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StrictionD Reviews Consumer Reports – 90 Days crazy result Story

by Prity Kumari

What is StrictionD Blood Sugar Supplement?

Before I share the results and my experience with StrictionD, you must learn more about this product. With this StrictionD Review and Consumer report, you will understand how it can be a good choice for your blood sugar fluctuation.

StrictionD is a blood sugar support product. You may hear many products for blood sugar support, like Glucotrust and all. But is this a really good option or just a scam-type product? Be with this StrictionD Reviews and Consumer Reports to know all.

What this formula does is help to manage blood glucose levels, lower lipid levels, and also help with blood pressure.

This may help you to change your glucose issue, because this product does really good for the Blood Sugar level and focus on managing the fluctuation.

StrictionD Reviews Consumer Report

In simple words, StrictionD focuses on blood sugar, lipid level, and BP and even improves the insulin response.

It does this all with the help of its high-quality natural ingredients.

There are so many products in the market, but many people want to know that is this really works as claimed.

But for this, We found a Consumer who is part of our team and he shared his result and took StrictionD for 3 months.

StrictionD Reviews Consumer Reports and Results

Now we are going to the main thing of this StrictionD Review, Consumer Report after 90 days of use.

Now, first of all, I would like to say this helped me to manage my blood sugar effectively and I good experience throughout the use of this supplement.

With longer use of StrictionD, My blood sugar is coming into the range and helping effectively.

I have only been taking “StrictionD” for a few weeks, but I can see a definite drop in my numbers from testing my blood sugar at home daily.

My StrictionD Results

First, and most important I is that my Dawn Phenomenon (DP) is now controlled. I do not wake up in the middle of the night wet from perspiration, nor do I experience uncontrolled movement when my blood sugar level is in the middle of the night.

How wonderful it is for me to be able to fall asleep and stay asleep till morning. Most importantly, I can sleep with my wife again.

It was my choice to leave our bed so as not to wake him every night with my DP constantly. I can tell you my DP numbers would raise my sugar by 30-50 points during the night. I was very miserable and kept trying to cut my carbs to correct the situation. The first night I took one capsule of “StrictionD” before bed, I slept all night, I didn’t wake up with my PJs soaking, and I didn’t toss and turn all night.

And, my early blood sugar reading was 40 points lower than what I was used to getting. I kind of felt that this was too good to be true, but night after night taking my StrictionD supplement has stopped my DP. I am taking BBSS In the morning and one at night before bed. It is a great product, my numbers are in control, and I can’t wait to see my next A1c test. I have tried similar products, but at much higher prices and they did not control my DP.

I know it is hard to believe that one capsule before bed made such a huge difference to me in controlling my Bood Sugar and DP, but it did within 90 days only.

To all those suffering from DP, Blood sugar, this product is the real deal. I’m not saying that StrictionD will benefit everyone, but it did work for me.

But still, I recommend the StrictionD Blood Sugar Support formula.

Now we have read a complete StrictionD Reviews Consumer Report, now we need to know more about the details of this supplement.

So, let’s get started

What is behind the StrictionD?

The formula is the creation of healthy Habits, a company that manufactures many healthcare products. The company offers a variety of products, one of them which we have covered on our site is Stricton BP, and there are so on others too.

healthy Habits Logo

healthy Habits has been operating in the market since 2001. This a very long period for a company which proves that the company provides value to the customer which is why they are in the market for a very long time.

Healthy Habits is a Family Owned Business run by Peter Ballantine, President of the company.

Here are some other details of the company:

  • Phone no: 800-604-6766
  • Email: Info@HealthyHabits.com

The company makes vegan-friendly products, which means no issue with the product. Now we need to check more about this product.

Healthy Habits StrictionD Ingredients Explained

StrictionD is a composition of 5 powerful ingredients that are backed by science. I found that the ingredients make this product so effective. Let’s check all 5 ingredients of StrictionD.

As we have said there are 5 different ingredients in this Blood Sugar support formula, they are:

