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Are you looking for blood pressure supplements on the Internet? Now you found this for your BP issue. Is this the right choice for your BP fluctuation? Is there any Scam with it? Before you buy the Healthy Habits Striction BP formula, you must read this complete honest Striction BP Review to know your all answer…

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Our Verdict: Legit

Striction BP

Healthy Habits Striction BP Review

We all know that BP (Blood Pressure) and cholesterol are the most common problem in the old age group people. However, now people can manage their blood pressure (BP) through the use of a blood pressure supplement which is made by Healthy Habits Striction BP, which can help to prevent BP and cholesterol problems.

For a healthy life and to prevent much dangerous health diseases we need to maintain the Blood pressure function of our body and it is essential that regular checks throughout our lives. Good blood pressure is vital as the higher the BP is, the higher the likelihood of developing health issues. If we talk about the importance of a good BP level then you can understand that the vital organs of the human body like the brain and heart, get their share of nutrition and oxygen through the blood flow.

High blood pressure is often described as a silent killer because it is a risk factor for causing diseases like strokes, heart attacks, and all. Even people can’t do anything after starting these issues and must take medicines their entire life. So, it is important to maintain healthy blood pressure, so you need to provide essential nutrients and keep them under check.

But as we know at this time it is hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But you must follow a healthy lifestyle, but you may use BP supplements when you are under check to keep it under check. So, Striction BP is a nutritional supplement that helps maintain healthy blood pressure. It assists in keeping healthy blood pressure in the normal range and helps keep people active throughout the day.

Now we know the importance to maintain BP, now let’s understand more about this supplement.

What is actually Healthy Habits Striction BP?

Healthy Habits Striction BP

A special combination of vitamins and herbs is used in it, Striction BP is developed to aid in maintaining a healthy BP (blood pressure) level which is within normal limits. It is important to maintain it and keep it under check continuously and if there’s any doubt, a physician is recommended. Healthy Habits Striction BP can aid in maintaining cardiovascular health, heart health, and a balanced way of life.

Striction BP is an organic blend of minerals, vitamins, and plant-based nutrients to maintain blood pressure under its normal range and is good for cardiovascular health too. In addition to making sure your blood pressures are within normal limits, also helps with cholesterol level and blood sugar level.

Due to aging and aged people start facing high cholesterol and blood pressure issue. But Striction BP claims that whatever the age, you can control your blood pressure by using their supplement but only when you are in your normal range. Individuals who have fluctuation in their blood pressure over time could benefit from this Striction BP Blood Pressure formula. The supplement comes in pills, and a few pills daily of this supplement can help to maintain BP and cholesterol levels which keep you safe from negative reactions.

But, it’s difficult to predict how the blood pressure gets affected after these capsules have been taken. This is because no one’s well-being or health levels will alter. However, many customers claim that after taking the Striction BP capsules for a couple of days their blood pressure readings are stable.

Now before we understand more about this effective Blood Pressure formula. Let’s see who is behind this product.

So, Which company is behind the Striction BP?

Healthy Habits logo

Healthy Habits manufactures it and sells it over many platforms. Healthy Habits company is in the market since 2001, and now it’s 20 years. Almost most of their supplements are vegan-friendly.

But still, Healthy Habits is in the market and selling its products such as GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, Amazon, eBay, and all. Along with Striction BP Healthy Habits makes and sells many other health products like:

  • Striction D (Better Blood Sugar)
  • Active Whey Protein
  • Prostate Maxum
  • and more

All are good and found effective as per the customer reviews and testimonials.

Healthy Habits USA-based company and Family Owned Business, which follows all the USA supplement guidelines and rules. Peter Ballantine is the President of the company.

You can find more details about the company on its official website. But still, here we have provided some essential information like Phone no, Address, and all.

Phone no: 800-604-6766

Email: [email protected]



Healthy Habits®

401 W. Baseline Rd.

Suite 209

Tempe, AZ. 85283 USA

Canadian Head Office

Healthy Habits® c/o Optimal Health & Wellness Inc.

111 Farquhar Street, Suite 120

Guelph, ON.

N1H 3N4 Canada

Return Address:


CBO c/o Healthy Habits

6050 S Country Club Rd #180

Tucson, AZ 85706 US

You can find every single piece of information about the company, Overall the company is trusted. Visit the official website for more info.

After reading some essential information about the Striction BP company Healthy Habits. Now again come to the product and let’s dig more about it.

So, What is the mechanism of Healthy Habits Striction BP? How does it work?

Striction BP Working Process

It is important to have a good and efficient blood pump for survival. But, if you don’t want that fluctuation in blood pressure and don’t want to put your health at risk, at that time you need to keep it under check. You can use Striction BP there for you. It is made up of some natural and effective ingredients like Ceylon Cinnamon, Magnesium Malate, and Vitamin B6. As Ceylon Cinnamon is proven and found effective for blood pressure and with the use of Magnesium it becomes more powerful and you can reduce the BP up to 25mmHg.

The used ingredients in the formula are well-known for their health benefits and treatment of hypertension. Researchers have discovered that this specific ingredient can lower blood pressure from 10 to systolic and eight diastolic millimeters per gallon.

