[Fact Check] NeuroRise Unpaid Review – Should I buy this for Tinnitus?

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Tinnitus and hearing loss is a very common problem and this time so many products for this issue is floating everywhere on the internet. One of them which is quite new to the market is Neurorise Hearing Support Formula. A lot of Neurorise Reviews are present on the internet, and on Youtube say that this can help with tinnitus issues. But are they true and does it really work for tinnitus or just a scam like others such as Quietum Plus?

Our Verdict: Scam

Official Website: tryneurorise.com


Be with this Unbiased Neurorise Review to know the real facts and all.

So, what is Neurorise?

Neurorise is a dietary supplement that aims to support the health of the auditory system and reduce the symptoms of tinnitus and hearing loss. The website, claims that it contains a blend of natural ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, and herbs, that have been scientifically studied for their potential benefits to hearing health. In this review, we’ll explore the ingredients in Neurorise and their potential benefits with science and are these claims true which is made by Neurorise.

But before we start finding the research and studies on Neurorise ingredients we need to find who is behind the product.

So, who is behind the Neurorise?

What is

Now this is a very big question which is our main concern regarding this product because it has gained so much demand. But still, we don’t know who is actually behind the product.

First, there are so many official websites, which is making it an unreliable company. It has so many variants of the official website. Some of them are as follows:

These two we got but both pages have the same content, and we checked them closely and we got the Founder name of Neurorise; Steve Brown.

We just found this name and the so-called official website of Neurorise stated that this person created the product. But did not share on what basis he made this product, because Steve Brown is not a doctor nor a professional.

Even we think that Steve Brown is just a fictional name to give a story to the product. It is a type of marketing these days, the same thing happening with many products which are promoted by ClickBank like Alpilean, and all.

The seller of Neurorise is limited to their website and has no idea who is operating it. Now let’s skip this part let come to the product again.

What are the Claims made by Neurorise?

  • Support Healthy Hearings
  • Sustains Memory Formation
  • Maintains Mental Acuity

These three claims are made by the product, but does Neurorise support these claims for real? Let us check our understanding of the ingredients of this supplement.

Neurorise Ingredients

Well, it has so long list of ingredients, but we are going to talk about highlighted ingredients in this solution:

Neurorise Ingredients
  • Hawthorn
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Muira Puama
  • Catuaba
  • Red Asian Ginseng
  • Niacin
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Cayenne Fruit

Now let’s check the science behind the Neurorise Ingredients

  1. Hawthorn: It is a kind of tiny fruit, and it contains polyphenols [1] which are an effective and powerful anti-oxidant and help to fight against inflammation. It has some health benefits for the anxiety issue which means it may help with the brain [2]. This means Neurorise’s memory claim may be true somewhere if it has this ingredient. But there is no evidence that it may help with tinnitus issues.
  2. Ginkgo Biloba: This is something that has mixed studies for tinnitus issues. It is the most well-known ingredient for tinnitus supplements. It helps to increase the blood flow to the ears area and reduce ear damage too. There are some studies [3] that found Ginkgo Biloba effective for tinnitus issues, but some say it is ineffective.
  3. Muira Puama: As per the official website of Neurorise it has neuroprotective properties. But we did not get any study or research which can say that it is helpful for Tinnitus and hearing issues.
  4. Catuaba: It is used in the supplement to provide anti-inflammatory neuroprotective, and antioxidant properties. It has the property to protect the brain from oxidative stress. There are some studies [4] that back the claim of Neurorise for its memory support.
  5. Red Asian Ginseng: It has some support that it may help with stress and may improve tinnitus symptoms and mental well-being in chronic tinnitus patients [5].
  6. Niacin: Niacin is also used in so many tinnitus supplements, however, no evidence supports the claim of Strengthening hearing quality, but there is no direct link to this claim. But there are mixed reviews for this, some say it may help for tinnitus some are against it [6].
  7. Chromium Picolinate: This is a mineral and a type of antioxidant, and the study found [7] favorable effects in tinnitus by reducing subjective discomfort and tinnitus intensity. But more research is needed.

Now we have read its all main ingredients, and if we found that the product is not effective as you think, and other Neurorise Paid Reviews claims.

But if it has some ingredients that may effective for the tinnitus issue, if it works for you then uses it. But there are very less studies that support the claims of Neurorise.

Now let’s expose the Neurorise Reviews Floating on the internet.

You may have read and seen so many Neurorise Reviews on other sites. But they are 100% biased and even YouTube videos that say it is the best supplement for tinnitus too. Keep in mind all are biased just because they are paid.

Neurorise Reviews

You can see tags and disclaimers at the end of the post of the Sponsored content and the YouTube channels that are promoting it are music channels [8]. But they are posting biased Neurorise reviews to their channel because they are getting huge commissions.

However, doing reviews for money is not a bad thing, but being unbiased is good, and people can get the best information.

How much does Neurorise cost you?

The supplement is quite expensive like other supplements that we have exposed on our website. The single bottle of Neurorise cost you $69, which is high. However, they are offering it at 3 different prices which are as follows:

  • 1 bottle cost $69
  • 3 Bottles cost $177
  • 6 bottles cost $294

The product looks ineffective as per our research and review, so it is not worth buying the supplement at this much price even if it works for you. We suggest consulting a professional for it they might help you with a better solution.

Neurorise Customer Reviews and Trustpilot

The reviews on the official website are 100% fake and fictional because this is a very common marketing technique product that has no good background and company support. So, don’t consider them, and reviews on other websites are paid and 100% biased too.

Even the Reviews on Youtube are biased even though they did not use it, and recommend it for tinnitus. So, beware of those types of reviews too.

Now let’s come to the Neurorise Reviews on Trustpilot [9], so right now it has No real reviews there too, we found a single review from a customer that looks biased too. So, with more reviews, we needed to say that the product is effective. But for now, we do not recommend it.

Is there any Scam with Neurorise?

Scam Product

From all the information that we found, it is a Scam right now from our point of view, until we did not get any good proof against it. Because there are many things about this product company which is related to scam-type company like:

  • No idea who is operating it
  • Using a fictional character as a founder
  • No doctors and professionals behind the product creation
  • Charge a high price
  • All the Neurorise Reviews are biased and paid right now


  • The ingredient may be effective for the tinnitus
  • May helps with memory issue
  • Easy to buy online


  • Manufacture is unknown
  • The real operator is missing
  • 99% of reviews are paid and biased
  • Not available at Amazon
  • Cost a high price
  • Not a recommended product

Neurorise Reviews Conclusion – Should I buy this for my Tinnitus?

Well, from all the information and data that we have shared in this unbiased Neurorise Review, we give a poor rating to the supplement.

The product is charging a high price from the customers, no real customer reviews out yet, and hard to find who is operating it, because the seller is limited to the official website.

One big expose is that Steve Brown is a fictional character that is used to portray a story behind the product creation.

However, the product might work for some users, because it has some ingredients that are found little effective for tinnitus. But still, we suggest consulting a professional for your tinnitus issue.

Where Neurorise is available for sale?

Well, as per all reviews and videos, all are saying that you should buy Neurorise from its official website for real products. But we found 3 different links for its official website that we have shared above [10] [11] [12]. So, all reviews just put affiliate links and there is no single official website. Different affiliate links take you to different landing pages.


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