Unbiased LivPure Weight Loss Review: Helpful Formula or Scam?

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LivPure Weight Loss is a supplement that also claims to be a liver purification formula. The product comes in tablet form and claims that it is a 100% safe, effective weight loss supplement, and supports a healthy liver. Some sites say it helped over 230,000+ users and satisfied them.

But is this good as it looks? What are the real LivPure Reviews Consumer Reports reality? Should I use LivPure for Weight Loss and liver purification? Are there any better alternatives to this and so on?

LivPure Weight Loss Review

Our Verdict: SCAM

In this LivPure Weight Loss Review, we will answer all these questions with facts and try to provide a completely unbiased review of this supplement that will help our followers to make a decision wisely for it.

So, let’s get started

What is LivPure?

LivPure Weight Loss Bottle

LivPure is a liver health supplement that also supports weight loss. As per the official website and reviews the supplement is an all-natural solution that helps to purify the liver and support weight loss effectively.

There are some good ingredients we saw in this formula that are effective for liver health and also support weight loss. But we are not sure about the benefits, because this product has so many negative points that make it an avoidable product.

So, keep reading this LivPure Weight loss review without any skip, we will let you know the real facts and studies report for this supplement.

LivPure Ingredients Analysis

There are several ingredients used, and classified into two blends, the first is for the liver purification complex and the second liver fat-burning complex.


liver purification complex 213mg includes:

LivPure liver purification complex 213mg
  • Sylimarin: It is extracted from milk thistle and is one of the most well-known ingredients for liver health. It is well-researched for liver health problems and provides good and effective results for liver health. But as per a meta-study [1], examined that the minimum dose used in the trial was 280mg/per day and many others used 400mg/per day. But as we found the LivPure using it in a propriety blend of 213mg which means there is only 40mg. It means the LivPure dose for it is very low.
  • Betaine: This is a component of Beetroot, and used only 40mg. As per the study on animals [2], it is found that these ingredients are good for liver injuries. But the dose was around 300mg per KG and the dose used in LivPure is too much low.
  • Berberine: It has also a good effect on liver health and is also found good for weight loss. As per the 12 weeks of studies [3], taking 500mg three times a day lose 5 pounds of weight on average. Also good for NAFLD [4]. But the same thing is here low in dose.
  • Molybdenum: This is an important mineral for the body, and it is present in the body and good for the liver. But it is good when you are in a deficit of it, otherwise, you may face many side effects. We suggest consulting a professional for it.
  • Glutathione: The good part of LivPure is that it has used an effective ingredient list for its product. Because Glutathione is also found good in studies [5] for fatty liver disease intravenously. But the study also suggests using 1800mg for it, and Livpure has a low dose for it.

However, the picked ingredients by LivPure are good but the ingredients are low in dose. So, maybe there is a high chance it is an ineffective product, and you need so many bottles to see any results.

Liver Fat-Burning Complex 130mg Includes:

LivPure Liver Fat-Burning Complex 130mg
  • Camellia Sinensis: This is really a good choice made by LivPure for their product because it has so many health benefits. This compound has Caffeine, Catechins, L-theanine, and more. Studies [6] found that Caffeine in Camellia Sinensis supports weight loss. This also helps to support gut health which induces weight loss by increasing fat breakdown. But there are low doses used in this supplement.
  • Resveratrol: This is also found effective for liver health and supports weight loss. It is a type of antioxidant and has many health benefits including weight loss.
  • Genistein: LivPure used this ingredient too, and this helps to reduce lipid accumulation in the liver and provides antioxidant properties too.
  • Chlorogenic Acid
  • Choline

These are the ingredients we saw in the LivPure Weight Loss supplement. But as we have said above the supplement used ingredients in low doses which may make it an ineffective product. Also, no 3rd part test and trials report we got for the LivPure results.

LivPure Weight Loss Facts

Who is behind the LivPure Weight Loss Supplement?

What is

This is our main concern regarding this product. However, the used ingredients in LivPure are good and natural and found effective in studies. But this is also very important to understand that we should not trust any health supplement.

It is important to know the industry standards company’s reputation, and also their 3rs part test for their products.

But with the Liv Pure weight loss supplement you will get nothing like this. There are no details shared by the product about their manufacturer.

The official website did not provide much information about the manufacturer, we just found the retailer’s name and that is ClickBank.

Yes, ClickBank is the retailer of the product, now you can understand why all LivPure weight loss reviews are looking good and appealing.

Anyone can promote their product which much information, this is the reason many sites are promoting it without any facts and results.