So, Healthy Habits offers the most efficient method of controlling blood pressure, proportions of the components utilized to create the Striction BP were discovered following thorough research into the ingredients. The good thing with the Striction BP is that the complete product is 100% natural and works naturally.


now let’s see the ingredients of Striction BP:

  • Ceylon Cinnamon
  • Magnesium Malate
  • Vitamin B6

Let’s see more about the ingredients:

Striction BP Ingredients
  • Ceylon Cinnamon: Ceylon is a type of Cinnamon that is very powerful and effective for the BP. Ceylon is rare and expensive and studies have shown it to have many health benefits and the ability to significantly lower blood pressure when used correctly.
  • Magnesium malate: Magnesium is also an effective ingredient that is good for overall health. It is a bio-available Magnesium form, And a study says that combining it with Cinnamon can help to maintain Blood Pressure.
  • Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 is known for its many therapeutic benefits, it is helpful for heart disease. But the Striction BP uses it for its ability to increase magnesium cellular absorption.

The benefits that come with making use of Striction BP Help

  • Aids in maintaining good blood pressure: The heart has to work continuously and relentlessly. The ingredients in Striction BP help the cardiovascular system in all its aspects by aiding in this endless effort. Ceylon Cinnamon, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6 are essential to support blood pressure.
  • Supports Healthy Cholesterol: There are These benefits also come with the supplement. As we know the supplement is using powerful ingredients that are not limited to the BP, they are also helpful in supporting healthy cholesterol levels.
  • May support Blood Sugar: Yes Striction BP has some effects on your blood sugar too, because Cinnamon is also proven to the glucose levels, and may help to maintain it too. But you can go for a supplement made by healthy habits for only blood glucose level and that is StrictionD.
  • Highest quality: All the Healthy Habits products are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility and the whole operation complies with GMP standards.

Are Healthy Habits Striction BP Tablets safe?

Striction BP helps for maintaining blood pressure and cholesterol level and also helps to manage blood sugar. So, the good thing is that the Striction BP tablets provide these all benefits without leading to any side effects. Even all the products are made in GMP-certified labs and backed by scientific research, rather than potentially hazardous chemicals. This means that using the product is safe and secure.


  • Natural ingredients are used in Striction BP
  • Made under a GMP certified labs
  • There are 100% natural ingredients
  • Company Healthy Habits in the market since 2001
  • It is available online
  • A vegan-friendly product
  • There are many happy customers
  • 365 days money back guarantee
  • Striction BP is also available at GNC, Walmart, Amazon, and eBay.


  • There are a few Striction BP customer complaints too
  • The product price is high

Is there any Scam with Striction BP?


No, this is a 100% legit product and made by a legit and genuine company Healthy Habits. The company is a reputed company and provides quality products to their customer. Also, the company has been operating in the market for 20+ years now.

What about the side effects?

Side effects

Now let’s come to the side effects portion, and we found that all the products of Healthy Habits are 100% natural and free from any major side effects. The product is made in GMP-certified labs and followed all the safety measurements.

There are so many reviews even many Striction BP complaints but there is no side effects report. So, it is a good choice, but still, we recommend you consult a doctor or specialist.

Striction BP Customer Reviews and Feedback

There are so many reviews on Amazon, eBay, Trustspot, and all. Here we have shared customer reviews and complaints both:

Positive Reviews:

Striction BP Customer Reviews 1

Striction BP Customer Reviews 2

Striction BP Customer Reviews 3

Now here we have negative reviews too on Striction BP:

Striction BP Negative Customer Reviews

Visit Official Website to read more Customer Reviews and Complaints

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Striction BP require a prescription?

Healthy Habits Striction BP is available for purchase without a prescription.

2. How can use Healthy Habits Striction BP Tablets?

Take 2 capsules with your food in a day or as prescribed by your health professional.

Never exceed the recommended dosage by yourself. People who are younger than 18 years old, those who are nursing or pregnant, or have an existing medical condition like hypotension or cardiovascular disease are not advised to take this product. Also Before taking this Striction BP pill, one should consult with a physician if they’re currently taking prescription medication, especially those that treat high blood pressure, or have concerns regarding whether taking this medication is prudent.

3. Can I buy Striction BP on GNC?

Yes, you can easily buy it there, but we recommend buying it from the official website for a better price and offer. Also, keep you stay away from fake copies.

4. Is this also available on Amazon, Walgreens, and eBay?

Yes, this is also present in all these online stores. But still, we recommend buying it from the official website.

5. Striction BP Reviews Reddit?

Yes, you can read many reviews on Reddit too, and most of them are also good and positive.

6. Can I see it on WebMD?

No, there is no presence of Striction BP on WebMD. You can only find about blood pressure if you search there.

7. Is there any Striction BP Wikipedia page?

Not at all, there is no Wikipedia page for this product, but you can read this striction bp review and you get complete information about the product.

8. What is the price of Striction BP?

The price of the product is a little bit high, the price of a single bottle is $39.95. But you can get up to 50% off right now. So, you can get a single bottle for $25.

8. Where should I buy Striction BP?

Visit the official website for a better price and better offer. Right now the official website is offering a 10% instant discount. Also, you can get 365 days of a money-back guarantee.