StrictionD Ingredients
  1. Ceylon Cinnamon (500mg): This is an ingredient that works great against high glucose levels. This is common for Diabetes product that uses a regular type of Cinnamon (Cassia Cinnamon), this has coumarin toxins in it and works slowly for Blood Sugar. But StrictionD has the true Cinnamon which is Ceylon Cinnamon. As per diabetesjournals.org, Cinnamon is found good for the Glucose and Lipids of People With Type 2 Diabetes. [1] [2}
  2. Chromium (Crominex3+) (200mcg): StrictionD contains the purified form of Chromium which is called Crominex3+. It is proven to show an effect on insulin response and enhance sensitivity by 17% to provide a healthy glucose level. [3]
  3. Banaba Leaf (240mcg): Banaba Leaf contains GlucoHelp, and this extract of the Banaba Leaf was found helpful for the glucose level. As per the studies, it can reduce the glucose level, and normalize blood sugar.[4]
  4. Zinc (7.5mg): High Blood sugar may face a deficiency of many essential nutrients including zinc. So, it is very important to maintain the level of essential nutrients in the body too for better results. A good level of Zinc helps to promote a balanced insulin response. [5]
  5. Thiamine (.75mg): As we know people with diabetes or high blood sugar face nutrient deficiency. But the effect of Thiamine helps to promote good metabolism for the fat, protein, and very important cabs. So, the ingredient helps to manage the blood sugar level and promotes good lipid levels. [6]

As you can see, each used ingredient in StrictionD is helpful to lower blood sugar, and lipid and even helps to enhance insulin response.

There are 5 blood sugar-balancing ingredients in this formula.

In our view, it is one of the most advanced Blood Sugar Support on the market, and consumers are happy after using it.

Do Healthy Habits StrictionD cause side effects?

StrictionD is an all-natural blood sugar support pill that does not use any harmful chemicals and is backed by science, meaning it does not lead to side effects.

For the consumer, this is crucial, because no one wants to affect their health and want to face any side effects.

So, if you want a safe option, you can rely on it, because it may provide positive results without any health risks.

 Where to buy StrictionD Blood Sugar

It is worth trying, because the StrictionD reviews and consumer reports, he did not face any side effects during his 90 days of use with this supplement.

Before buying and trying the StrictionD. We did our complete analysis and did a detailed review. Our teammate bought this product after reading so many consumer reviews and reports. In our search, there are no side effects found.

Where should you buy StrictionD? And what is the price?

There is only one legit place to buy StrictionD Pills from, and that is only the official StrictionD Website (healthyhabits.com).

Not only do they offer the best price and offers, but they make sure that you will get 100% genuine.

There are so many products you will see on the internet and other shopping sites. But, there is nothing to worry about anything when you are buying it from the official website.

Click Here to visit the healthyhabits.com for StrictionD from the UK

Click Here to visit the healthyhabits.com for StrictionD from the USA

Let me tell you why we are forced to buy the product from the official website:

First, you will get a good discount

You can get its bonus

The product is 100% genuine

Right now, 3 different offers are running:

  • 2 bottles cost you $39.99/each
  • 4 bottles cost you $34.98/each
  • 6 bottles cost you $26.55/each

These prices are after a discount, but you may get more discount and deal on the official website. We recommend buying it in bulk to get more discounts and extra bonuses.

StrictionD Reviews Consumer Report – Put it all together

After this StrictionD Reviews Consumer Report for his 90 days of experience, we can say that the product is a good choice and good blood sugar support formula.

The blood sugar support formula works effectively and shows results quickly. As per the consumer reports, there is a high chance that you will see the results within a few weeks. Also, you may get a noticeable result within 3 months of use. This is why we are saying to buy StrictionD in bulk.

Also, the product is side effects free and vegan friendly and uses all-natural ingredients. Each ingredient used in this blood sugar support formula helps to reduce blood sugar, and lipid levels and enhance insulin response.

If this StrictionD Reviews Consumer Report makes you excited and you are looking to try it, make sure you make your purchase from the official website.


Q: Which is better Strictiond or Metformin?

Ans: Well, Metformin is a prescribed medicine for high blood sugar and with a proper diet and exercise you can use with for the blood sugar.

But Strictiond is a prescription-free supplement that is natural and used for the same goal. But it is not a medicine so there are no side effects. Both are made to help in reducing the blood sugar level. But we still recommend consulting a doctor before using any of these supplements.

Q: Can I see StrictionD on WebMD?

Ans: No, there is nothing about this supplement, the Webmd has not covered it on their site. We know that Webmd covers medicine not all supplements on their site. So, don’t search Strictiond on Webmd.

Q: Can I buy it on Amazon and Walmart?

Ans: Well, the genuine Strictiond is only available on the official website, so don’t look it up on Amazon and Walmart.

Q: Can I buy Strictiond in the UK?

Ans: Yes, Healthy Habits offers it all over UK and USA. So, if you are from any of these two countries you can buy Strictiond easily.

Q: Is there any scam with Strictiond?

Ans: No, there is no scam with the product, and don’t keep it under the scam. Healthy Habits has been working in the market for 20 years now. The company is not new, and fake. So, our followers can trust this.

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