not a good choice
  • Its company is a completely new
  • No Idea who is behind the product
  • No address is revealed
  • The full ingredients list is missing
  • There is no test and trial report
  • No real customer reviews found
  • 99% of Keto Clean Plus Gummies reviews are paid

Now we know the cons and pros of this supplement, but there are a lot more things to know before making any decision to buy this.

Keto Clean Plus Gummies Customer Reviews and Results

This is the best way to check any product’s effectiveness and real value of any product. But the worst thing is that there are no real customer reviews on this product.

99% of Keto Clean Plus Gummies reviews on other sites are paid, and also the customer reviews are fake. Now if you think that the testimonials on the official website are true. But I must tell you all those reviews are 100% fake. Because you can see the same reviews and images on other scam-type keto supplements.

Now let see

How much does this unknown Keto Clean Plus Gummies cost?

I must say the product is charging so much high price, and if you ask why? Then there is nothing that can justify its high price. The single bottle of Keto Clean Plus Gummies cost $59.

I must this is not something for which we should pay this high price. Even much better and legit options are present in the market which lower than this and provide quality products such as Keto Trim, Ikaria Lean Belly Juice, and much more others.

So, there is nothing we got that can say that the supplement is doing anything good with its customer.


Is there a scam with Keto Clean Plus Gummies?

Scam Product

Yes, this is a complete hoax and scam product. This is something which is not reliable at any cost, no company details and nothing is there which make it a wise choice for weight loss.

If you have read this complete Keto Clean Plus Gummies Review, then you have enough idea why should you avoid this product.

What about the possible side effects?

There is a high chance to face unknown side effects from this keto gummy. The company did not share anything reliable no test results, no 3rd party lab tests, no real reviews, and nothing like this.

So, the claims of this supplement being a 100% safe solution is not trustable. This may lead to unknown side effects.

Keto Clean Plus Gummies Reviews – Conclusion

Now let’s conclude our Keto Clean Plus Gummies Review, throughout this complete review we did not find anything which looks legit and genuine; however, the product is using BHB an effective ingredient that may help in the keto diet. But the seller did not share anything about the ingredients test and quality, even along with manufacturer’s full ingredient list is missing.

The product is a scam and nothing at all, we recommend avoiding this kind of product.

If you really want to lose weight then consult a professional suggestion, and if you just need a keto supplement that can support your keto diet, then you can go for our recommended keto formula which is keto trim.