Adken Anti-Aging Serum Review [Scam or Legit] My Personal Opinion

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As an avid skincare enthusiast, I recently had the opportunity to try the Adken Anti-Aging Serum, a highly acclaimed product in the realm of skincare. With its promises of youthful radiance and rejuvenation. But I found some unrevealed facts about this particular serum. I must force my followers who are willing to try this serum to read my full Adken Anti-Aging Serum Review before they make any decision about it.

Adken Anti-Aging Serum

What is Adken Anti-Aging Serum?

As per my research and finding, Adken Anti-Aging Serum is a product that claims to be a natural solution for skin aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin, and many more.

Skin aging is a natural process and due to this, we face a deficit of some essential nutrients and proteins which cause skin aging problems. So, this serum claims to reverse it and helps to provide essential nutrients to get clear and youthful skin.

The product claims to use some potent ingredient kike Retinol, and Ceramides and block current. We will talk more about it in this Adken Anti-Aging Serum Review, so continue reading this…

About the brand

Adken Anti-Aging Serum is a creation of an unknown company that kept all data hidden from the customers. Here I found it a low-grade and scammy type of product because the complete serum claimed too many things, but did not share any single piece of information about the manufacturer and who is actually selling this poor-quality product.

Scamlegit already exposed so many skin care products that are scamming and keeping their manufacturer information secret, like Utopia Skin Tag Remover, Remedy Skin Tag Remover, and so on.

Claims of the Adken Anti-Aging Serum

Like other anti-aging serums, it claims:

  • Repair & revitalize damaged skin
  • Lifting and plumping sagging skin
  • For an instantly smooth and flawless finish

These are some claims we found which are very common to see when you are going to any product page. But there is very less information about the test and 3rd party checked data for such claims. Even no real customers we found for this product, So anyhow we are not able to trust the product claims.



We saw there this product claim to be a natural product and free from chemicals. But I found that the official website is silent about the ingredient list. They just provide 3 names of their ingredients:

  1. Retinol: This is a type of Vitamin A, and is used in most the skin care cream and products. Because it has anti-aging properties and helps to remove acne. Retinol is known for its skin cell production boosting benefit and increases collagen levels found good in reducing premature skin aging signs [1] such as wrinkles, fine lines, and more.
  2. Ceramide: It comes in a fatty acid known as Lipids, is naturally present in the skin, and creates a larger part of the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) [2]. This works to keep the moisture locked into the skin and protect it from environmental damage [3].
  3. Black Currant: It is also known as the forbidden fruit, and Black Currant has so many vitamins such as Vitamin A, B-5, B-6, B-1, and vitamin E. However, this ingredient has fewer studies for skin, but a study says it can ease psoriasis symptoms [4].

These 3 ingredients names we saw on the Adken Anti-Aging Serum bottle. However, these three are good for the skin and found effective for aging skin problems. But we still say to avoid it, because this product did not reveal the full ingredient, and not sure about the quality of the ingredients.

How does Adken Anti-Aging Serum?

As per the official website, and reviews that we have seen throughout the research of Adken Anti-Aging Serum. It claims to work by increasing the collagen level and providing essential nutrients to provide anti-aging skin benefits.

The ingredients may help to boost skin cell production, protect from damage and keep the skin clear and smooth.

But all the claims are bogus, becasue all claims are limited to the official website, and no 3rd party report and test are present to verify such claims. Even there is no single unbiased and independent review post.

So, what about the Adken Anti-Aging Serum Reviews that I have seen?

Well, like other scams product, it seller also uses paid and sponsored post techniques. A lot of promoters of this product posted a 100% biased review, and do not share the real review. You can easily find that post on Google, and can see the bottom of the post, you can find a disclaimer for the sponsored post.

So, we do not suggest believing in such reviews blindly do more research.

How much does Adken Anti-Aging Serum cost? And where to buy it?

This type of product charges a high price, and this is very common these days to create hype for a product and sell it at a high price. The single bottle of Adken Anti-Aging Serum cost $69, and I think this is a very high price for such a poor-quality brand.

Also, such types of products use a landing page to sell, so you can’t able to find them anywhere except the official website. But you can only reach the website when you click biased reviews provided links and social media ads.


  • Using natural ingredients
  • You can buy online


  • No idea about the brand
  • Seller information is missing
  • It charges a very high price
  • Adken Anti-Aging Serum Reviews are paid
  • No real customer reviews out
  • Comes in a scam-type product category
  • Better alternatives are present

Is there any scam with Adken Anti-Aging Serum?


Yes, the complete product is a scam, because it does not meet our all standards to be a legit product. It does not provide seller information, has no real customer reviews, and even charges a very high price. Even such type of scam victims says that these types of products also steal credit card details.

Adken Anti-Aging Serum Alternative

We highly suggest avoiding this type of product and looking for a better and legit product. First, we suggest consulting a dermatologist about it. But if you ask us for a legit anti-aging serum, then we have a good option for you, the Annie Mak Anti-Aging serum.

Annie Mak Anti-Aging Serum Reviews

Try Annie Mak Agin Aging Serum Here

This serum is 3rd party tested and backed by science, and many satisfied customers are happy with the results.


From this complete research and analysis, we can say that the Adken Anti-Aging Serum is a scam product. It is a waste of time and money, and it may cause side effects if it used chemicals and synthetics. We highly suggest consulting a professional and doing more research before buying any product.


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