[Fact Check] Prime Cbd Gummies Shark Tank Reviews & Scam Alert

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Right now, a new CBD scam is floating on the internet and that is Prime CBD Gummies, a lot of people are searching for Prime CBD Gummies Shark Tank, and also many others things. But what is the real thing, be with this complete article to know the all facts and truth.

Our Verdict: Scam

Prime CBD Gummies

Prime CBD Gummies Review

At this time CBD is getting so much popularity and people are getting aware of CBD so much after the Farm Bill 2018. Because CBD is legal now, but a lot of scams are also taking place in the CBD market.

Right now, so many scammers are using a cheap marketing technique that is a fake celebrity and shows endorsement. And things are applied to Prime CBD Gummies. Yes, because it is quite new and to make money the scammers are using Prime CBD Gummies Shark Tank page, and people are searching it on Google because people might see that page or ad claiming that the Prime CBD Gummies was on the Shark Tank Show.

But, don’t worry to clear all this confusion Scam legit is here, so be with this Prime CBD Gummies Review to know this Scam.

So, let’s see a little bit about the product…

What are Prime CBD Gummies?

Prime CBD Gummies is a 300mg CBD solution that claims to do the same thing as other CBD products. In simple words, it also claims to manage stress, anxiety, and chronic pain issue.

The CBD gummy is using 300mg of pure hemp extract as the main ingredient and provides all the health benefits of CBD extract.

However, Prime CBD Gummies is using pure hemp extract and CBD benefits are backed by a lot of studies, and research. But there is no test we found for the Prime CBD Gummies and nothing else which support the benefits.

People are just buying this CBD solution because they think there is Shark Tank or it is Willie Nelson CBD Gummies. But these are fake ads that are run by scammers.

Read about a 3rd Party Tested CBD Gummies which are 100% legit

Now we know about the gummy, let’s see who is behind the product.

So, who is behind the Prime CBD Gummies? Is this Shark Tank? or Willie Nelson?

First of all, the brand is quite dangerous, because the seller has no identity, and there is no information about the seller on Prime CBD Gummies’ so-called official website.

Now if you search it on google you will see the term “Prime CBD Gummies Shark Tank“, because people may see the pages and ads which are claiming that Prime CBD Gummies is endorsed by Shark Tank.

But all those pages are fake, and completely fictional stories, the same thing with the Willie Nelson CBD Gummies website.

The clear-cut answer is that Shark Tank or Willie Nelson did not endorse these Prime CBD Gummies, even though no single CBD brand is there endorsed by them.

If you saw any page or ad which says that the product is backed by any celebrities, please double check. But, there is one problem, right now many news sites are posting paid blogs on these terms without checking them. So, be aware of them too.

Now we know that the Prime CBD Gummies Shark Tank is a fake ad, and doing a scam with this thing.

But let’s see more about the product, like claims, what is the price, and does it is really helpful for you and all.


  • Helps to reduce stress
  • Manage anxiety level
  • May help in quitting smoking
  • May work for joint pain

These above claims you will see on the official website of Prime CBD Gummies. But no test and trial information support these claims. This means these so-called Prime CBD Gummies Shark Tank claims are baseless.

Now come to the ingredients…

What type of ingredients are used in it?

Well, as we know the complete product is a CBD solution, which means there is CBD in it as the main ingredient. But we are not sure about the all ingredients, because the website of this product has no information about the complete list of the Prime CBD Gummies ingredients.

However, CBD is a good ingredient that helps to get rid of stress and anxiety, and also chronic pain issues. But this is only possible when you use a good CBD product.

If you want to test a genuine CBD product then you can go for the CBDfx or R&R CBD Gummies top CBD brands.

So, we know the supplement has so many cons, that make your investment in this product waste.

What about the possible side effects?

This product may be dangerous because no idea about the full ingredients list, the seller is missing, and even no 3rd party tested product.

So, there is a high chance that this may use low-grade ingredients and may lead to unknown side effects. We highly recommend avoiding this type of CBD product.

Prime CBD Gummies Reviews and Results

If you see any Prime CBD Gummies Reviews and results on any news site, then it is 100% fake because the complete review is paid there is nothing true in that review. At this time many affiliate marketers are doing this, and publishing reviews on news sites. You can easily spot them because all the posts will be in paid and sponsored post categories.

So, any Prime CBD Gummies customer reviews on the sites are fake and fictional as the official website customer reviews.

What is the price for this Prime CBD Gummies Shark Tank?

Let me tell you that these so-called Shark Tank CBD Gummies are charging so high price. The price is so too, it means they just want to make money and nothing because the price is too higher than a reputed CBD brand like CBDfx and R&R CBD Gummies.

The price of Prime CBD Gummies is $ 59.95 for a single bottle.

Where this Prime CBD Gummies Scam is available for sale?

As we know these types of scams play everything behind an online website. There is no information about the company and no idea who is selling and this helps them to scam you easily. Because they can charge any price there, and you can’t do anything.

Can I contact Prime CBD Gummies’ customer support?

It is impossible to contact customer support for this product. Because the official website has no contact us page, even no single piece of information is present about the seller.

Is Prime CBD Gummies a Scam?

Yes, this is a complete scam, and the ad or page Prime CBD Gummies Shark Tank or willie nelson CBD gummies are completely fake.

The seller has no identity which easily points out that the product is also a waste of money, and will not going to help its users.

Prime CBD Gummies Shark Tank Reviews – Conclusion

In conclusion, Prime CBD Gummies is a complete scam, and we highly recommend avoiding this product. There is nothing reliable with this product, and charge a very high price for their low-grade product.

Also, Prime CBD Gummies Shark Tank is a fake hype and ad, it means scammers are doing this to increase the sale of their product and nothing.

No CBD gummy is endorsed by Shark Tank, for more information read our Shark Tank CBD Gummies scam blog.

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What should I Do Now?

Well, we recommend checking any ads or pages before investing in that product. And if you bought it, then we recommend contacting your bank to avoid the charges for this product.

If you really want to try a CBD product that is legit and free from the scam, then you can go for CBDfx or R&R CBD gummies.