Grammarly Premium Review: Can It Replace The Human Proofreader?

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Being a writer, I would agree that without good editing, a piece of text is just incomplete. Grammarly is one of the most popular apps that comes to mind when discussing writing and grammar! It has recently become a very popular name. I’ve been using its free plan to proofread my blog entries and publications for a long time. I’m writing this Grammarly Premium Review after carefully evaluating its free and Premium plans.

Our Ratings for Grammarly Premium: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5.0

Grammarly Premium Review

In this Grammarly Premium review, we’ll look at the key differences between Grammarly’s free and premium plans. Is Grammarly worth the money? Or just another scam? What are the advantages and drawbacks of Grammarly? Is Grammarly’s free version suffice for your requirements? Or do you require the Premium version? Is there a better tool available than Grammarly? We will answer your every question. Let’s get started!

What Is Grammarly?

What is

Grammarly is an online typing assistant that offers suggestions for improvements to your writing in Gmail, Facebook, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, LinkedIn, text messages, and many more services and applications. These improvements may be made to your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Being a writer, I’ve been using Grammarly for more than 3 years to ensure that my work is as error-free as possible before sending it to my editors. I produce more than five million words a year, counting both my fiction and nonfiction writing, so I am extremely familiar with Grammarly. And this works well. So before talking about other person reviews, I would like to share my review of Grammarly: “I Just Love This App”

It’s a helpful tool that may help you guarantee your writing is polished, accurate, and error-free. Is it any surprise that it sounds so nice? Of course, there are certain limitations, as with any other program of this type. So, let’s take a closer look at Grammarly’s features, benefits, and drawbacks, as well as the prices for the Premium and Business editions.


How Does Grammarly Work?

Grammarly is the “Free Grammar Assistant” that will enable you to write and create flawless text. You may use it as a helpful tool to make sure your writing is polished, accurate, and error-free. You may be confident that your words will flow with originality, accuracy, and flare thanks to its real-time checking feature. Overall, this app and its working process are quite satisfying. Grammarly may be used in two simple and trustworthy ways:

In-Line Checker

When you’re generating a document in a program like Google Docs, an in-line checker may be located in the bottom right corner of the window. By clicking that symbol, you may see the results of the real-time check.

New Document

With Grammarly, you can start a new document right from the toolbar of your web browser. This effective tool will offer you the assurance to write with imagination, accuracy, and style thanks to its real-time checking feature!

What Does Grammarly Do?

Grammarly uses artificial intelligence to examine a piece of work and identify writing problems, typos, and other mistakes. It’s great for everyone who works with the written word because of its numerous writing and editing capabilities, which include:

Grammar Checker

The grammar checker is Grammarly’s main functionality. It corrects all forms of grammatical and punctuation issues. The app or browser plugin offers real-time suggestions and instructions on how to rectify these errors. Errant commas, misplaced apostrophes, and other typical punctuation errors are common instances. Discover the distinctions between grammar and punctuation.

Grammarly’s premium version adds context to the identified grammar problems, such as an explanation of the rule in question and extra instances. These will help you improve your writing abilities.

Spell Checker

Grammarly comes with a powerful spell-checking function. Using the corporate edition, you may establish a specialized style guide and add terms to a bespoke dictionary. The spell checker supports American English, British English, Canadian English, and Australian English.

Readability Reports

Grammarly checks awkward phrases, paragraphs, and sections. Grammarly easily detects the age range the writing belongs to. It detects readability issues based on the following criteria:

  • Word-Count
  • Character Count
  • Reading Time
  • Speaking Time

Then, using AI technology, Grammarly suggests more brief and clear rewrites for the reader.

Improves Writing Style

Grammarly may give useful suggestions for word choice and sentence structure based on the target readership and demography of a certain document. If the audience is selected to be broad and casual, for example, the app will highlight any too-complicated vocabulary or badly written phrases. You can trust Grammarly to write your writing with perfection.

Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly has the capacity to find any type of plagiarism in writing, whether it’s through its articles with plagiarism scores and links or its capability to compare your work to billions of online pages. With the help of this report, editors may authenticate the work of other authors and check the accuracy of their own work in addition to adding any essential citations. You can be sure that your writing is both original and error-free by using this effective tool!


Advantages Of Grammarly Premium

  • Grammatical correction in real-time.
  • It is astonishingly accurate.
  • Corrections are explained in plain terms.
  • Option to block particular websites.
  • Makes document editing quick and easy.
  • UI with good design.
  • More than 400 different sorts of checks and characteristics, including citations, subject-verb agreement, sentence structure, tone, and more.

Drawbacks Of Grammarly Premium

  • It is incompatible with programs such as the WordPress editor.
  • A persistent and relentless push to upgrade your account.
  • It does not pick up on the writer’s tone.
  • Not all corrections are correct.

Is Grammarly Premium Worth The Money? Or Scam?

According to my personal experience and Grammarly Premium Review over the internet, I’m pretty sure that this is not a scam. However, investing in Grammarly may or may not be worthwhile depending on your needs. If you’re only searching for a means to improve your writing, the free plan is all you need. Whereas, Grammarly Premium is a must-have if you’re a professional writer or a corporation that wants spotless, ordered, and consistent writing.

When you consider all of the advantages of utilizing Grammarly Premium, the $12 monthly charge is a tiny thing to pay. You could find that spending money on Grammarly Premium is the smartest move you ever make for your writing! It will not only prevent you from making any embarrassing errors, but it will also aid in your writing and vocabulary development. With Grammarly, you can easily write with confidence, creativity, and perfection!

Pricing Of Grammarly Premium

Grammarly Premium costs $12.00 a month, but you can test it for seven days for free. You must submit a valid credit card number for the free trial, but you may cancel at any time before the trial expires, and your card will not be charged.

Right now, the cost of Grammarly Premium is as follows:

  • $12.00 per month when paid yearly ($144.00 total)
  • $20.00 per month when paid quarterly
  • $30.00 per month when paid monthly.

To use the Team features, you must upgrade to Grammarly’s Business plan, which costs $15.00 per month per member. A business style guide, snippets, brand tones, and an analytics dashboard are among the Team features.

Key Differences Between Grammarly Free And Premium Plans

If you want to save money on writing tools, the free edition of Grammarly is an excellent choice! You may swiftly and simply rectify any faults in your writing with its basic grammar checker, from missed commas to forgotten apostrophes.

Although it lacks a sophisticated grammar checker, a plagiarism detector, and certain vocabulary improvement recommendations, it nonetheless delivers useful rewrites and repairs. The Grammarly browser plugin is an excellent method to guarantee that your words flow with originality, clarity, and flare – all while saving money!

Differences Between Grammarly Free And Premium Plans 1

Differences Between Grammarly Free And Premium Plans 2

Grammarly is an important tool for any writer or editor, providing basic rewrites and changes as well as indicating potential grammar issues in red. It’s a strong tool that assures you can express yourself with creative flare and precision, from American to British, Canadian to Australian English. Furthermore, you can try it out for free, and you can be confident that it will catch more errors than the typical spellchecker!

Features Of Grammarly Premium

There are many extra features that come only with the premium plan of Grammarly. However, we suggest you read this entire Grammarly Premium Review before buying the premium plan of it. Here are a few features of Grammarly Premium:

  • Fluency checks.
  • Formatting checks.
  • Inclusive language.
  • Plagiarism detection.
  • Full-sentence rewrites.
  • Auto-citations and formatting.
  • Tone detection and suggestions.
  • Spelling and punctuation consistency.
  • Enterprise-grade privacy and security.
  • Word choice and word and sentence variety.
  • Grammarly Insights provides you with precise information.
  • How you are performing and how many words it has verified on a weekly basis.