Unable to find real customer LivPure Weight Loss Reviews

This is another point where we are disappointed with the LivPure, we were not able to get any real customer reviews for the LivPure Weight Loss.

So, what about those LivPure Weight Loss Reviews that I have seen on the internet?

Well, you may have seen so many reviews for this supplement, and even on many top news websites like OutlookIndia [7], Timesofisrael [8], and so on.

Paid LivPure Weight Loss Review on outlookindia

Paid LivPure Weight Loss Review on timesofisrael

But there is a fact that you should know and believe trust in all those LivPure Reviews and posts. All posts and reviews are sponsored, and paid, which means any reviews you have read on other sites are 100% biased and promotional, this is why most people buy this without getting a fact-based review like this.

This is happening just, because the product is using the ClickBank platform, and their affiliates doing anything to promote it and giving 100% biased reviews. This is why you are not able to see real customer reviews and only get sponsored reviews.

What about the LivPure Weight Loss Video Reviews?

Paid LivPure Weight Loss Review Video

Well, here is another bad thing we found about the LivPure Video Reviews, they are also sponsored and 100% biased. All video reviews are just telling the product information and saying that the product is so effective and best for Liver and weight loss support.

But, they did not use the product at all, and also not a qualified person to review it. They all are just doing it just because they are getting paid for it.

How much does LivPure cost? And where to buy it?

Here we are again disappointed with Livpure Here, the price of the product is too high as compared to better alternatives.

The single bottle price of LivPure supplement is $69, and this is a really high price for a product that is made by an unknown brand and has no good background support.

Right now, the seller is offering it only on the official website. But we do not suggest LivPure to anyone for liver health or weight loss.

Questionable Claims Made by LivPure Website

There are many claims made by the product, and there are no studies or citations that support the claims.

As you may know, the LivPure website claims that it can start the fat-burning process, and “Put your body into fat-burning mode”:

Questionable Claims Made by LivPure Website

However, we did not see any citation or evidence for these all claims. LivPure weight loss formula does not look like it is tested, so how can we trust the claims that are made only on the basis of the ingredients, we know the real reviews are not accessible, as we have cleared the LivPure Review truth above.

Check a better Weight loss Supplement: PhenQ

Does the Liv Pure formula cause side effects?

Side effects

As we have said above that there is no idea about the manufacturer, and no test and trials for this supplement. NO real customer reviews are out, and saying that the product is safe only on the basis of its sponsored post and official website claims to not be a good idea.

We are not sure about the product safety until we do not get more evidence and real customer opinion. However, based on ingredients, the LivPure is using natural ingredients, and in low doses. So, there is a low chance of facing side effects in adults.

But still, we suggest consulting a professional before using any supplement, because a medical review [9] found that multi-ingredient nutritional supplements may be riskier than single-ingredient supplements.

Best LivPure Alternative

If you really want the best alternative, then we recommend consulting a professional, however, if you are looking for our recommendation then we have Liver Support Plus by VitaPost.

Liver Support Plus

Liver Support Plus is a product that is made by a well-known company called Vita Balance. The product comes at a very affordable price and provides results to the users.

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Now if you want to use LivPure for weight loss, then we have a better option for weight loss. PhenQ is a much better option for weight loss and has thousands of satisfied customers.

PhenQ Before After Customer image

This product has many ingredients and provides good results to its users. Check the best Deal on PhenQ here.

Is there any Scam with the Liv Pure Weight Loss formula?

The product is not good and may scam you with its ineffective formula. We do not suggest LivPure weight Loss to our followers for many reasons such as:

  • Manufacturer information is missing
  • Charge a very high price
  • All the LivPure Reviews are sponsored
  • No test and trials report
  • Real Customer reviews are not yet shared
  • Claims seem cooked and so on.

Pros and Cons of Liv Pure Weight Loss Formula


  • Using natural ingredients
  • It is easy to buy


  • It is not a recommended product in our opinion
  • The manufacturer has kept their information secret
  • Charging a very high price for no reason
  • Not providing a quality product
  • No real Reviews are there
  • All news websites Liv Pure weight loss Reviews are paid
  • Better options are available at better prices (VitaPost Liver Support Plus)

LivPure Weight Loss Review Conclusion

As per our findings and studies, the LivPure Weight Loss formula is not a good choice, and suggest looking for other options for it.

We found that active ingredients of LivPure Weight Loss are not used in a proper dose, and may not be able to provide effective results.

It is only sold on the official website [10] and using ClickBank, and due to this you will only able to find biased LivPure Weight Loss Reviews, which make your decision biased.

You should do in-depth research and not believe every product review; you must cross-check them too before buying because a lot of fake and scam companies are finding you.


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