Grammarly Premium Review on Trustpilot

In this section, we will share the experience of users with Grammarly Premium. This app is amazing, but not everyone can be totally satisfied. So it’s always crucial to analyze a few Grammarly Premium reviews. For this, we choose Trust Pilot. There are more than 7,800 Grammarly customer reviews on that.

Grammarly Premium Review on Trustpilot

Here are a few reviews from Trust Pilot:

Grammarly Review 2

Grammarly Review 3

Grammarly Review 4

Grammarly Review 5

These are a few mixed reviews of Grammarly Premium. You can read more at Trust Pilot

What Professional Writers Say About Grammarly Premium

Now, it’s time to share a few Grammarly Premium Reviews of the writers we know. We talked to many professional writers who use Grammarly Premium. But we will only share the review of 5 writers here. Let’s get started!


“I’ve been using Grammarly Premium for a while, and while it has helped me find a few mistakes, it is not perfect. It occasionally offers odd corrections that don’t make sense in the situation. Overall, it’s helpful, but I must still use my own discretion.”


“Grammarly Premium is nothing less than a godsend for someone like myself who struggles with language and spelling. It is really simple to use and has spotted several errors that I would have otherwise overlooked. Overall this is the best among these types of apps.”


“My opinions on Grammarly Premium are conflicted. On the one hand, it’s excellent at spotting grammatical and spelling mistakes. On the other side, it can occasionally be a little intrusive, proposing adjustments for issues that aren’t actually in need of fixing. I believe it is useful, but you should proceed cautiously while following its advice.”


“As a freelance writer, it was always critical to double-check everything before submitting the finished work to the client. I was eager to test out Grammarly Premium. It does find certain errors, but it’s not as thorough as I had hoped. I still have to personally proofread my writing to catch errors that Grammarly overlooked. It’s good, but for me, it doesn’t affect the game.”


“Grammarly Premium is a fantastic tool for detecting grammar and spelling errors, and other functions like tone recommendations and plagiarism detection are also helpful. With this app, I find it easier to write everything quickly. This app has helped me a lot throughout my journey. I remember when I was shifting from British English to American English, Grammarly premium has helped me a lot to look like a perfect writer.”

Is There Any Better Tool Than Grammarly?

According to the Grammarly Premium Review, our research, and the experience of professional writers, Grammarly is currently the best available tool that can help you write clearly, perfectly, and naturally. However, if you want to know the best competitors of Grammarly, here are a few of them:

Readable: It provides grammar, style, and dependability checks, as well as a keyword density tool, making it ideal for individuals who rely on SEO.

WordTune: Instead of proofreading, WordTune mostly focuses on full-sentence rewrites.

Ginger: It contains many of the same features as Grammarly, as well as a useful rephrasing tool; however, the free browser extension has a character restriction of 600 words.

Grammarly vs Human Proofreader

Grammarly excels at swiftly and simply checking small passages of text and articles. You can modify and publish your work more quickly with the help of Grammarly. However, you still need to look at its suggestions, after all, it is an AI.

The Grammarly and the context it offers for advice and corrections are helpful. Grammarly sometimes ignores errors or suggests unnecessary changes, especially in fiction and creative writing. That’s why I suggest hiring a human proofreader for longer work, like a book chapter and every type of creative writing.

However, we all need to understand that no AI can be better than a human. So, if you have the budget to hire a human proofreader, go for it.

Final Words On Grammarly Premium Review

You’ve read the Grammarly premium review, so you already know we totally enjoy it and use it on a regular basis. It isn’t flawless, and it will never be able to replace a skilled human editor. However, it performs well for the purpose for which it was created.

The free edition is ideal for everyone who creates blogs and articles, from bloggers to students to people who send emails on a regular basis.

The Premium edition is especially handy for anyone creating more professional, longer-form material. We also recommend the premium edition to anyone who is learning English as a second language. It’s common to make mistakes with the complexities of English, and Grammarly detects many (but not all) of them. It not only highlights errors but also proposes changes and explanations, making it a great tool for improving your written English.


Thank You for reading our blog. For more such unbiased reviews, keep visiting us.